Umbrella Types and Classification

1. Custom Umbrellas: Customized Umbrellas are umbrellas tailored to the specific needs of specific groups of people, such as corporate customization, customize print with design logo, business logo or art design on the umbrella; For personal customization, customize print with pictures or designs on the umbrella. It can be customized for printing pattern, also can be customized for umbrella type like compact umbrella or reverse umbrella etc.

2. Stick umbrella advantages: the open umbrella surface is relatively large, and the windproof effect is good, especially like the 16-bone more bone straight pole umbrella. It is a good choice in windy and rainy weather. The disadvantage of the long handle umbrella is that it is not convenient to carry.

3. Advantages of the two-fold umbrella: the two-fold umbrella combines the big features of the straight umbrella with the windproof function, and it is easier to carry than the straight umbrella.Many manufacturers have developed the two-fold umbrella to make high-end umbrellas or rain umbrellas. Folding umbrellas have no disadvantages: when using the umbrella, you need to pull down the umbrella bones one by one and put it away, which is longer than the three-fold umbrella, which is not convenient to carry.

4. Golf umbrella: The open umbrella surface of a golf umbrella is generally large and can accommodate two to three people, and the quality is also very good. The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high. Generally, the cost of a common golf umbrella is about USD3.0.

5. After being invented, the three-fold umbrella has been widely loved by people. The advantages of the three-fold umbrella: small and easy to use and carry. The disadvantage of the three-fold umbrella is that it is much worse than the long handle or the two-fold umbrella to resist the strong wind and heavy rain.

6. Five-fold umbrella advantage: It is more compact and portable than the three-fold umbrella. The disadvantage of the five-fold umbrella is that it is more difficult to fold and the umbrella surface is smaller.

7. There are also relatively rare four-fold and six-fold umbrellas. Four-fold umbrella and six-fold umbrella: mainly for those who are traveling on business are relatively small and convenient to carry.

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