Trend in outdoor sporting goods

With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous increasing level of demand for sports consumption by mainstream consumer groups, the performance requirements for outdoor sporting goods are also increasing. “Outdoor sports + technology” is the future trend of outdoor sporting product development. The younger generation seeks to stimulate and feel fresh. The outdoor products industry should combine with science and technology to develop more intelligent outdoor sports products. With the power of technology, it will continue to strengthen the consumers’ experience.

In the era of mobile Internet, “big data” and “cloud computing” have gradually become an important barometer of industrial development. Through real-time monitoring and tracking of the massive behavior data generated by the research objects on the Internet, mining analysis, finding the rules of search and purchase of consumer groups, the enterprises could adjust the product structure in a targeted manner and grasp the market dynamics in a timely and rapid manner and responding quickly. Through the analysis of Internet data, it provides decision support for the development of more accurate and effective marketing strategies for the outdoor sporting goods industry, and helps enterprises to provide consumers with more timely and personalized services.