Sun Protection Scarf, Practical and Fashionable

I also said on Weibo last week that I never dared to short-play on weekends. I was really afraid of the power of ultraviolet rays. The small freckles on my cheeks increased and deepened, and I couldn’t help feeling sad.

So when you go out, be very careful. Sunglasses, parasols, and hats are not dared to fall, and you have to apply those sticky sunscreens. Even so, the shoulders are still easy to tan, and sunburn may occur after long exposure to the sun.

Thinking of something fun, I found out the fall leopard print sun protection scarf.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to sunscreen like this?

[Demonstration 1] Virgin Mary style

I remember that the supermodel Gu Chen also demonstrated this way when he participated in the Oupre Garden Party last time. It is a classic Virgin Mary-style sunscreen method, which is suitable for women with better temperament to avoid looking like a wolf grandma.

I like this kind of mysterious feeling.

When leaving the subway station, you always have to go through a long air-vent corridor. Every winter, you use a thick scarf to cover your head and mouth like this. I always feel that in addition to the cold, it will also be due to insecurity. I don’t know if anyone has it. Feel the same.

One sentence off the topic.

[Demonstration 2] Buckle on chest

It’s so simple, just tie the scarf on the chest with a button, which looks natural.

The entire shoulders and arms will be wrapped safely, and I am too afraid of the air-conditioning, which can keep warm.

[Demonstration 3] Lady Shawl Style

It’s easy to understand.

It is to treat the scarf as a shawl, and put it on your shoulders naturally, cross your chest and drape it towards the back, forming a very elegant shape without losing the sense of hierarchy.

If the color of the scarf makes you proud, you don’t need to take out the long hair, it’s okay to wrap it in it.

You can also pull up the scarf to protect your mouth and nose in the dusty area. I like this to do multiple things.

Any beauty must be based on practical health. This seems to be the thinking of the older generation, but I have been practicing it.

Have fun.

Pure spoof, for fun.

But just like that, I still like to mess around with it casually. It’s really happy to go back to basics.

I remembered the few movements he had seen when he was on a business trip in Taiyuan in a certain year. It was extremely delicate.

This is probably a kind of talent.

Inadvertently, achieve good.

I haven’t slept early these days, watching the Olympics.

Always various sighs.

The cruelty of competitive sports is really not something ordinary people can bear. The audience can still suffocate over and over again, but the athletes have to be calm and steady. Too much admiration.

I put this one last because I like it very much.

It is not easy to be able to take such a photo. The slightest difference will change the way. Only the people before and after the camera understand the difficulties and contradictions.

Fortunately, none of us gets bored.

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