Scarves Type and Color Matching

Scarves, usually the styles have long strips, triangles, squares, etc. The fabrics are generally made of wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester and other materials. They are usually used to keep warm, and can also be worn for beauty, cleanliness or fashion. In 2020, a new type of scarf appeared on the market- Mask Scarf Combination, which can be used as a scarf or as a mask.

Mask Scarf Combination

Scarves bring many memories in autumn, woolen yarns woven warm brand nostalgia, and of course, there are beautiful silks flying in the streets of a certain autumn. The hallmark of the scarf family is the extraordinary elegance, whether silk scarves or long scarves can be taken care of extremely delicately. Twisted, so tender; close to the neck, so charming. In autumn, we can embrace scarves to our heart’s content. In the not cold autumn, facing the autumn wind, the scarf is just a symbolic resistance and pretending to wrap around. Some people say that people who like scarves are a bit narcissistic. It is precisely because the faces of wearing scarves appear clearer, can better adjust the perfect complexion, or set off makeup, so only those who love themselves can wear the beauty of scarves . Even in the chilly autumn, you must wear sleeveless and collarless shirts, and wear a scarf with a clear outfit. This is a popular outfit among people in fashion this fall. As long as you wear a colorful, soft and warm scarf, you can not only drive away the coolness, but also write expressions on different styles of the scarf. Either being cool, or gentle, the magic of a scarf is so magical.

Scarf tying method
Hang a scarf folded to an appropriate width from the front to the neck, and then cross the ends of the scarf at the back of the neck and then wrap it around the chest. In this way, ordinary scarves can be shaped, and the overall matching effect will give people a refreshing feeling. This kind of scarf will make the neck slightly fluffy, so when matching a coat, you should stand up the collar and tie the scarf outside so that it does not look bloated.

Scarves can make the cold winter no longer cold. A long scarf around the neck can not only show the static elegance, but also reflect the dynamic gentleness of flowing water. The long scarf around the long scarf allows women to express all kinds of amorous feelings.

Scarf Color Matching
Purple is a very mysterious color and one of the colors that many big-name designers love very much. Appropriate use and matching can help you improve your taste in dressing.

1. Violet and purple are the best to avoid having the same kind of purple all over the body. You can use the method of matching shades, such as purple with purple and pink purple with light purple. such as:
1) Purple striped scarf + purple trousers + purple handbag
2) Pink and purple sweater + light purple vest.
3) Pure purple boat neck sweater + purple red trim strip knee-length skirt + high boots.

2. The matching scheme-purple + brown purple
When matching with brown, it is best to adopt a layered matching method: only expose a small area of ​​the purple clothing, or only appear as an accessory. It must be matched with fashionable accessories in colors or styles, otherwise it will appear rustic. such as:

1) Purple sleeveless shirt + fur collar scarf + brown trousers
2) Brown plaid sweater + brown shirt + purple handbag
3) Purple sweater + brown jacket + brown plaid skirt + golden handbag

3, Matching plan-purple + black purple
When matching with black, a 1:1 matching principle should be adopted, that is, the purple area and the black area each account for about half. Darker purples and blacks are easier to shine. such as:

1) Light purple sleeveless shirt + black knee-length skirt + black boots
2) Purple dress + black small scarf + black mesh socks + black high heels
3) Purple three-quarter sleeve sweater + black side slit knee-length skirt + black mesh socks + black high heels. Typical 1:1 matching method.

4, The matching scheme-purple + light brown
When matching purple and light brown, it is contrary to brown matching. Purple should be used in a whole area, such as tops, skirts, pants, etc. It is best not to match with two-piece suits of different colors, which will look quiet and beautiful. such as:

1) Dark purple leather jacket + light brown skirt + black leather boots
2) Purple trousers + light brown knitted suit + brown leather shoes (right) purple sweetheart neck sweater + light brown plaid skirt + light brown leather shoes
3) Light brown sweater + purple skirt + black stockings + black high heels

Attached various reference popular purple:
1) There are many kinds of purple. You might as well observe your skin color to see which shade of purple suits you. Generally speaking, blue-toned purple is more suitable for people with yellowish skin, because blue and yellow have complementary effects. . In addition, blue and purple clothes are relatively easy to match with other items. For example, putting them together with gray tones, blue tones, and the same purple will brighten your eyes.

2) The reddish purple looks feminine, but it is more limited when paired with other color items. Fuchsia clothing is suitable for matching with the same fuchsia, or neutral black or white.
3) In addition, there is also a kind of purple with gray tone. If you match with gray directly, it can achieve an elegant effect. The darker lotus root purple is more coordinated with blue and black. As for the light lotus color, if it is juxtaposed with various pastel tones. Can wear soft effect.

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