Printing Processes of Custom Umbrellas

Introduction of several printing processes for custom umbrellas: With people competing for personality, the umbrella is a personal item for the four seasons, and the personality pattern on the umbrella can well show the personality. Generally, the personality can be guessed through the umbrella held by people.

The most commonly used umbrella printing methods are screen printing, offset printing, digital printing, and thermal transfer. Of course, various printing methods have their own advantages.

Silkscreen umbrella: The price is relatively cheap, but there are some restrictions on the color. If there are many colors and there are gradient color effects, it can be achieved. However, the close-up effect is poor. It is better to look at the three-dimensional effect from a distance.

Digital printing: The advantage is that there is no limit to the color, the color reproduction is high, and it can be printed in small batches, but the disadvantage is that the cost is much higher than that of silk screen. Small batches can choose this printing method.

Currently the most advanced printing technology is digital thermal transfer printing: as the name suggests, digital printing must be involved in digital equipment. It is because of the close cooperation between the computer and the printer to complete the personalized pattern printing, so the name has its origin. Many customers think that the cost of thermal transfer umbrellas is high, but next, I will give you an account, I think everyone may change the previous concept. If an umbrella factory receives an order for tens of thousands of umbrellas, the pattern is so complicated that it must be printed by digital thermal transfer. At this time, there are only two options: digital printing and thermal transfer. Digital printing is fine, but the quantity is large, and the overall cost is too high. Therefore, you can only choose thermal transfer, because the large number of costs can be controlled, the general color of thermal transfer is composed of four colors, namely red, blue, yellow, black, then it can afford four printing plates, one The color is at least 2,000 yuan for the opening fee, and the four colors are 8,000 yuan (this also depends on the size of the version). If the number of umbrella orders is 50,000, then the 8,000 divided by 50,000 is converted to a net fee of 0.16 It can be said that it is quite cost-effective, even if the digital printing cost is not high, the printing cost is about two yuan.

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