How to choose the fabric of customized umbrellas?

Septrainbow has more than 20 years production experience in umbrellas, and we provides to customers to customized umbrella online But they often don’t know how to choose umbrella fabrics. Here we will share some of the umbrella cloth knowledge I know with you.

Umbrella fabrics are divided into four categories according to their materials:
1. Polyester cloth (polyester yarn)
2. Touch weaving cloth (Pongee)
3. Nylon cloth
The above three types of fabrics can be customized into plain fabrics and printed fabrics

4. Oxford cloth, mainly used to make sun umbrellas.

According to the thickness of the fabric:

Polyester fabric with thickness of 160T and 170T, mainly for low-end umbrellas

The touch woven fabric and nylon fabric with thickness above 190T and 210T are mainly used for medium and high-end umbrellas

Polyester cloth, touch woven cloth (pongee), nylon cloth, coated with silver glue, pearl glue, colored glue (color glue), black glue, etc., all have the function of UV protection. The English name of anti-ultraviolet fabric is: “Anti-UV Fabric” or “UV-CUT Fabric”.

The anti-ultraviolet degree of these types of glue is different, and the price of the fabric is also different. Ordinary silver glue and pearl glue: sun protection value UPF>30%, color glue (color glue) UPF=100%, vinyl UPF>50%, crystal The UPF of glue and titanium color glue (imported fabric)>99%.

The fabric coated with a layer of glue is cheaper, and the fabrics used for high-end umbrellas usually have to be coated with three layers of glue. Look at the fabric against the light. The opaque ones are usually of better quality and good sun protection.

Umbrella fabric with anti-ultraviolet fabric, if professionally customized according to customer requirements, it can reach UPF50+, with a UV shielding as high as 99%, forming an excellent UV protection for the human body. International standard for UV protection fabrics: AS/NZS4399:1996, UPF range protection grade 15-24 good, 25-39 very good, 40-50, 50+ excellent; our country’s UV protection standard number is GB/T 18830. Umbrellas made of high-quality UV-resistant fabrics are expensive.

Septrainbow Corp specializes in producing all kinds of anti-purple thread sunscreen umbrellas, and customers often choose Teflon touch weaving cloth. This kind of fabric is indistinguishable from ordinary woven fabrics. It can only be sent to a testing agency to test the effect of UV protection and the degree of UV resistance. Of course, if the supplier can provide the fabric with the DuPont certificate and DuPont tag, the fabric will definitely not be mentioned, and the UV sun protection is 100% guaranteed.

Customized umbrellas are your best choice for personalized customization of various mid-to-high-end personalized umbrellas!

Are you in love with such a personalized printed umbrella?

Umbrellas are used to shelter from rain and sun in our daily lives. Some people can buy an umbrella for a long time. Many people do not have high requirements for the patterns and patterns of umbrellas, as long as they are comfortable to see. In fact, many people like to pursue a personalized style nowadays. Personalization penetrates into all aspects of life. Even if it is just sheltering from the rain and sunshade, it must also be stylish. Therefore, it is necessary to have several personalized umbrellas.

Now when you go out everywhere, you can see a lot of people on the umbrellas, which are printed with various patterns, cartoons, individual pictures, individual photos, etc. These patterns can not only improve the appearance of the umbrella, but also make personalized patterns. It is different and reflects the user’s independent style.

Now many printing factories have begun to use digital printing technology, and it is also a good choice to apply digital printing to umbrella production. Through the sublimation digital printing scheme, the pattern is directly transferred to the umbrella cloth. The scheme is simple in operation, high in production efficiency, and no waste water is generated.

Custom umbrellas are now more popular on the Internet. If you want to break the tradition, keep up with the trend, you want to learn more about the products of personalized umbrellas:

What are the craftsmanship of printed umbrellas?

Colorful printed photo umbrella will give people a romantic feeling, whether it is sheltering the rain or dressing up, it is a good choice. The personality pattern on the umbrella can better show the personality. People can guess their personality through the umbrella they hold in their hands. However, there are not many people in the umbrella printing process. This article the author brings you today is about the umbrella printing process.

Umbrella printing methods commonly used include screen printing, offset printing, digital thermal transfer, etc. Of course, various printing methods are different.

First, let’s look at the steps of umbrella printing:

1. Obtain the original design of the umbrella surface;
2. compose the picture and draw the splice line;
3. Set the cutting position and cut out the first draft of each splice;
4. Draw the splicing board based on the splicing original board;
5. Deform the bottom and height of the first draft of the splice plate according to the splice plate;
6. ​​Deform the seam edge of the first draft of the splice according to the splice plate to obtain the splice draft;
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to deform all the first drafts of the splicing into a spliced ​​draft;
8. Typesetting and printing;
9. Sewing products.

The current advanced printing technology is digital inkjet printing, which is the intervention of digital equipment, and the digital printing process with digital equipment intervention is very simple. Only the computer and UV digital inkjet printer can work closely together to complete the desired personalized pattern printing, foolish The operation mode saves time and effort, and the finished umbrella printing can be made quickly and easily without a lot of manual labor.

New manufacturing of umbrellas

On August 17, Jack Ma said at the World Zhejiang Business Summit that the manufacturing industry will suffer a huge impact, no less than the Internet impact faced by the traditional retail industry.

The new manufacturing prescriptions he prescribes are “C2B”, “personalized customization”, and “flexible customization”.

The future is really so clear?

Look at the customized umbrellas industry. In February of this year, Jinjiang, the “Umbrella Capital of China”, successfully developed automated equipment for assembling umbrella poles (medium rods) and entered the trial phase, which was praised as the “Umbrella Revolution”.

This simple business, which has existed for 3,500 years, has barely achieved automated assembly until now, but it is not complete yet.

As for smart manufacturing, industry 4.0, and flexibility, these sexy terms are nothing short of words for the manufacturing industry.

1. Umbrella industry revolution: Umbrella pole assembly can be automated

“Our small project was actually included in the government work report by the Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee.” Zhang Xusheng is an associate professor in the School of Computer Science at Zhejiang University. His R&D team has just launched an automated equipment for assembling umbrella poles in Dongshi Town, Jinjiang, Fujian.

Jinjiang is known as the Umbrella Capital. According to the locals, one out of 30 people in the world is playing Dongshi umbrella.

It is tied with “Umbrella Township” Hangzhou Xiaoshan and “Umbrella City” Zhejiang Shangyu. The three places account for the majority of the domestic umbrella output of 2 billion.

For Dongshi Town, Jinjiang, making umbrellas made them love and hate.

Ma Yun said new manufacturing is coming, but China hasn’t even made umbrellas yet.

As a typical labor-intensive industry, umbrella manufacturing has hundreds of processes, and the industry has created a large number of jobs for more than 30 years. There are more than 200 umbrella companies in a small town of 650,000 square meters. The town area is full of advertisements for umbrella products. There are ordinary umbrellas and customized personalised umbrellas. There is even a local road called “Umbrella Avenue”.

Umbrellas are still labor-intensive, especially in the process of assembly of umbrella handles, middle rods, umbrella ribs, and umbrella covers.

But since 2008, workers’ wages have continued to increase by 20%. The cost is high and the industry faces pressure to survive.

The small project Zhang Xusheng mentioned can replace 10 skilled workers in the umbrella pole production link, which accounts for the highest labor cost, and save 80% of the labor.

Guo Zhaohui, the chief researcher of Baosteel Research Institute, believes that this equipment can be regarded as the industry 3.0 level.

“There are many types of umbrellas. The assembly equipment we have developed is only for one kind of umbrella pole assembly. In Dongshi Town, Jinjiang, the demand for such equipment is expected to exceed 80 units.” Zhang Xusheng said that the equipment was selected for local intelligent manufacturing Demonstration projects.

Industry insider Yang Feng said that this is at best a step forward for machine substitution, which is far from automation. Even if production automation is realized, it is only a link in the intelligent manufacturing complex system that cannot be more basic.

In fact, not only did everyone fail to figure it out, but they couldn’t even explain what smart manufacturing is.

Yang Feng said that the current academic circles and the government are not consistent.

Guo Zhaohui also stated that there is no precise definition. The general description is “the deep integration of automation, digitization, networking, and intelligence in the manufacturing industry.”

Zhang Xusheng also knows that the automated assembly equipment they developed is far from true intelligent manufacturing. He was surprised by the local government’s “over enthusiasm”.

This kind of “enthusiasm” is actually the epitome of the urgent need for automation in the industry and government.

2. Behind the change is driven by high costs

The umbrella industry in Dongshi Town, Jinjiang is the result of the transfer of industries from Germany, Japan and Taiwan.

It was originally an “adopted” low-profit industry. After 30 years, the average profit rate has never exceeded 10 points. Although we have tried OEM production, independent brand production, and transfer to Southeast Asia, the cost is getting higher and higher.

“Most companies do not have the concept of standardization, and the production of parts of the same model is very different. The parts produced in the upstream do not meet the standards, and the downstream assembly is manually screwed or knocked twice. It is a qualified product. It is very rough.” Zhang Xusheng said that the problem of parts and components is the epitome of non-standards in the entire industry.

“Even if part of the umbrella industry is transferred to Southeast Asia, reducing the cost of employment, but the supporting industry chain is still in Jinjiang, and the overall cost is still difficult to reduce if you include logistics costs.” When this is reached, umbrella manufacturers have to “leather themselves” “Fate”, automation transformation has become an inevitable choice.

With little demographic dividend left, and soaring production costs, China’s manufacturing industry has long lost its advantage in cheap prices.

Part of the business can be transferred, but it is impossible to transfer it completely. No new country can take it, and China can’t stand the hollowing out of its industry.

Yang Feng believes that if the current manufacturing industry wants to reduce labor costs, automation must be upgraded and upgraded.

In the Jinjiang factory, a very young and beautiful girl was there, repeating an action for more than ten hours a day, “very inhumane”.

Zhang Xusheng strengthened his judgment after watching this scene: “One of the goals of automation transformation is to free people from heavy labor. It is very necessary to make automation equipment.”

However, Liu Wen (a pseudonym), a veteran in the manufacturing industry, reminded that on the surface, the automation of machine substitution can reduce labor costs and avoid humanitarian problems. But from a financial point of view, if some companies ignore the cost of machine input, rising costs of energy, logistics, land, etc., and the degree of matching with market demand, then production efficiency will not increase.

3. Automation transformation has high commercial risks, and failure is commonplace

Liu Wen’s reminder comes from personal experience.

He has a partner who mainly works for brand apparel companies. It spent a lot of money to acquire a set of automated production equipment and an automated model factory, but it did not meet market demand. Not to mention improving production efficiency, not even efficiency. The factory and equipment are still there, and now they are mainly for investors and the government to visit.

High-input automation equipment has become the props for the show, the typical “monks read the scriptures crookedly”.

In fact, this kind of phenomenon is forced by companies to catch up with the fashion for financing.

Kan Lei, who has been observing the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry for a long time, said that pure automation and intelligent manufacturing are different. The higher the automation, the lower the response speed may be.

Guo Zhaohui said that if it is transformed into a “black lamp factory” (referring to a workshop where no one produces), and the result is not profitable, it will be blind. Whether to automate or not, the core still has to be able to help make money and not follow the fashion.

Following the fashion is like walking a tightrope at high altitude, with huge risks.

KUKA’s robotic arms are well-known in the world. As long as they modify the parameter program, they can be used in various industries, such as handling, snatching, etc. This is a typical general-purpose equipment that has already run through the profit model.

But what Zhang Xusheng did was non-standard equipment: “It must be redesigned according to this enterprise and this application scenario.”

The automated assembly equipment for umbrella manufacturing cannot be applied to the shoe industry, and even umbrella manufacturers with different umbrella specifications cannot use it. Each set of equipment is basically developed from scratch.

Therefore, the failure to lose money is commonplace.

The Jinjiang Municipal Government has found several universities and used financial allocations to develop automation equipment. For example, a certain northern university of science and technology, which is famous for its robotics, has been unsuccessful in research and development for nearly a year, and the money invested has been lost.

“This kind of equipment research and development is not high-precision technology. It is mainly technical integration. It requires engineers with strong practical ability and rich experience to do it.” Zhang Xusheng said with emotion, so besides him, the core members of the team are all senior engineers. .

“The research and development cost of non-standard automation equipment is high, the payback cycle is long, and the risk is high. Both R&D companies and production companies need to endure hardships. It will never be like the Internet industry, where the return on investment has increased geometrically.” Zhang Xusheng said, even for them. All of the technical teams had to consider “from selling equipment to selling products”, and was broken for money.

However, high risk leads to high returns, and the eternal business rules.

In order to upgrade, Qingdao Red Collar Group, a domestic tailor-made suit, took more than 10 years and spent 250 million yuan to build a customized “smart factory” for non-standard suits in 2012. More than 2,000 workers on the production line can produce 3,000 customized garments of different styles every day. The factory customization is complicated but not out of order.

In the following 5 years, the annual sales and profits of the red collar have doubled.

However, the industry does not recognize the benchmark red-collar “smart factory” model.

Liu Wen felt that the red-collar suit customization was only done well in standardization and standardization, and did not significantly improve production efficiency. “Suit customization itself requires personalized production. It would be weird if the same is produced in large quantities.”

After all, making money is the king, regardless of whether it is smart manufacturing or even Industry 4.0.

4. 40% of enterprises are not ready to move towards Industry 4.0

A 2016 report by McKinsey & Company found that nearly 80% of Chinese companies want to embrace Industry 4.0, but more than 40% of companies believe that they are not ready to embark on the journey of Industry 4.0. Many Chinese companies are still at Industry 2.0 or even lower levels.

The opinion of Gao Guanmin, general manager of Hangzhou Lifuhao Electromechanical Co., Ltd., supports the above report. He believes that many companies, “the basic management process information is not in place, they want to jump directly to Industry 4.0, maybe they can only make a look.”

Guo Zhaohui believes that Industry 4.0 cannot be superstitious.

Whether the industry is developed or not, whether it is high-end or not is not simply measured by “whether it is Industry 4.0”. Enterprises should choose according to their own needs.

Some special products are not suitable for assembly line production, they will stay at 1.0 or even manual labor; some industries where the market and products change too fast may stay at 2.0 for a long time; and Industry 3.0 has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, and low cost. It is suitable for large-scale process industries such as petrochemical industry, and does not necessarily need to evolve to Industry 4.0.

Ma Yun’s prediction is very optimistic.

But for manufacturing, everything is possible.

How to customize personalized pictures on umbrellas?

In recent years, affected by the level of consumption and consumption habits, ordinary umbrellas have entered the fast-moving consumer goods industry in developed countries such as Europe and the United States: Personalized umbrellas, mid-to-high-end women’s umbrellas and functional umbrellas have become part of the fashion under the influence of international fashion trends; and Outdoor umbrellas that are widely used in outdoor catering, seaside, scenic spots, etc. are often used for one year, and will be continuously updated in the second year due to store renovation and aging of the umbrella surface.

So how do these umbrellas print patterns on the fabric?

At present, the most advanced printing technology is digital thermal transfer printing. Digital printing must have the intervention of a digital printing machine. It is because of the close cooperation between a computer and a printer to complete the personalized pattern printing, so it has the origin of the name.

Many customers think that the cost of heat transfer umbrellas is high, but next, I will calculate an account for you. I think you may change your previous ideas. If an umbrella factory receives an order for 100 umbrellas, the pattern is so complicated that it must be printed with digital heat transfer. At this time, there are only two options: open-plate printing and digital printing.

For printing, if the colors are too mixed, then four-color printing is required. One color costs one printing fee. Four colors are the cost of four colors (this also depends on the size of the plate), and the printing fee is not counted. Let’s take a look at the digital printing, 100 pieces, if it’s a 21-inch umbrella, according to its printing area, it is about one square, both in terms of cost and craftsmanship are relatively simple and quick.

So many friends say that digital printing machines are expensive to print. I can only say that it is expensive compared to printing thousands of yards of fabric. But if you really have thousands of yards of fabric, we will recommend you to choose other more economical printing. Way out. So the most suitable is the best.

Types of Scarves

The season of wearing scarves is here, so how can we miss the topic of scarves? Today I will talk about the topic of scarves.

Classification of scarves

From the selection of materials, our common scarf materials are generally knitted, cotton and linen, silk and more luxurious fur; if you want to divide the shape of the scarf, the common type is mainly rectangular , Large squares, small squares, triangles, and other irregular shapes; but if we divide it from the patterns displayed by the scarf, the common ones are monochrome, lattice, stripes, color matching, printing, broken flowers, etc., so this The classification of scarves can be divided according to personal hobbies, and when you buy them, you only need to choose the right skin color and clothing. It doesn’t have to be as troublesome as buying clothes and shoes.

Scarves of different materials have different characteristics

1. Features of silk scarves and sun protection scarves

The classic, high-brightness polyester and ammonia anti uv scarf and silk scarves have always been at the forefront of fashion and can be worn all year round. The silk scarf can not only highlight the gloss of the skin, but also show the elegance and intellectual taste of women vividly. But the silk scarf has the characteristic that it is more picky, because it is more textured, so you should choose carefully if the skin is not good or the skin is yellowish and dull, otherwise it will not only reflect your temperament, but will contrast it. Deficiency of the skin.

2. Features of knitted scarves

Knitted scarves generally give people a very warm, delicate, and romantic feeling; matching a brightly colored knitted scarf in the cold winter will not only give people a bright feeling, but also make people feel more Feeling warm and warm. In terms of matching, knitted scarves are more suitable for matching unobtrusive clothes such as overcoats and down jackets. Generally speaking, a long coat is the first choice. It is easier to highlight the feminine temperament, and it also makes people look very tall.

3. The characteristics of cotton and linen scarf

Cotton and linen texture scarves are visually not as good as silk and knitted scarves, and there is no silky luster in gloss; but it can show a strong affinity, and its texture is very close. The skin feels very comfortable around the neck. In terms of clothes matching, scarves with cotton and linen textures reveal a simple and unpretentious style in terms of materials. This style is a good match for clothing; therefore, scarves with cotton and linen texture are more versatile and hardly choose. The clothes do not pick the skin color. For those who don’t know how to match a scarf, a cotton and linen scarf is the first choice.

4. Features of fur scarves

Fur scarves are usually fixed with leather jackets, and different women wear fur scarves will have different flavors. In the choice of fur scarves, if you want to highlight your personal style, you can choose some natural ones, such as very natural mottled colors, which are more luxurious and public if you want to keep warm but don’t want to be particularly prominent. If you want to take the affinity route, you can choose a simpler color in the selection of fur scarves, which will highlight the cute and fresh side without being particularly public. In addition, fur scarves are also very picky for skin color and clothes. Generally, if the skin color is not good or the temperament is not very good, you should not try it lightly, otherwise it will only look weird.

About Scarf Fabrics

Scarves fabric refers to the fabric used to make a scarf.

What is a scarf fabric?
Scarf is the king of accessories and is loved by more and more fashion people. The fabrics used in scarves are also diverse. In general, they can be divided into four categories.

Scarf fabrics are divided into the following categories: one is plant fiber fabric; the other is animal fiber fabric; the third is chemical fiber fabric; the fourth is blended fabric;

1. Plant fiber fabrics are made of cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo fiber, etc.;
2. Animal fiber fabrics include wool fabrics, cashmere fabrics, and silk fabrics;
3. Chemical fiber fabrics include polyester, acrylic fabric, chiffon fabric, etc.;
4. Blended fabrics include silk cotton, cotton linen, wool and nitrile fabrics, and fibers of different materials are blended in a certain proportion;

Scarves are no longer warm items in winter, but more decorative items. Scarves of different materials are worn in different seasons.

Spring and autumn: mostly light and thin materials such as cotton, modal, polyester and ammonia;

Winter: mainly use wool, wool, cashmere and other warm materials;

Summer: mainly silk and linen scarves.

Sun Protection Scarf, Practical and Fashionable

I also said on Weibo last week that I never dared to short-play on weekends. I was really afraid of the power of ultraviolet rays. The small freckles on my cheeks increased and deepened, and I couldn’t help feeling sad.

So when you go out, be very careful. Sunglasses, parasols, and hats are not dared to fall, and you have to apply those sticky sunscreens. Even so, the shoulders are still easy to tan, and sunburn may occur after long exposure to the sun.

Thinking of something fun, I found out the fall leopard print sun protection scarf.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to sunscreen like this?

[Demonstration 1] Virgin Mary style

I remember that the supermodel Gu Chen also demonstrated this way when he participated in the Oupre Garden Party last time. It is a classic Virgin Mary-style sunscreen method, which is suitable for women with better temperament to avoid looking like a wolf grandma.

I like this kind of mysterious feeling.

When leaving the subway station, you always have to go through a long air-vent corridor. Every winter, you use a thick scarf to cover your head and mouth like this. I always feel that in addition to the cold, it will also be due to insecurity. I don’t know if anyone has it. Feel the same.

One sentence off the topic.

[Demonstration 2] Buckle on chest

It’s so simple, just tie the scarf on the chest with a button, which looks natural.

The entire shoulders and arms will be wrapped safely, and I am too afraid of the air-conditioning, which can keep warm.

[Demonstration 3] Lady Shawl Style

It’s easy to understand.

It is to treat the scarf as a shawl, and put it on your shoulders naturally, cross your chest and drape it towards the back, forming a very elegant shape without losing the sense of hierarchy.

If the color of the scarf makes you proud, you don’t need to take out the long hair, it’s okay to wrap it in it.

You can also pull up the scarf to protect your mouth and nose in the dusty area. I like this to do multiple things.

Any beauty must be based on practical health. This seems to be the thinking of the older generation, but I have been practicing it.

Have fun.

Pure spoof, for fun.

But just like that, I still like to mess around with it casually. It’s really happy to go back to basics.

I remembered the few movements he had seen when he was on a business trip in Taiyuan in a certain year. It was extremely delicate.

This is probably a kind of talent.

Inadvertently, achieve good.

I haven’t slept early these days, watching the Olympics.

Always various sighs.

The cruelty of competitive sports is really not something ordinary people can bear. The audience can still suffocate over and over again, but the athletes have to be calm and steady. Too much admiration.

I put this one last because I like it very much.

It is not easy to be able to take such a photo. The slightest difference will change the way. Only the people before and after the camera understand the difficulties and contradictions.

Fortunately, none of us gets bored.

The Most Personalized Umbrellas

The rainy season is coming, so umbrellas come in handy. In fact, umbrellas can also be very poetic. If you look at the umbrellas as a painting, you will have a panoramic view. People of different constellations like different umbrellas, such as Personalized Umbrellas With Photo, Umbrellas With Art, Umbrellas With Dogs and so on.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius women love freedom and pursue novel and interesting experiences. She likes to have new things to look forward to. She also likes others, life itself and the challenges she gives herself. Unfettered, they should like this manual folding umbrella of ocean and seagulls. It can definitely let them release their inner world.

Aries: Aries women love freedom and are very arguing. A liberated woman with fighting spirit, outspoken, daring to attack, not afraid of setbacks. This automatic open 3 folding umbrella is simple but not exquisite, it is still very suitable for Aries.

Virgo: Virgo women will benefit a lot if they can have fun in love. It is better to understand the reasons for failure of interpersonal relationships than to focus on the psychological harm of entanglement. The most critical of them was their encounter with this ancient manual folding umbrella, and they turned around 100% on the street.

Aquarius: She tends to go to extremes, she may have the purest heart, the most ideal love, or she may become completely indifferent. Be sure not to disappoint her, otherwise you will lose her irretrievably. If they donnot play cards according to common sense, their dreams of facing the whole starry sky should be fascinated. The sky printing automatic folding umbrella is very amazing.

Libra: Libra women hate ugly things the most, and her sloppy appearance is the object her sensitive tentacles reject most. A hat-shaped umbrella is also very suitable for them. Cute!

Scorpio: Her romantic ideal for love is to find a soul to belong to. Because her heart has suffered from herself, it is especially true for a man who understands her secret lonely world. So a high-cold umbrella is the most suitable for Scorpio. Is this one very suitable for Scorpio?