How To Pick Out A Best Reverse Umbrella

Just notice below 5 points, guaranteed you can bought a best high-quality reverse umbrella.

In daily life, most people have a few pieces of umbrellas, reverse umbrella, folding umbrella or golf umbrellas. But, do you know how to pick out a top quality reverse umbrella? Today, We will share a small trick with you. Let’s see how to pick up a top quality umbrella !

Step 1: Check The Canopy
First, open the umbrella canopy and place it in a bright place for checking. Check if the cover have small holes, unstitched or color difference, etc. Check if the umbrella canopy is flat and make sure there is no deformation.

Step 2: Check Waterproof Performance
Open the umbrella to check if the double layer canopy are breathable. You can blow into the canopy by the mouth, at the same time put the hand under the canopy to feel whether it is breathable. If you feel gas obviously, it means that the waterproof performance of this umbrella is not good. Besides, You can also pour some water on the cover to see if the drops of water can fall off quickly.

Step 3: Check the Compression Resistance
Open the umbrella and shake it sevaral times to see the compressive performance of frame. Then, close the umbrella and shake it several times to see if the button and handle is normal. Repeat these steps at least three times.

Step 4: Check the Handle
Press the umbrella handle hardly to see if the umbrella handle is bent or deformed. Many cheap reverse umbrellas are hollow handles and can easily break. Seprainbow reverse umbrella always insist in using the high quality solid handle, keep the inverted umbrella stability and firmness in the stormy.

Step 5: Check the Ribs
Check if the frame system is double ribs in fibreglass. Fibreglass material features high toughness and flexibility. The diameter of the fiberglass is not less than 3.5mm.

Step 6: Check the Sewing Craftsmanship
Check if the string have off. In general, A good quality reverse umbrella will not have this problem.

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