How To Design Your Own Photo Umbrella?

Ordinary umbrellas can no longer satisfy people’s individual needs. How to design your own photo umbrella? Let’s learn the process of making picture umbrella.

1. Major cut
The so-called big cut is to cut a roll of umbrella cloth into a long strip of thin body. This process can be done with a cloth cutting machine or a worker with a blade. When the cloth piece is opened, it will be picked up and the umbrella cloth will be handed over to the small tailor.

2. Minor cut
The so-called small cut is to cut the long strip of umbrella cloth after the big cut into pieces of triangular pieces, which are used as the umbrella surface of the umbrella. The worker first uses some wooden strips to make a triangular wooden frame, puts the wooden frame on the umbrella cloth, and then carefully cuts it out piece by piece with a blade. This procedure is completely manual and does not use any machinery.

3. Umbrella printing
Print your pattern design or pictures or photos or images on the umbrella cloth.

4. Combine the film
After the silk screen is finished, the triangle piece can be combined into an umbrella surface with a sewing machine. Different types of umbrellas have different numbers of triangles on the umbrella surface, ranging from 6 to 24. Workers sew each triangle piece piece by piece by hand. This step is extremely important. The stitches of the sewing machine should be small and the number of stitches should be large enough, otherwise there will be water seepage when it rains.

5. Umbrella beads, accessories and umbrella surface treatment
After the umbrella surface is completed, the worker uses a special machine to install umbrella beads on each corner. Umbrella beads are important accessories for umbrellas, used to fix the umbrella surface on the ribs. The material is plastic or iron, and there are many shapes to choose from. It is also necessary to equip the umbrella with an umbrella strap and cover, and then top the umbrella surface (otherwise the umbrella cannot be installed on the umbrella stand) and sew the umbrella strap on the umbrella surface.

6, upper bone
This procedure is to join the umbrella surface to the umbrella ribs. Workers must connect the umbrella surface to the umbrella ribs one by one by hand. No machine can be used. For each umbrella rib, workers usually use two to three knots to tie Tighten the ribs and the umbrella surface.

7. Fittings
At this point, an umbrella has been basically completed. Now it is time to check the quality of the umbrella and deal with the thread ends. The next step is to help the umbrella with qualified quality accessories, mainly install the umbrella top, fungus flower and handle, straight The handles of pole umbrellas are basically glued with glue, so that an umbrella is basically ready.

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