Creative Umbrella Series Two

Print Your Photo On Umbrella
Usually we can only buy umbrellas with printed patterns in the store, without any personality. Can I print my favorite pictures on the umbrella? A great idea! But how to achieve it? Septrainbow Corp is a shop specializing in online customized printing umbrellas. They use high-quality digital printing technology to print any of your pictures directly on the umbrella, such as printing on folding umbrellas, printing on reverse umbrellas, and so on. Such an umbrella is worth having.

Innovative structure of flip umbrella-reverse umbrella
Hehe! Now I will introduce a product that has won the Red Dot Award, which is very practical and novel! When you fold a used umbrella, you usually encounter the trouble of rain falling on the ground and splashing on your clothes. You may think that the umbrella is like this, and you don’t take it as a problem. But this is why you can’t be a designer, because a designer can have a heart to create and beautify life. When you pull the lower nest (the circular slide when opening and closing the umbrella) to fold the umbrella, the center and top part of the umbrella cloth will shrink inward. In this way, the flip of hiding the wet side of the umbrella inside and leaving the dry side outside. When used, the opening method of the umbrella cloth blooming like a flower is also very unique. How? Is it very interesting and very practical?

Concept technology anti-theft umbrella
Do technology and conceptual products have to be applied to large electronic products such as mobile phones and computers? The answer is NO. The novel umbrella introduced now is an example. We know that when a lizard encounters an enemy, once it finds that the situation is not good, it will run without losing its tail. The lizard uses this method to save its own life. This lizard umbrella is also the inspiration for the designer to learn from the habits of natural creatures. In order to prevent the umbrella from being maliciously taken away in public, the designer thought of separating the handle of the umbrella from the umbrella to solve this problem, so that the thief mistakenly thought it was a broken umbrella and dispelled the idea of taking it away. The unique design of the handle can also be fixed on the belt of a schoolbag or other places like a lock, and it is not easy to lose.

Handle storage umbrella
The common umbrella in our lives is a simple combination of umbrella ribs and umbrella cloth, and then it is separated from the umbrella bag. This umbrella design puts aside these messy and cumbersome, the umbrella and umbrella bag are designed into one, which can be easily retracted and stored, simple and convenient. This means that when you travel on a rainy day and use an umbrella in the future, you don’t have to worry about whether you forget where the umbrella bag is. The idea is to bring convenience to people.

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