Creative Umbrella Series Tree

Umbrella With Picture Inside
Print your favorite umbrella picture on the inner layer of the umbrella, which is both subtle and beautiful. Does it feel great! This umbrella uses exquisite stitching technology to perfectly combine the printing pattern with the umbrella surface. The high-quality sunscreen fabric, three-fold automatic opening and closing function, are very convenient to carry and use. The most important thing is to customize and print your own personalized pictures. It is the real personalized umbrella.

Newspaper printed umbrellas with UV protection
Those of you who have used ordinary styles may not have seen a newspaper style umbrella. The entire umbrella is full of news, with good UV protection. The romantic and elegant patterns on the umbrella and the meticulous fabrics highlight the uniqueness of urban ladies everywhere. Charm must be the first thing that loves life, bringing you the perfect reverie in life. This unique umbrella not only adds elegance, but also expresses the sunshine style thoroughly.

Umbrella With Sword Handle
Now the designer has played a new trick on the umbrella-drawing the sword umbrella. It looks so cool, as if you are about to fight in the rain. I think the moment the sword is drawn out, it must be very charming.

Umbrellas that can shine in rain
There is nothing special about the shape of this umbrella, usually put it aside, it will not attract your attention at all, don’t be fooled by its simple appearance! The designer Sang-Kyun Park gave it a new mission. When it rains, the raindrops fall on the surface of the umbrella and are converted into energy through the PDVF film on the surface to make the LED lights embedded in the umbrella glow, illuminating the road ahead for you in the rain. The stronger the rain, the stronger the energy, and the brighter the light will naturally be!

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