Creative Umbrella Series One

Umbrella With Dog Print
Using advanced high-definition digital printing technology, the dog’s photo is printed on the umbrella, very cool! There are many styles of umbrellas, including inverted umbrellas, folding umbrellas and golf umbrellas; Septrainbow Corp’s online customized umbrellas store is the pioneer and pioneer of personalized printing umbrellas, specializing in providing personalized customization services for such umbrellas, which are enjoyed in the umbrella customization industry Very high reputation.

Translucent upside-down umbrella skirt
The weather is always rainy in spring, so you must bring a small umbrella when you go out. Girls prefer to bring umbrellas, which can shade and keep out the rain. Have you ever thought about putting an umbrella on your body? Everyone must be very curious, but in fact, this novel umbrella skirt introduced to you can help you realize this fantasy. I believe girls who want to be sexy will not miss it.

Anti-wind umbrella
As the main brain and mad scientist of the Anti-Strong Umbrella team, Gerwin Hoogendoom’s daily work is to generate infinite rich ideas to help product development. Smart and creative Gerwin is not only the soul of the team, he is also proficient in golf, basketball, surfing, etc., and is an excellent tailor. Senz’s asymmetric umbrella shaft shape can resist strong winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. This lightweight and windproof umbrella is designed in an asymmetrical windproof style. Gently press the push buckle to open the retractable umbrella support, rubber handle and wrist strap, with umbrella cover.

Password umbrella
Although the umbrella is not a valuable thing, it becomes precious when it rains. Therefore, we need to “protect” it under certain circumstances. The umbrella described below is from China. Designed by the designer of, added a retractable combination lock to the handle of the umbrella. When using it, pull the combination lock out, bypass the building and lock it at the connection at the other end of the handle to avoid loss. It’s very Convenience.

Hands Free Umbrella
This creative product is designed to save people who want to play with their mobile phones in rainy days. The umbrella called Hands Free is designed to let everyone relax with their umbrellas on rainy days. Hands Free is an umbrella with a C-shaped handle. When it rains, putting it on your wrist can not only block the wind and rain, but also free your flexible fingers to enjoy the wonderful “grip” life. However, I advise everyone when crossing the road We still have to see the road, so be it.

Newest parasol umbrella
This new type of parasol umbrella adopts a double-layer umbrella cloth structure that hides the ribs, which makes the umbrella surface stronger and more sun-proof. The inner umbrella cloth provides a sufficient and complete design display space, which can be cross-border with animation/film/fashion Cooperation makes the umbrella more beautiful and fashionable. The built-in openable rounded bead tail structure makes the umbrella surface sleek and stylish when opened, and it is also slender and fit when folded, and it will not fall off and hurt people as easily as the traditional sharp umbrella tail. The umbrella is made of 210T Fumao UVoutex® fabric, DuPont waterproof coating treatment, super water repellent. In addition to the double-layer umbrella fabric structure, UPF>50, UVA can be realized.

Magic umbrella
This interesting umbrella will have a magical effect when it is used on a rainy day. Generally, the umbrella after the rain is covered with water stains, which will affect the appearance of the umbrella print. However, this set of printed umbrellas only reveals the hidden cute prints or patterns after being washed by rain. Even if you accidentally get wet, I believe you will feel warm when you see such a warm effect.

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