What are the options for custom umbrellas?

What are the options for custom umbrellas? Umbrellas are an indispensable tool in our lives, especially in the rainy and rainy seasons, umbrellas are even more portable things. So, what use is an umbrella in addition to sheltering the rain on rainy days? Nowadays, many umbrella designs no longer only consider the problem of sheltering the rain. Sunshading and UV protection have also become a very important aspect. So, when customizing an umbrella, how do you choose an umbrella of good quality that is suitable for your customers? The editor of Septrainbow Corp will explain to you one by one.

The primary function of an umbrella is to shelter the rain. In rainy days, in order not to get wet, you must wear an umbrella or a raincoat. Umbrellas are generally made of oil paper, oil cloth or plastic paper, and the umbrella ribs are usually made of plastic or iron products.

Umbrellas currently on the market can not only shelter from rain, but good umbrellas can also shade and block ultraviolet rays. We all know that the ultraviolet rays in summer are particularly strong. If you do not do physical sun protection in summer, it is easy to tan your skin and even spots. Nowadays, umbrellas are made and designed in many ways, and the umbrellas produced are more comprehensive.

When customizing an umbrella, you must consider the quality of the umbrella. If the quality of the umbrella is poor, it is easy to be damaged by the wind in a rainy day with relatively strong wind. Therefore, when choosing an umbrella, be sure to check the ribs to see if the ribs are strong enough; in addition, it is the material of the umbrella. When making umbrellas of different prices and brands, the materials selected have their own characteristics and quality. There are also highs and lows. Don’t buy cheap umbrellas just because you want to be cheap for a while. The result is that they are damaged if you don’t use them much, so you have to buy them again, which wastes time and money.

Custom umbrellas, of course, must be customized according to the colors, patterns and styles that customers like. Nowadays, many umbrellas are very exquisitely designed, with various patterns customized on them, including cartoon characters, beautiful scenery, fashion stars, lattice patterns, or irregular graphics, etc. Faced with colorful and colorful umbrellas, it is inevitable that you will feel unable to choose, but it is best to customize it according to the requirements of your company or customers.

Therefore, when customizing umbrellas, everyone must carefully check and consider. When customizing gifts, pay attention to the quality of the customized umbrellas, and discuss with the other party to determine the content to be customized, so that you can customize the umbrella you want.

Features Of Inverted Umbrella

Reverse Umbrella is also called Inverted Umbrella, Believe that most of people should have heard of it even if they have not used them. This is a creative umbrella, usually favored by many people, and the price is not expensive. What type of umbrella is a inverted umbrella?? What is the difference between inverted umbrella and ordinary umbrellas?

As the name suggests, it is an umbrella with inverted open and close design. It also belongs to the type of straight umbrella. Generally, inverted umbrella can be divided into manual open, auto open and manual close, manual open and auto close. The type of handle have C-shaped handle, straight handle and curved handle. The biggest features is invert design with double layer canopy, provides the inverted umbrella featuring waterproof and wet side always away from the users. In addition, Since it’s double ribs frame, so it also feature strong windproof. The concept of design is so creative and clever.

1. Fabrics of Inverted Umbrella
Generally the canopy fabric of inverted is high grade materials, such as 190 pongee or nylon. These materials are very flat and slipping, and the rainwater will fall down quickly when get wet.

2.Handle of Inverted Umbrella
The handles of Inverted umbrellas are more diverse, including manual open, auto open and manual close, manual open and auto close. The type of handle have C-shaped handle, straight handle, curved handle and special customized handle. In general, high quality handle is with solid material, and don’t easy to break. Some cheap handle always useing hollow handle and very easily broken. In general, high quality handle is with solid material, and it’s very hard to break.

3. Physical Properties of Inverted Umbrellas
The more common specifications of inverted umbrellas are 23 inches * 8K. Large inverted umbrella will be 27inches * 8K. Super large is 30inch * 8K. Generally the ribs and frames are pure fibreglass materials. Fibreglass material can provide the greater toughness, to maintain the durability and stability of the umbrella.

4. Frame of Inverted Umbrella
The frame of inverted umbrella is usually in fibreglass material, which are very light and not easy to break. The ordinary iron frame were too cumbersome and easily broken.

5. Personalized Printing
With double layer canopy the logo, designs, pictures or photos can be printed on the exterior or interior. Also support printed by digital or heat transfer.

Therefore, the inverted umbrella is also a universal straight umbrella, but with creative design concept, it is features Wind resistance, Easy to use, Waterproof and Sun protection. So, the reverse umbrella is indeed a very practical umbrella.

New Uses For Old Umbrella

Everyone has one or two broken folding umbrella or long umbrella in their homes. Some of them are not too bad, so people is not willing to throw it away. But it is inconvenient to use when it rains. In fact, the old umbrella is also very useful. As long as the design of the whimsy, the waste umbrella can also be turned into wealth. Stylish and beautiful !

The famous “Rain Lane” has a saying: “Holding a oil-paper umbrella, I wander alone in a long, long and lonely rain alley. I hope to meet a lilac-like girl with a grudge”. Just like the scene described in the article, in such a beautiful rainy season, a favorite umbrella is indispensable. But over time, it was either destroyed or used, or the enthusiasm for it gradually disappeared, and it was finally put on the corner that no one cares.

It is better to renovate the umbrella that has never left the hand, and let the old umbrella re-glow. Here are some ways to teach you how to turn old umbrellas into wealth.

1.  Flower Vase
The umbrella vases are very popular in all the streets. Its making steps are very simple, just to remove the ribs and keep the shaft and the canopy, put a few bunches of flowers or dried flowers inside, then tie a beautiful bow in the middle of the umbrella, a beautiful bouquet is made successfully !

2.  Hook
By removing the umbrella handle and hanging it on the wall, you can store all kinds of clothes and bags, saving money and saving the land. Comparing to the boring white wall, it not only adds a beautiful landscape to the wall, but also plays a good decorative effect. And the handles of each umbrella can be bound up, one-line arranged, it looks extra eye-catching.

3.  Drying Rack
It is also a very good idea to remove the canopy and keep the whole umbrella frame. They can be attached to clips to dry small items, such as towel, underwear or socks.

4.  Lamp-chimney
If you think that the fluorescent lamp at home is too lonely and dull, you can give it an umbrella. Compared to the chandeliers that are very expensive, after the decoration of the umbrella to the lamp, the home has been upgraded a lot of grades and styles.

5.  A dress that won’t get wet
The design of the umbrella can be described as a variety of styles, and the patterns of the umbrella canopy are also very novel and interesting. In this way, it is very nice to make the umbrella fabrics into a beautiful short skirt, with the stylish small floral pattern, to wear on the body is not only fashionable, but also will not get wet in the rain.

6.  Restaurant Decoration
Want to add the romantic atmosphere to your meal? The old umbrella can be described as a good tool to add emotion. The transparent umbrella with lace and crystal charms will immediately become the most eye-catching decoration in the restaurant. In addition, the white umbrella is very suitable for matching in the simple style. The air fishing notes make the umbrella have the different fun.

Golf Umbrella Revolutionary Innovation – Latest Version Telescopic Golf Umbrella

Telescopic golf umbrella

Umbrella is the most commonly used consumer product in everyday life. I believe that everyone has at least one or more pieces umbrellas. For personalized consumers, umbrellas should not be used only to keep up the rain; So personalized umbrellas are pursued by many peoples. For example, custom and printed their own designs on umbrellas; There are many types of umbrellas, such as golf umbrella, folding umbrella, reverse umbrella, transparent umbrella, windproof umbrella and so on. Among them, golf umbrella and folding umbrella are the most common.

The most common golf umbrella has auto golf umbrella and manual golf umbrella. The biggest feature is that they are the straight pole and have larger umbrella canopy. The rainproof effect is better when the rain is heavy, but since the umbrella canopy is too big, when it encounters strong wind umbrella can’t always be held steady; For this drawback, umbrella manufacturers have developed the humanized design of windproof golf umbrella to solve this problem. They have made improvements for canopy: using double layer canopy, the wind can pass through the gap between the double layer umbrella canopy; Meanwhile, the canopy keep in waterproof feature.

Structure of golf umbrella and main materials
Size: The smallest size of golf umbrella is arc 46’’, the largest is arc 65’’

Umbrella material:  polyester, pongee, nylon; Besides, fabric also can add UV coating to achieve sun protection.

Umbrella frame:  metal and fiberglass; fiberglass rib is higher toughness than metal

Handle:  Straight handle, curved handle

Opening way:  Manual open, automatic open, auto open and auto close

Printing:  silk screen, thermal transfer or digital printing; Digital printing has the better printing effect, but the price is also the highest.

Umbrella shaped:  Usually, most of the umbrellas are round shaped, and some of them are difference in shape, such as heart-shaped and rectangular and so on.

New Version Golf Umbrella
Today, Mainly introduced a new version golf umbrella – telescopic golf umbrella, which is the largest revolutionary innovation in the umbrella industry in 2018. We knew that golf umbrella is straight pole, and larger the size, the length of the golf umbrella will be longer. For example, the length of largest size of golf umbrella is about 120cm. It is too inconvenient to carry since it is too long. Telescopic golf umbrella with retractable rib technology; The ribs can be telescoped automatic when closed, the closed length is only 82CM, which is much shorter than the same size ordinary golf umbrella, easier to carry. Double layer fabric & windproof design with auto open, With the humanization handle design makes the user comfortable.

The latest telescopic golf umbrellas come in two umbrella shapes, one is round and another is rectangular; they are all equipped with the latest telescopic technology and windproof design.

Among them, the rectangular shape of the golf umbrella, and the unique shape design, may easily accommodate two people; At the same time, it is also a practical backpack umbrella, when you adjust an angle, it will becomes a rain-proof backpack umbrella, keeping the rain away from your backpack ! The double-layered umbrella canopy can be freely matched with different colors and printing designs, making the umbrella looks more personalized and beautiful.

Windproof Golf Umbrella With Newest Telescopic Rib Technology


Windproof Golf Umbrella Auto Open, Newest Version ! With Septrainbow Newest Telescopic Rib Technology, 56” arc double layer windproof golf umbrella, the ribs can be telescoped automatic when closed, The closed length is only 82cm, which is much shorter than the ordinary golf umbrella of same arc size, easier to carry.

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Windproof Golf Umbrella with Telescopic Rib Design