Creative Umbrella Series Tree

Umbrella With Picture Inside
Print your favorite umbrella picture on the inner layer of the umbrella, which is both subtle and beautiful. Does it feel great! This umbrella uses exquisite stitching technology to perfectly combine the printing pattern with the umbrella surface. The high-quality sunscreen fabric, three-fold automatic opening and closing function, are very convenient to carry and use. The most important thing is to customize and print your own personalized pictures. It is the real personalized umbrella.

Newspaper printed umbrellas with UV protection
Those of you who have used ordinary styles may not have seen a newspaper style umbrella. The entire umbrella is full of news, with good UV protection. The romantic and elegant patterns on the umbrella and the meticulous fabrics highlight the uniqueness of urban ladies everywhere. Charm must be the first thing that loves life, bringing you the perfect reverie in life. This unique umbrella not only adds elegance, but also expresses the sunshine style thoroughly.

Umbrella With Sword Handle
Now the designer has played a new trick on the umbrella-drawing the sword umbrella. It looks so cool, as if you are about to fight in the rain. I think the moment the sword is drawn out, it must be very charming.

Umbrellas that can shine in rain
There is nothing special about the shape of this umbrella, usually put it aside, it will not attract your attention at all, don’t be fooled by its simple appearance! The designer Sang-Kyun Park gave it a new mission. When it rains, the raindrops fall on the surface of the umbrella and are converted into energy through the PDVF film on the surface to make the LED lights embedded in the umbrella glow, illuminating the road ahead for you in the rain. The stronger the rain, the stronger the energy, and the brighter the light will naturally be!

Creative Umbrella Series Two

Print Your Photo On Umbrella
Usually we can only buy umbrellas with printed patterns in the store, without any personality. Can I print my favorite pictures on the umbrella? A great idea! But how to achieve it? Septrainbow Corp is a shop specializing in online customized printing umbrellas. They use high-quality digital printing technology to print any of your pictures directly on the umbrella, such as printing on folding umbrellas, printing on reverse umbrellas, and so on. Such an umbrella is worth having.

Innovative structure of flip umbrella-reverse umbrella
Hehe! Now I will introduce a product that has won the Red Dot Award, which is very practical and novel! When you fold a used umbrella, you usually encounter the trouble of rain falling on the ground and splashing on your clothes. You may think that the umbrella is like this, and you don’t take it as a problem. But this is why you can’t be a designer, because a designer can have a heart to create and beautify life. When you pull the lower nest (the circular slide when opening and closing the umbrella) to fold the umbrella, the center and top part of the umbrella cloth will shrink inward. In this way, the flip of hiding the wet side of the umbrella inside and leaving the dry side outside. When used, the opening method of the umbrella cloth blooming like a flower is also very unique. How? Is it very interesting and very practical?

Concept technology anti-theft umbrella
Do technology and conceptual products have to be applied to large electronic products such as mobile phones and computers? The answer is NO. The novel umbrella introduced now is an example. We know that when a lizard encounters an enemy, once it finds that the situation is not good, it will run without losing its tail. The lizard uses this method to save its own life. This lizard umbrella is also the inspiration for the designer to learn from the habits of natural creatures. In order to prevent the umbrella from being maliciously taken away in public, the designer thought of separating the handle of the umbrella from the umbrella to solve this problem, so that the thief mistakenly thought it was a broken umbrella and dispelled the idea of taking it away. The unique design of the handle can also be fixed on the belt of a schoolbag or other places like a lock, and it is not easy to lose.

Handle storage umbrella
The common umbrella in our lives is a simple combination of umbrella ribs and umbrella cloth, and then it is separated from the umbrella bag. This umbrella design puts aside these messy and cumbersome, the umbrella and umbrella bag are designed into one, which can be easily retracted and stored, simple and convenient. This means that when you travel on a rainy day and use an umbrella in the future, you don’t have to worry about whether you forget where the umbrella bag is. The idea is to bring convenience to people.

Creative Umbrella Series One

Umbrella With Dog Print
Using advanced high-definition digital printing technology, the dog’s photo is printed on the umbrella, very cool! There are many styles of umbrellas, including inverted umbrellas, folding umbrellas and golf umbrellas; Septrainbow Corp’s online customized umbrellas store is the pioneer and pioneer of personalized printing umbrellas, specializing in providing personalized customization services for such umbrellas, which are enjoyed in the umbrella customization industry Very high reputation.

Translucent upside-down umbrella skirt
The weather is always rainy in spring, so you must bring a small umbrella when you go out. Girls prefer to bring umbrellas, which can shade and keep out the rain. Have you ever thought about putting an umbrella on your body? Everyone must be very curious, but in fact, this novel umbrella skirt introduced to you can help you realize this fantasy. I believe girls who want to be sexy will not miss it.

Anti-wind umbrella
As the main brain and mad scientist of the Anti-Strong Umbrella team, Gerwin Hoogendoom’s daily work is to generate infinite rich ideas to help product development. Smart and creative Gerwin is not only the soul of the team, he is also proficient in golf, basketball, surfing, etc., and is an excellent tailor. Senz’s asymmetric umbrella shaft shape can resist strong winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. This lightweight and windproof umbrella is designed in an asymmetrical windproof style. Gently press the push buckle to open the retractable umbrella support, rubber handle and wrist strap, with umbrella cover.

Password umbrella
Although the umbrella is not a valuable thing, it becomes precious when it rains. Therefore, we need to “protect” it under certain circumstances. The umbrella described below is from China. Designed by the designer of, added a retractable combination lock to the handle of the umbrella. When using it, pull the combination lock out, bypass the building and lock it at the connection at the other end of the handle to avoid loss. It’s very Convenience.

Hands Free Umbrella
This creative product is designed to save people who want to play with their mobile phones in rainy days. The umbrella called Hands Free is designed to let everyone relax with their umbrellas on rainy days. Hands Free is an umbrella with a C-shaped handle. When it rains, putting it on your wrist can not only block the wind and rain, but also free your flexible fingers to enjoy the wonderful “grip” life. However, I advise everyone when crossing the road We still have to see the road, so be it.

Newest parasol umbrella
This new type of parasol umbrella adopts a double-layer umbrella cloth structure that hides the ribs, which makes the umbrella surface stronger and more sun-proof. The inner umbrella cloth provides a sufficient and complete design display space, which can be cross-border with animation/film/fashion Cooperation makes the umbrella more beautiful and fashionable. The built-in openable rounded bead tail structure makes the umbrella surface sleek and stylish when opened, and it is also slender and fit when folded, and it will not fall off and hurt people as easily as the traditional sharp umbrella tail. The umbrella is made of 210T Fumao UVoutex® fabric, DuPont waterproof coating treatment, super water repellent. In addition to the double-layer umbrella fabric structure, UPF>50, UVA can be realized.

Magic umbrella
This interesting umbrella will have a magical effect when it is used on a rainy day. Generally, the umbrella after the rain is covered with water stains, which will affect the appearance of the umbrella print. However, this set of printed umbrellas only reveals the hidden cute prints or patterns after being washed by rain. Even if you accidentally get wet, I believe you will feel warm when you see such a warm effect.

What are the processes of umbrella printing?

Colorful printed umbrellas will give people a romantic feeling, whether it is sheltering from the rain or dressing up, it is an excellent choice. The personality pattern on the umbrella can better show the personality. People can guess their personality through the personalised umbrella they hold in their hands. However, there are not many people who use the umbrella printing process. This article I bring to you today is about the umbrella printing process.

Generally, the most commonly used umbrella printing methods include screen printing, offset printing, digital thermal transfer, etc. Of course, each printing method has its own advantages.

First, let’s look at the steps of umbrella printing:

1. Obtain the original design of the umbrella surface;

2. Compose the picture and draw the splice line;

3. Set the cutting position and cut out the first draft of each splice;

4. Draw the splice board based on the splice original board;

5. Deform the bottom edge and height of the first draft of the splice plate according to the splice plate;

6. Deform the seam edge of the first draft of the splice according to the splice plate to obtain the splice draft;

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to deform all the first drafts of the splicing into a spliced ​​draft;

8. Typesetting and printing;

9. Sewing products.

Next, let’s look at the process of umbrella printing:

The printing paste is composed of dyes or pigments, moisture absorbents, cosolvents, etc. and the original paste. The function of the original printing paste is to make the color paste have a certain viscosity and fluidity. It is made of hydrophilic polymer paste. Commonly used pastes include starch, starch degradation products (white dextrin and yellow dextrin), starch ether derivatives, sodium or ammonium alginate, and hydroxyethyl honey locust gum , Longjiao, cellulose ether, synthetic polymer electrolyte, etc. The emulsified paste made with water and emulsifier is sometimes used as the original printing paste. The original printing paste should have good stability to the chemical agents in the color paste, does not interact with the dye, has a certain adhesion to the fiber and is easy to wash off the fabric. The viscosity of the printing paste is determined by the nature of the original paste. If the viscosity of the color paste drops too much during printing, it is difficult to print fine lines, and if the viscosity is too large, the color paste will not easily pass through the pores of the screen.

At present, the most advanced printing technology is digital printing, which is the intervention of digital equipment, and the digital printing process with the intervention of digital equipment is very simple. Only the computer and close cooperation can complete the desired pattern printing of personalised umbrellas, foolish operation mode, Time-saving and labor-saving, the finished umbrella printing can be made quickly and easily without a lot of manual labor.