Types of Scarves

The season of wearing scarves is here, so how can we miss the topic of scarves? Today I will talk about the topic of scarves.

Classification of scarves

From the selection of materials, our common scarf materials are generally knitted, cotton and linen, silk and more luxurious fur; if you want to divide the shape of the scarf, the common type is mainly rectangular , Large squares, small squares, triangles, and other irregular shapes; but if we divide it from the patterns displayed by the scarf, the common ones are monochrome, lattice, stripes, color matching, printing, broken flowers, etc., so this The classification of scarves can be divided according to personal hobbies, and when you buy them, you only need to choose the right skin color and clothing. It doesn’t have to be as troublesome as buying clothes and shoes.

Scarves of different materials have different characteristics

1. Features of silk scarves and sun protection scarves

The classic, high-brightness polyester and ammonia anti uv scarf and silk scarves have always been at the forefront of fashion and can be worn all year round. The silk scarf can not only highlight the gloss of the skin, but also show the elegance and intellectual taste of women vividly. But the silk scarf has the characteristic that it is more picky, because it is more textured, so you should choose carefully if the skin is not good or the skin is yellowish and dull, otherwise it will not only reflect your temperament, but will contrast it. Deficiency of the skin.

2. Features of knitted scarves

Knitted scarves generally give people a very warm, delicate, and romantic feeling; matching a brightly colored knitted scarf in the cold winter will not only give people a bright feeling, but also make people feel more Feeling warm and warm. In terms of matching, knitted scarves are more suitable for matching unobtrusive clothes such as overcoats and down jackets. Generally speaking, a long coat is the first choice. It is easier to highlight the feminine temperament, and it also makes people look very tall.

3. The characteristics of cotton and linen scarf

Cotton and linen texture scarves are visually not as good as silk and knitted scarves, and there is no silky luster in gloss; but it can show a strong affinity, and its texture is very close. The skin feels very comfortable around the neck. In terms of clothes matching, scarves with cotton and linen textures reveal a simple and unpretentious style in terms of materials. This style is a good match for clothing; therefore, scarves with cotton and linen texture are more versatile and hardly choose. The clothes do not pick the skin color. For those who don’t know how to match a scarf, a cotton and linen scarf is the first choice.

4. Features of fur scarves

Fur scarves are usually fixed with leather jackets, and different women wear fur scarves will have different flavors. In the choice of fur scarves, if you want to highlight your personal style, you can choose some natural ones, such as very natural mottled colors, which are more luxurious and public if you want to keep warm but don’t want to be particularly prominent. If you want to take the affinity route, you can choose a simpler color in the selection of fur scarves, which will highlight the cute and fresh side without being particularly public. In addition, fur scarves are also very picky for skin color and clothes. Generally, if the skin color is not good or the temperament is not very good, you should not try it lightly, otherwise it will only look weird.

About Scarf Fabrics

Scarves fabric refers to the fabric used to make a scarf.

What is a scarf fabric?
Scarf is the king of accessories and is loved by more and more fashion people. The fabrics used in scarves are also diverse. In general, they can be divided into four categories.

Scarf fabrics are divided into the following categories: one is plant fiber fabric; the other is animal fiber fabric; the third is chemical fiber fabric; the fourth is blended fabric;

1. Plant fiber fabrics are made of cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo fiber, etc.;
2. Animal fiber fabrics include wool fabrics, cashmere fabrics, and silk fabrics;
3. Chemical fiber fabrics include polyester, acrylic fabric, chiffon fabric, etc.;
4. Blended fabrics include silk cotton, cotton linen, wool and nitrile fabrics, and fibers of different materials are blended in a certain proportion;

Scarves are no longer warm items in winter, but more decorative items. Scarves of different materials are worn in different seasons.

Spring and autumn: mostly light and thin materials such as cotton, modal, polyester and ammonia;

Winter: mainly use wool, wool, cashmere and other warm materials;

Summer: mainly silk and linen scarves.

Sun Protection Scarf, Practical and Fashionable

I also said on Weibo last week that I never dared to short-play on weekends. I was really afraid of the power of ultraviolet rays. The small freckles on my cheeks increased and deepened, and I couldn’t help feeling sad.

So when you go out, be very careful. Sunglasses, parasols, and hats are not dared to fall, and you have to apply those sticky sunscreens. Even so, the shoulders are still easy to tan, and sunburn may occur after long exposure to the sun.

Thinking of something fun, I found out the fall leopard print sun protection scarf.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to sunscreen like this?

[Demonstration 1] Virgin Mary style

I remember that the supermodel Gu Chen also demonstrated this way when he participated in the Oupre Garden Party last time. It is a classic Virgin Mary-style sunscreen method, which is suitable for women with better temperament to avoid looking like a wolf grandma.

I like this kind of mysterious feeling.

When leaving the subway station, you always have to go through a long air-vent corridor. Every winter, you use a thick scarf to cover your head and mouth like this. I always feel that in addition to the cold, it will also be due to insecurity. I don’t know if anyone has it. Feel the same.

One sentence off the topic.

[Demonstration 2] Buckle on chest

It’s so simple, just tie the scarf on the chest with a button, which looks natural.

The entire shoulders and arms will be wrapped safely, and I am too afraid of the air-conditioning, which can keep warm.

[Demonstration 3] Lady Shawl Style

It’s easy to understand.

It is to treat the scarf as a shawl, and put it on your shoulders naturally, cross your chest and drape it towards the back, forming a very elegant shape without losing the sense of hierarchy.

If the color of the scarf makes you proud, you don’t need to take out the long hair, it’s okay to wrap it in it.

You can also pull up the scarf to protect your mouth and nose in the dusty area. I like this to do multiple things.

Any beauty must be based on practical health. This seems to be the thinking of the older generation, but I have been practicing it.

Have fun.

Pure spoof, for fun.

But just like that, I still like to mess around with it casually. It’s really happy to go back to basics.

I remembered the few movements he had seen when he was on a business trip in Taiyuan in a certain year. It was extremely delicate.

This is probably a kind of talent.

Inadvertently, achieve good.

I haven’t slept early these days, watching the Olympics.

Always various sighs.

The cruelty of competitive sports is really not something ordinary people can bear. The audience can still suffocate over and over again, but the athletes have to be calm and steady. Too much admiration.

I put this one last because I like it very much.

It is not easy to be able to take such a photo. The slightest difference will change the way. Only the people before and after the camera understand the difficulties and contradictions.

Fortunately, none of us gets bored.

Scarves Type and Color Matching

Scarves, usually the styles have long strips, triangles, squares, etc. The fabrics are generally made of wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester and other materials. They are usually used to keep warm, and can also be worn for beauty, cleanliness or fashion. In 2020, a new type of scarf appeared on the market- Mask Scarf Combination, which can be used as a scarf or as a mask.

Mask Scarf Combination

Scarves bring many memories in autumn, woolen yarns woven warm brand nostalgia, and of course, there are beautiful silks flying in the streets of a certain autumn. The hallmark of the scarf family is the extraordinary elegance, whether silk scarves or long scarves can be taken care of extremely delicately. Twisted, so tender; close to the neck, so charming. In autumn, we can embrace scarves to our heart’s content. In the not cold autumn, facing the autumn wind, the scarf is just a symbolic resistance and pretending to wrap around. Some people say that people who like scarves are a bit narcissistic. It is precisely because the faces of wearing scarves appear clearer, can better adjust the perfect complexion, or set off makeup, so only those who love themselves can wear the beauty of scarves . Even in the chilly autumn, you must wear sleeveless and collarless shirts, and wear a scarf with a clear outfit. This is a popular outfit among people in fashion this fall. As long as you wear a colorful, soft and warm scarf, you can not only drive away the coolness, but also write expressions on different styles of the scarf. Either being cool, or gentle, the magic of a scarf is so magical.

Scarf tying method
Hang a scarf folded to an appropriate width from the front to the neck, and then cross the ends of the scarf at the back of the neck and then wrap it around the chest. In this way, ordinary scarves can be shaped, and the overall matching effect will give people a refreshing feeling. This kind of scarf will make the neck slightly fluffy, so when matching a coat, you should stand up the collar and tie the scarf outside so that it does not look bloated.

Scarves can make the cold winter no longer cold. A long scarf around the neck can not only show the static elegance, but also reflect the dynamic gentleness of flowing water. The long scarf around the long scarf allows women to express all kinds of amorous feelings.

Scarf Color Matching
Purple is a very mysterious color and one of the colors that many big-name designers love very much. Appropriate use and matching can help you improve your taste in dressing.

1. Violet and purple are the best to avoid having the same kind of purple all over the body. You can use the method of matching shades, such as purple with purple and pink purple with light purple. such as:
1) Purple striped scarf + purple trousers + purple handbag
2) Pink and purple sweater + light purple vest.
3) Pure purple boat neck sweater + purple red trim strip knee-length skirt + high boots.

2. The matching scheme-purple + brown purple
When matching with brown, it is best to adopt a layered matching method: only expose a small area of ​​the purple clothing, or only appear as an accessory. It must be matched with fashionable accessories in colors or styles, otherwise it will appear rustic. such as:

1) Purple sleeveless shirt + fur collar scarf + brown trousers
2) Brown plaid sweater + brown shirt + purple handbag
3) Purple sweater + brown jacket + brown plaid skirt + golden handbag

3, Matching plan-purple + black purple
When matching with black, a 1:1 matching principle should be adopted, that is, the purple area and the black area each account for about half. Darker purples and blacks are easier to shine. such as:

1) Light purple sleeveless shirt + black knee-length skirt + black boots
2) Purple dress + black small scarf + black mesh socks + black high heels
3) Purple three-quarter sleeve sweater + black side slit knee-length skirt + black mesh socks + black high heels. Typical 1:1 matching method.

4, The matching scheme-purple + light brown
When matching purple and light brown, it is contrary to brown matching. Purple should be used in a whole area, such as tops, skirts, pants, etc. It is best not to match with two-piece suits of different colors, which will look quiet and beautiful. such as:

1) Dark purple leather jacket + light brown skirt + black leather boots
2) Purple trousers + light brown knitted suit + brown leather shoes (right) purple sweetheart neck sweater + light brown plaid skirt + light brown leather shoes
3) Light brown sweater + purple skirt + black stockings + black high heels

Attached various reference popular purple:
1) There are many kinds of purple. You might as well observe your skin color to see which shade of purple suits you. Generally speaking, blue-toned purple is more suitable for people with yellowish skin, because blue and yellow have complementary effects. . In addition, blue and purple clothes are relatively easy to match with other items. For example, putting them together with gray tones, blue tones, and the same purple will brighten your eyes.

2) The reddish purple looks feminine, but it is more limited when paired with other color items. Fuchsia clothing is suitable for matching with the same fuchsia, or neutral black or white.
3) In addition, there is also a kind of purple with gray tone. If you match with gray directly, it can achieve an elegant effect. The darker lotus root purple is more coordinated with blue and black. As for the light lotus color, if it is juxtaposed with various pastel tones. Can wear soft effect.

Classic Luxury Umbrella Brands

For most people, the function of umbrellas is just to cover rain and sun. In fact, for those who pursue the quality of life, the word luxury penetrates into all aspects of life, even if it is only to cover rain and sun, it must be perfect and stylish.

What are the requirements for a luxury umbrella? The selection of umbrella ribs must be strong, the surface tension must be moderate, the handle of the umbrella must be smooth, and every place must be embodied with a sense of design and craftsman’s ingenuity, and a deep sense of history. Here, we introduce several high end umbrellas brands.

1. Swaine Adeney Brigg
Swaine Adeney Brigg is a magical brand. Its magic is that 300 years have passed, and it has always been the darling of the British royal family. The magic is that even President Obama is enamoured of it. The magic is that there are rumors and rumours that a SAB umbrella can use three generations, What’s even more amazing is that the Japanese umbrella industry profess the sound of SAB umbrella opening as “like stepping through the first snow”… Next, let us talk about where its excellence comes from.

It was built in 1750. For nearly 300 years, SAB umbrellas have been the first choice of the British royal family. In fact, the previous main business was mainly leather products and suitcases. Its leather products are also well-known, and at the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate, they contracted the leather accessories used for the royal carriage, including whips, reins, and so on.

After merging with Brigg in 1943, he began making umbrellas, adhering to the usual care and refinement of making other royal products. Although his umbrellas are royal darlings, they are not splendid and gorgeous, and they are not limited to the luxury of the umbrella appearance. The overall style tends to be low-key and textured, and the quality is high, and the selection of materials is exquisite, so it is known that an umbrella can be passed down to three generations and won’t break.

For example, the umbrella canopy of Swaine Adeney Brigg has always insisted on using a mixture of nylon and silk, but the actual craftsmanship has always been a trade secret. When you hear of nylon, you may think, but in fact, although nylon is a common umbrella fabric, it is replaced with a special secret weaving process, which makes it easier than ordinary nylon umbrellas to not be contaminated with water droplets. Just shake it. The umbrella surface dries immediately.

2. Pickett
Founded in 1988, Pickett is a British brand specializing in the manufacture of lifestyle products. Although the history is not long, the quality of the umbrellas made by his family has been unanimously recognized by the industry and has been on the men’s luxury media or magazine lists. Its price is not ridiculously expensive compared to Swaine Adeney Brigg, but it has a lot more levels than ordinary umbrellas, so it is very popular among the middle class and elites to attend various formal occasions.

Pickett’s umbrellas are simple and elegant, yet exquisite and beautiful. The handles are slender and elegant. Some are made of bamboo handles and steel pipes, and some are made of whole high-quality wood. Pickett’s umbrella will have a rubber ring on the handle to prevent rain from flowing down the stem.


3. Francesco Maglia
Francesco Maglia, a handmade luxury umbrella brand from Milan, Italy, was founded in 1854. It is a family-owned umbrella workshop and one of the most successful among the few large and small workshops in Italy.

His ancestors worked as an apprentice at Montichiari Umbrella Factory in 1849, and started making umbrellas independently at the age of 18. The company moved to Milan in 1976 and then to Via Ripamonti in 2003.

Francesco Maglia has just turned seventy years old. He is tall, well-dressed, and has a long white beard. His manners and spontaneous elegance are quite rare in today’s world, as if he is a Gentleman came from another world. He founded this brand with his own name, and with his own taste and persistence, he made his own piece of sky.

Septrainbow® Pink Telescoping Shaft Luxury Umbrella With Jeweled Handle

4. Septrainbow
Innovative luxury custom umbrella brand Septrainbow® was founded in 2003, which is a constantly evolving innovative individuation brand dedicated to bringing consumers the best in personalized products. At Septrainbow, personality is more than skin deep or apparel fashionable.

With Septrainbow® UNIQUE telescoping shaft design and technology, a LIMITED EDITION luxury umbrella launched on the market in 2019. This compact luxury parasol umbrella with telescoping shaft is an overall length of 20.5”, making it much easier to storage in the suitcase or bag. High end satin fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection, pink flower canopy with lucite jeweled handle and keep fashion and elegant.

How to choose a sun protection umbrella?

There is a selection criterion for sun protection umbrella called UPF, short for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which is usually marked on the umbrella. The higher the UPF value, the better the sun protection ability of the parasol.

Sun umbrellas with UPF40 and above are considered qualified, and a good umbrella should reach 50+.

Generally speaking, a canopy with the thicker umbrella surface and tighter fabric has better UV resistance.Thick material and double-layer sun umbrellas have good heat insulation effect, and they are more worth buying. In addition, satin weave fabrics are the best for UV protection, followed by twill weave and plain weave. The darker the better. The color of the sun umbrella is closely related to its efficacy. If the inside of the umbrella is shiny, light-colored, it is easy to collect the ultraviolet light reflected from the ground, so that people will be tanned even if they wear the umbrella. Therefore, when people who are afraid of tanning choose sun umbrellas, they should pay attention to choosing dark products such as black or cyan.

Sun umbrellas on the market are divided into two types: ultra-light frame and alloy frame. It is generally recommended to choose the ultra-light frame, because the ultra-light frame uses aluminum alloy or acrylic material, which is light in weight and long in life. The general life span can reach about 6 years. But the disadvantage is that the skeleton is thick. The alloy frame is slender, which is usually used for pencil umbrellas. But they are heavier than thick umbrellas, and they cannot be used in rainy days because iron is easy to rust. The size and curvature of the umbrella surface are also important criteria for selection. The larger the umbrella surface, the lower the arc, the largest shading area and the best protection effect. It is like an upside-down bowl, hiding the body in a cool place. If you choose a sun protection umbrella in a physical store, you can test it in the sun yourself. Standing under the umbrella, the larger the shade, the cooler you feel, which means that the effect of the umbrella is better.


Sun Protection Umbrella Keep UV Away From You

Every summer is always the peak period of some sunscreen products sales, but the price of some sunscreen products and skin care products are so high, then you may try to use sun umbrella to isolate ultraviolet rays, this is the new trents of umbrella industry in recent years. The new star of umbrella industry “Septrainbow” has become a hot commodity. In the e-commerce festival last month, the personalized umbrella became a hit and became a “popular lucida” in the umbrella industry.

In 2018, the first style sun protection compact umbrella series was launched, which featured “double-layer umbrella canopy + L.R.C coating” as a product feature, and it became popular on the market very soon. According to the official website, the LRC coating is a technological coating with a UV blocking rate of 99%. The heat insulation and shading are much higher than ordinary vinyl coatings. Due to the outer layer is presented with a black canopy and personalized patterns printed inside, also called “DIY umbrella”.

At the beginning of its founding, Septrainbow was positioned as a mid-to-high-end professional sun protection umbrella, taking the fashionable and high-value route. Most importantly, it supports the truely personalized customization, print the patterns, photos or designs as the customer’s requested; Even if there are only 1 piece. So it has great brand recognition.

New Concept of Umbrella

With the continuous application of new materials, the improvement of product design and development process technology level, and the innovation of product design, new concepts have been given to umbrellas, and new uses and new fields of umbrellas have been continuously developed. Umbrella products have gradually diversified their functions as leisure consumer products, and their styles, colors, and materials have been continuously improved, and the products have become fashionable; And the extension to Gift umbrellas, Personalized umbrellas, Diy umbrella, UV blocking umbrella, Reverse umbrella, Outdoor leisure umbrellas, Mountaineering umbrellas, Wild fishing umbrellas, Pet umbrellas and other fields has driven the upgrade of the consumer structure of sunny umbrella products to meet people’s increasingly rich aesthetic needs and life Demand has created a demand for higher grades, diversified, personalized and higher consumer prices.

1. Personalization
Umbrellas are now more than just a daily necessity, but sometimes as a personalized item. Take a look at the umbrellas used by American, European and Japanese. On average, a Japanese person has several umbrellas. Many people match umbrellas according to the weather and clothing. At this time, the umbrella becomes a market item like a lady’s bag, hat and shoes. It’s hard to imagine a fashion beauty will holding an non-personalized umbrella.

2. Functionalization
Umbrellas have always been used as wind and rain protection and sun protection products. In the use of some materials for waterproofing and shading, after a long time of research, it is now almost saturated. It may take a long time to break through. No new materials will be born in a short time due to the widespread use of new materials subject to cost and technical bottlenecks; In the design of the umbrella structure, almost all shapes are available now, for exsample windproof design, triangles, Heart-shaped, Square-shaped, double-layer umbrellas, and even three-layer umbrella…, therefore, in terms of function, Workmanship and materials are the most important.

3. Gifting
Gift umbrella is a great option when many businesses choose gifts, Most gift umbrellas are beautifully designed and beautifully packed, which is indeed a gift for family, business partner, relatives and friends.

4. Promotion
Umbrellas are an ideal choice for promotional items because of their low price, strong practicality, large printing area and strong mobility. In US, it is called an promotional umbrella. Generally, this kind of everyday things are used by many people. Once they are used, advertising starts. As many companies pay more attention to marketing work , Demand in this area has been great and will continue to flourish.

How to Install Car Sun Shade?

Septrainbow Latest Car Windshield Sun Shade, Blocks UV Rays Sun Shades Protector, To Keep Your Vehicle Cool And Damage Free, Easy To Use; Top Quality And Durable, Fits Windshields of Various Sizes.

1.lightweight, difficult to deform and rust.

2.Double rods match to meet all car models, the two based on the left and the two based on the right staggered position to install.

3.Not block view, not occupy space, Storage does not block the driver’s view, not occupy space, not depression, safe and reliable during driving.

4.Design Cannily, Suit to most of the car types, can adjust the based into the perfect position.

Install Steps:
1).Tear off the double-sided adhesive paper.
2).Put the double-sided adhesive side on the base.
3).Put the base install in the right place of the front car.
4).Settled the 4based well the 2left near the front slightly, the 2 right near the back for malposition.
5).The pull rod of windshield sunshade insert to the 4 based.
6).The pothook pull the sun shield up.
7).Confirm the pothook position and settled.
8).Install completed.
9).If you don’t use the windshield sunshade can pull the pole out,keep the based and sheathe 4pcs of small decorative items on the bases.