About Three Fold Umbrella

Compact umbrella is a kind of rain gear. As its name implies, it is an umbrella that can be folded in three times, can be opened, and is easy to carry. It is a portable tool. The three-fold umbrella has a compact structure, firmness and durability, and can be used in rain or shine. Normal umbrellas are inconvenient to bring into certain occasions due to the longer frame and larger overall size. Therefore, people use the umbrella frame to bend three times, and the umbrella handle becomes retractable so that it can be conveniently placed in the bag. Since most portable umbrellas are folded three times, they are called three-fold umbrellas.

The tri-folding umbrella is a more modest design, unassuming and low-key. In terms of texture and use, they are relatively moderate designs. The main advantages are: good quality, long service life, better sun protection and wind resistance, moderate weight and moderate length. The overall design is moderate, and it is a relatively popular and practical design concept.

How to customised umbrella online?

Septrainbow®, which specializing in the design, development and production of personalized umbrellas & fashion products, allows to customised umbrella online with photos, Even if there is only one piece, we can tailor it for the customers. Print your own pictures, photos, designs or logo on umbrella, This is the truly personalised umbrella that belongs to you, it’s feels fabulous !

How should to customised umbrella online?
1) Visit Our Online Custom Umbrella Store, and Choose Your Favourite Umbrellas.
2) Click “Choose Files”, Upload Your Picture, Design or Logo Online;
3) Choose Order Quantity;
4) Add Products to Your Shopping Cart and Submit The Order.

It’s so easy !

Septrainbow Corp. is a innovative manufacturer, retailer and e-commerce intelligent supply chain, Our company is located in the China well-known port city-XIAMEN. We manufacture top quality fashion products for many Corporate Customers and Final Consumers in worldwide, include many well known Brands Retailers, Wholesalers, Importers, Gift Sellers and Industry Leader; The products we designed and produced are sold in worldwide and well appreciated by their purchasers.

What are the advantages of custom umbrellas as gifts?

What are the advantages of corporate customized umbrellas as gifts? In the face of increasingly fierce competition among modern social enterprises, the most effective way to expand the visibility of enterprises and give products a competitive advantage is advertising! As the most commonly used form of advertising carrier in modern times, umbrellas not only have great fluidity, bright colors and good visual effects, but also the pattern design can be unlimited, the structure can also be chosen arbitrarily, and it is beautiful and durable, with high quality and low price. Many other advantages have become an important form of corporate advertising. Custom Umbrellas have incomparable advantages over other forms of advertising:

1. Wide coverage
2. Improve corporate image
3. Good quality and low minimum
4. Personalized features

Printing Process of Personalised Umbrella

Rain umbrellas are personal items for all seasons, and the patterns on them can well show the individual design. Is your personalised umbrella stylish enough, beautiful enough, and special enough? So how are these beautiful patterns printed?

Next, Septrainbow Corp will introduce several printing processes for umbrellas. The most commonly used umbrella printing methods are screen printing, offset printing, digital printing, and thermal transfer printing. Different umbrellas require different printing methods.

Silk screen umbrella: The price is relatively cheap, but there are some restrictions on the color. It can achieve a variety of colors, with a gradient color effect, but the effect is poor at close up, and the three-dimensional effect will be better when viewed from a distance.

Digital printing: The advantage is that there is no restriction on color, high color reproduction, and small batch printing. But the disadvantage is the high cost, and small batches can choose this printing method.

Thermal transfer printing is currently the most advanced printing technology, and thermal transfer printing is also called digital thermal transfer printing. As the name suggests, digital printing is a personalized pattern printing done by the close cooperation of a computer and a printer.

Thermal transfer is suitable for large production quantities and controllable costs. Generally, the color of thermal transfer is composed of four colors, namely red, blue, yellow, and black.

Therefore, our normal and simple advertising umbrellas are all printed with silk screen printing. Digital printing is used for those with more complex patterns and a small quantity. Thermal transfer printing is used for those with complex patterns and large quantities.

Are you in love with such a personalized printed umbrella?

Umbrellas are used to shelter from rain and sun in our daily lives. Some people can buy an umbrella for a long time. Many people do not have high requirements for the patterns and patterns of umbrellas, as long as they are comfortable to see. In fact, many people like to pursue a personalized style nowadays. Personalization penetrates into all aspects of life. Even if it is just sheltering from the rain and sunshade, it must also be stylish. Therefore, it is necessary to have several personalized umbrellas.

Now when you go out everywhere, you can see a lot of people on the umbrellas, which are printed with various patterns, cartoons, individual pictures, individual photos, etc. These patterns can not only improve the appearance of the umbrella, but also make personalized patterns. It is different and reflects the user’s independent style.

Now many printing factories have begun to use digital printing technology, and it is also a good choice to apply digital printing to umbrella production. Through the sublimation digital printing scheme, the pattern is directly transferred to the umbrella cloth. The scheme is simple in operation, high in production efficiency, and no waste water is generated.

Custom umbrellas are now more popular on the Internet. If you want to break the tradition, keep up with the trend, you want to learn more about the products of personalized umbrellas: https://www.septrainbowshop.com

How to customize personalized pictures on umbrellas?

In recent years, affected by the level of consumption and consumption habits, ordinary umbrellas have entered the fast-moving consumer goods industry in developed countries such as Europe and the United States: Personalized umbrellas, mid-to-high-end women’s umbrellas and functional umbrellas have become part of the fashion under the influence of international fashion trends; and Outdoor umbrellas that are widely used in outdoor catering, seaside, scenic spots, etc. are often used for one year, and will be continuously updated in the second year due to store renovation and aging of the umbrella surface.

So how do these umbrellas print patterns on the fabric?

At present, the most advanced printing technology is digital thermal transfer printing. Digital printing must have the intervention of a digital printing machine. It is because of the close cooperation between a computer and a printer to complete the personalized pattern printing, so it has the origin of the name.

Many customers think that the cost of heat transfer umbrellas is high, but next, I will calculate an account for you. I think you may change your previous ideas. If an umbrella factory receives an order for 100 umbrellas, the pattern is so complicated that it must be printed with digital heat transfer. At this time, there are only two options: open-plate printing and digital printing.

For printing, if the colors are too mixed, then four-color printing is required. One color costs one printing fee. Four colors are the cost of four colors (this also depends on the size of the plate), and the printing fee is not counted. Let’s take a look at the digital printing, 100 pieces, if it’s a 21-inch umbrella, according to its printing area, it is about one square, both in terms of cost and craftsmanship are relatively simple and quick.

So many friends say that digital printing machines are expensive to print. I can only say that it is expensive compared to printing thousands of yards of fabric. But if you really have thousands of yards of fabric, we will recommend you to choose other more economical printing. Way out. So the most suitable is the best.

The Most Personalized Umbrellas

The rainy season is coming, so umbrellas come in handy. In fact, umbrellas can also be very poetic. If you look at the umbrellas as a painting, you will have a panoramic view. People of different constellations like different umbrellas, such as Personalized Umbrellas With Photo, Umbrellas With Art, Umbrellas With Dogs and so on.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius women love freedom and pursue novel and interesting experiences. She likes to have new things to look forward to. She also likes others, life itself and the challenges she gives herself. Unfettered, they should like this manual folding umbrella of ocean and seagulls. It can definitely let them release their inner world.

Aries: Aries women love freedom and are very arguing. A liberated woman with fighting spirit, outspoken, daring to attack, not afraid of setbacks. This automatic open 3 folding umbrella is simple but not exquisite, it is still very suitable for Aries.

Virgo: Virgo women will benefit a lot if they can have fun in love. It is better to understand the reasons for failure of interpersonal relationships than to focus on the psychological harm of entanglement. The most critical of them was their encounter with this ancient manual folding umbrella, and they turned around 100% on the street.

Aquarius: She tends to go to extremes, she may have the purest heart, the most ideal love, or she may become completely indifferent. Be sure not to disappoint her, otherwise you will lose her irretrievably. If they donnot play cards according to common sense, their dreams of facing the whole starry sky should be fascinated. The sky printing automatic folding umbrella is very amazing.

Libra: Libra women hate ugly things the most, and her sloppy appearance is the object her sensitive tentacles reject most. A hat-shaped umbrella is also very suitable for them. Cute!

Scorpio: Her romantic ideal for love is to find a soul to belong to. Because her heart has suffered from herself, it is especially true for a man who understands her secret lonely world. So a high-cold umbrella is the most suitable for Scorpio. Is this one very suitable for Scorpio?

9 DIY ideas to make your umbrella unique

Recently, my city is in the rainy season and it has been rainy. I must bring an umbrella when I go out. However, although it rains every day, I don’t want this rainy weather to affect my happy mood. Since we want to go out on a rainy day, let us find a way to make personalized umbrellas, an essential tool, the highlight of our travel. Add poetry and color to the rainy weather, and light up the eyes of yourself and the pedestrians on the road. Today I will teach you how to make your umbrella truly unique. Let’s take a look.

1. An umbrella with a personalized signature, it is very versatile wherever you go, customized version, this is the only one!

The tools you need include: a dark umbrella, a projector, a paintbrush, and waterproof paint.

The production method is very simple. Write the signature you want on the projection board, and after projecting it on the umbrella surface, copy it with waterproof paint.

2. Homemade striped umbrella, black and white matching is always a classic (I personally think matching skirt is very important).

Tools needed: a black umbrella, a paintbrush, waterproof paint, ruler.

Production method: Mark the same distance on the umbrella surface, and then use the brush to draw the stripes.

3. Personalized splash ink umbrella, very artistic temperament.
Tools needed: a light-colored umbrella, waterproof paint, paintbrush.

Production method: Use a paintbrush with different colors of waterproof paint to play at will, and see how your artistic talent is.

4. Color big spot umbrella
Tools needed: a dark umbrella, waterproof paint, round stamp.

Production method: This production method is super simple, just look at the picture.

5. Raindrop umbrella-since it is rainy, let us blend into the rain and become a part of it.
Tools needed: a light-colored umbrella, waterproof paint, paintbrush.
Production method: as shown below.

6. Print your favorite geometric shape, an ordinary umbrella will be different immediately.

Tools needed: a light-colored umbrella, waterproof paint, white paper, paint brush.

Production method: Cut out the shape you like on the white paper, then stick the white paper on the umbrella surface, use a paint brush to paint the color, then remove the white paper, and you’re done.

7. Cartoon umbrella, draw your favorite cartoon image.

Tools needed: a transparent umbrella, waterproof paint, cartoon image manuscript, paintbrush.

Production method: Put the manuscript under a transparent umbrella and copy it with a brush. Isn’t it easy?

8. Rose umbrella, with a retro feel.
Tools needed: a dark umbrella, waterproof paint, paper-cut flowers, brush.

Production method: paste paper-cut flowers on the umbrella surface and paint.

9. Put on beautiful stickers or letters.
Tools needed: umbrella, Velcro, universal glue.

Production method: use glue to fix the Velcro on the umbrella canopy.

In fact, there are far more ideas about umbrellas. What I teach you today is mainly to make an article on the umbrella surface. You can also make personalized DIY on the umbrella handle and the umbrella bone. The creativity is endless. As long as you use your heart, you will There are gains.

How many types of T-shirt fabrics?

1. Ordinary cotton fabric
Casual T-shirts are mostly made of ordinary pure cotton fabrics. T-shirts made of this fabric are comfortable to wear, but slightly less wrinkle resistance. It is easy to wrinkle and deform after entering the water.

2. The mercerized cotton fabric is made of ordinary cotton fabric. The T-shirt of this fabric is comfortable to wear

The mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton as raw material, which is made into high-woven yarn by worsted spinning, and then subjected to special processing procedures such as singeing and mercerizing to make high-quality mercerized yarn that is bright, soft and wrinkle-resistant. The high-quality knitted fabric made of this raw material not only completely retains the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a silky luster. The fabric feels soft, absorbs moisture and breathes, and has good elasticity and drape. In addition, it is rich in colors and comfortable to wear. And casual, fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer.

3. Cotton double mercerized fabric

Pure cotton double mercerized fabric is a “double burnt double silk” pure cotton product. It uses singeed and mercerized silk yarn as raw material, and uses CAD computer-aided design system and CAM computer-aided production system to quickly weave designs After singeing and mercerizing the grey fabric again, the high-end knitted fabric is produced after a series of processing. The surface texture is clear, the pattern is novel, the luster is bright, and the hand feels smooth, which is better than mercerized cotton First, but because of two mercerizing finishing, the price is slightly more expensive.

4. Ultra-high count yarn pure cotton fabric, which is rarely companyies used them, because its price is very expensive. The price of 120-thread cotton T-shirt fabric is as high as 210 yuan per kilogram, while the price of 200-thread cotton T-shirt fabric It is even higher, reaching more than 3,000 a kilogram, and the 250-thread cotton T-shirt fabric requires 1,800 pounds.

5. Commonly used fabrics used in the production of T-shirts and Polo Shirts include:  pure cotton jersey, polyester-cotton single and double-sided, pure cotton, polyester-cotton hexagonal, four-corner mesh, herringbone pattern, composite ribbing, and striped mesh.

6. The features of polyester-cotton fabrics:  soft and thick to the touch, not easy to deform when washing, but the wearing comfort is slightly worse than pure cotton. The common polyester-cotton is 80% cotton and 20% polyester or 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

7. The features of 100% cotton fabric:  good hand feel, comfortable to wear and environmentally friendly. The weight is generally between 160 grams and 300 grams. Too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be stuffy, generally choose between 180-260 grams, the number of counts Generally 21 and 32, it refers to the average number of cotton fiber length, the higher will be softer. And the veil is divided into normal yarn, semi-finished yarn and fine yarn. The surface of the normal yarn fabric will be rougher, especially darker. The fabric will have white yarn points. The surface of the fine yarn fabric is relatively neat and soft to the touch.

How to pick out an good umbrella?

Just remember these 3 points, guaranteed you can bought a high-quality customizable umbrella.

In daily life, most families are have many umbrellas. Do you know what kind of umbrella is better? Whether it is rainy or sunny, some people are always go out with umbrellas. So, do you know how to pick out a high-quality umbrella? Today, We will share with you a small trick to choose an umbrella, which has solved troubles for many families. Let’s take a look how to choose a high-quality umbrella!

Step 1: Check the canopy of umbrella
When buying an umbrella, first open the umbrella cover and place it in a bright place for checking. Check the canopy if it have small holes, unstitched, color difference, etc. If these things happen, please give up to buy it, otherwise you will suffer a loss.

Step 2: Check the rainproof performance
When buying an umbrella, first open the umbrella cover to check the rainproof performance of the umbrella fabric? We can blow into the umbrella canopy by the mouth, and put the hands under the canopy to feel whether it is breathable. If you feel gas obviously, it means that the rainproof performance of this umbrella is not good and it is not recommended to buy it.

Step 3: Open and close the umbrella
When buying an umbrella, remember to open and close the umbrella several times to check the quality of the ribs and frame. First press the switch button of the umbrella to open the canopy, then shake it a few times to see the compressive performance of frame. Secondly, close the umbrella and shake it a few times to see if the button is stable. Repeat these steps at least three times, so we can distinguish the real quality of the umbrella.

Customize DIY Umbrella As Gift/Promotional Item From Factory

Does your company have plans to customize umbrellas as gift for your clients or business partners ? Print your own photos or designs, Keep your gifts are different from the rest ! It’s the great option as gifts or high-end promotional items, and No MOQ Requirement.

Welcome to inquiry: shop@septrainbow.com

Our products and service are as below:
Reverse Umbrella Series:
1. Print your photo/design on the inside of umbrella canopy
2. Print your photo/design on the outside of umbrella canopy
3. Print your photo/design on the both side of umbrella canopy

Compact Umbrella Series:
1. Print your photo/design on the inside of umbrella canopy
2. Print your photo/design on the outside of umbrella canopy

MOQ: No Minimum Order Quantity Requirement.

Print method: Any of your photos or designs can be printed by our digital printing.

Print design: As your requested. If you have 100 different photos or designs, We can help you to print them on the 100 unit different umbrellas seperately.

Shipping: Free shipping to your office by express.

Shipping time: 3-7 days

Lead time: 5 – 7 days