How to choose the fabric of customized umbrellas?

Septrainbow has more than 20 years production experience in umbrellas, and we provides to customers to customized umbrella online But they often don’t know how to choose umbrella fabrics. Here we will share some of the umbrella cloth knowledge I know with you.

Umbrella fabrics are divided into four categories according to their materials:
1. Polyester cloth (polyester yarn)
2. Touch weaving cloth (Pongee)
3. Nylon cloth
The above three types of fabrics can be customized into plain fabrics and printed fabrics

4. Oxford cloth, mainly used to make sun umbrellas.

According to the thickness of the fabric:

Polyester fabric with thickness of 160T and 170T, mainly for low-end umbrellas

The touch woven fabric and nylon fabric with thickness above 190T and 210T are mainly used for medium and high-end umbrellas

Polyester cloth, touch woven cloth (pongee), nylon cloth, coated with silver glue, pearl glue, colored glue (color glue), black glue, etc., all have the function of UV protection. The English name of anti-ultraviolet fabric is: “Anti-UV Fabric” or “UV-CUT Fabric”.

The anti-ultraviolet degree of these types of glue is different, and the price of the fabric is also different. Ordinary silver glue and pearl glue: sun protection value UPF>30%, color glue (color glue) UPF=100%, vinyl UPF>50%, crystal The UPF of glue and titanium color glue (imported fabric)>99%.

The fabric coated with a layer of glue is cheaper, and the fabrics used for high-end umbrellas usually have to be coated with three layers of glue. Look at the fabric against the light. The opaque ones are usually of better quality and good sun protection.

Umbrella fabric with anti-ultraviolet fabric, if professionally customized according to customer requirements, it can reach UPF50+, with a UV shielding as high as 99%, forming an excellent UV protection for the human body. International standard for UV protection fabrics: AS/NZS4399:1996, UPF range protection grade 15-24 good, 25-39 very good, 40-50, 50+ excellent; our country’s UV protection standard number is GB/T 18830. Umbrellas made of high-quality UV-resistant fabrics are expensive.

Septrainbow Corp specializes in producing all kinds of anti-purple thread sunscreen umbrellas, and customers often choose Teflon touch weaving cloth. This kind of fabric is indistinguishable from ordinary woven fabrics. It can only be sent to a testing agency to test the effect of UV protection and the degree of UV resistance. Of course, if the supplier can provide the fabric with the DuPont certificate and DuPont tag, the fabric will definitely not be mentioned, and the UV sun protection is 100% guaranteed.

Customized umbrellas are your best choice for personalized customization of various mid-to-high-end personalized umbrellas!

What are the craftsmanship of printed umbrellas?

Colorful printed photo umbrella will give people a romantic feeling, whether it is sheltering the rain or dressing up, it is a good choice. The personality pattern on the umbrella can better show the personality. People can guess their personality through the umbrella they hold in their hands. However, there are not many people in the umbrella printing process. This article the author brings you today is about the umbrella printing process.

Umbrella printing methods commonly used include screen printing, offset printing, digital thermal transfer, etc. Of course, various printing methods are different.

First, let’s look at the steps of umbrella printing:

1. Obtain the original design of the umbrella surface;
2. compose the picture and draw the splice line;
3. Set the cutting position and cut out the first draft of each splice;
4. Draw the splicing board based on the splicing original board;
5. Deform the bottom and height of the first draft of the splice plate according to the splice plate;
6. ​​Deform the seam edge of the first draft of the splice according to the splice plate to obtain the splice draft;
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to deform all the first drafts of the splicing into a spliced ​​draft;
8. Typesetting and printing;
9. Sewing products.

The current advanced printing technology is digital inkjet printing, which is the intervention of digital equipment, and the digital printing process with digital equipment intervention is very simple. Only the computer and UV digital inkjet printer can work closely together to complete the desired personalized pattern printing, foolish The operation mode saves time and effort, and the finished umbrella printing can be made quickly and easily without a lot of manual labor.

How To Custom Umbrellas With Pictures?

In recent years, affected by the level of consumption and consumption habits, ordinary umbrellas have entered the fast-moving consumer goods industry in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Umbrellas with pictures and Umbrellas with designs have become part of the fashion under the influence of international fashion trends. Outdoor umbrellas that are widely used in outdoor dining, beaches, scenic spots, etc., are often used for one year, and will be continuously updated in the second year due to store renovation and aging of the umbrella surface.

So how do these umbrellas quickly print patterns on the fabric?

The most advanced printing technology at present is digital thermal transfer printing. Many customers think that the cost of heat transfer umbrellas is high, but next, I will calculate an account for you. I think you may change your previous ideas. If an umbrella factory receives an order for 100 umbrellas, the pattern is so complicated that it must be printed with digital heat transfer. At this time, there are only two options: open-plate printing and digital printing. For open-plate printing, if the colors are too mixed, then four-color printing is required. One color costs one printing fee, and four colors are the cost of four colors, moreover the printing fee is calculated separately. Let’s take a look at the digital printing. If it is a 21-inch umbrella, according to its printing area, it is about one square. Both the cost and the process are relatively simple and quick.

Some people think that digital printing is expensive. Of course, digital printing is expensive for fabrics that print several meters. But for small quantity customization, digital printing is the most suitable.

Scarves Type and Color Matching

Scarves, usually the styles have long strips, triangles, squares, etc. The fabrics are generally made of wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester and other materials. They are usually used to keep warm, and can also be worn for beauty, cleanliness or fashion. In 2020, a new type of scarf appeared on the market- Mask Scarf Combination, which can be used as a scarf or as a mask.

Mask Scarf Combination

Scarves bring many memories in autumn, woolen yarns woven warm brand nostalgia, and of course, there are beautiful silks flying in the streets of a certain autumn. The hallmark of the scarf family is the extraordinary elegance, whether silk scarves or long scarves can be taken care of extremely delicately. Twisted, so tender; close to the neck, so charming. In autumn, we can embrace scarves to our heart’s content. In the not cold autumn, facing the autumn wind, the scarf is just a symbolic resistance and pretending to wrap around. Some people say that people who like scarves are a bit narcissistic. It is precisely because the faces of wearing scarves appear clearer, can better adjust the perfect complexion, or set off makeup, so only those who love themselves can wear the beauty of scarves . Even in the chilly autumn, you must wear sleeveless and collarless shirts, and wear a scarf with a clear outfit. This is a popular outfit among people in fashion this fall. As long as you wear a colorful, soft and warm scarf, you can not only drive away the coolness, but also write expressions on different styles of the scarf. Either being cool, or gentle, the magic of a scarf is so magical.

Scarf tying method
Hang a scarf folded to an appropriate width from the front to the neck, and then cross the ends of the scarf at the back of the neck and then wrap it around the chest. In this way, ordinary scarves can be shaped, and the overall matching effect will give people a refreshing feeling. This kind of scarf will make the neck slightly fluffy, so when matching a coat, you should stand up the collar and tie the scarf outside so that it does not look bloated.

Scarves can make the cold winter no longer cold. A long scarf around the neck can not only show the static elegance, but also reflect the dynamic gentleness of flowing water. The long scarf around the long scarf allows women to express all kinds of amorous feelings.

Scarf Color Matching
Purple is a very mysterious color and one of the colors that many big-name designers love very much. Appropriate use and matching can help you improve your taste in dressing.

1. Violet and purple are the best to avoid having the same kind of purple all over the body. You can use the method of matching shades, such as purple with purple and pink purple with light purple. such as:
1) Purple striped scarf + purple trousers + purple handbag
2) Pink and purple sweater + light purple vest.
3) Pure purple boat neck sweater + purple red trim strip knee-length skirt + high boots.

2. The matching scheme-purple + brown purple
When matching with brown, it is best to adopt a layered matching method: only expose a small area of ​​the purple clothing, or only appear as an accessory. It must be matched with fashionable accessories in colors or styles, otherwise it will appear rustic. such as:

1) Purple sleeveless shirt + fur collar scarf + brown trousers
2) Brown plaid sweater + brown shirt + purple handbag
3) Purple sweater + brown jacket + brown plaid skirt + golden handbag

3, Matching plan-purple + black purple
When matching with black, a 1:1 matching principle should be adopted, that is, the purple area and the black area each account for about half. Darker purples and blacks are easier to shine. such as:

1) Light purple sleeveless shirt + black knee-length skirt + black boots
2) Purple dress + black small scarf + black mesh socks + black high heels
3) Purple three-quarter sleeve sweater + black side slit knee-length skirt + black mesh socks + black high heels. Typical 1:1 matching method.

4, The matching scheme-purple + light brown
When matching purple and light brown, it is contrary to brown matching. Purple should be used in a whole area, such as tops, skirts, pants, etc. It is best not to match with two-piece suits of different colors, which will look quiet and beautiful. such as:

1) Dark purple leather jacket + light brown skirt + black leather boots
2) Purple trousers + light brown knitted suit + brown leather shoes (right) purple sweetheart neck sweater + light brown plaid skirt + light brown leather shoes
3) Light brown sweater + purple skirt + black stockings + black high heels

Attached various reference popular purple:
1) There are many kinds of purple. You might as well observe your skin color to see which shade of purple suits you. Generally speaking, blue-toned purple is more suitable for people with yellowish skin, because blue and yellow have complementary effects. . In addition, blue and purple clothes are relatively easy to match with other items. For example, putting them together with gray tones, blue tones, and the same purple will brighten your eyes.

2) The reddish purple looks feminine, but it is more limited when paired with other color items. Fuchsia clothing is suitable for matching with the same fuchsia, or neutral black or white.
3) In addition, there is also a kind of purple with gray tone. If you match with gray directly, it can achieve an elegant effect. The darker lotus root purple is more coordinated with blue and black. As for the light lotus color, if it is juxtaposed with various pastel tones. Can wear soft effect.

Where To Custom Umbrellas No Minimum?

There are many innovative umbrellas, such as: Personalized Umbrellas, customizable umbrella, etc. The iridescent umbrella is also one of transparent umbrellas. This is an innovative transparent umbrella. The umbrella surface is made of special materials. Its biggest feature is that the color of the umbrella surface changes with the change of light. Under the shine it will show rainbow-like color changes.

The material component of the ordinary transparent umbrella is PE. The iridescent transparent umbrella is made by mixing three materials through a special process, the main materials are PE and TPT. When processing the material, a special powder with fluorescent effect is added to achieve the effect of color change.

SEPTRAINBOW developed the first clear iridescent umbrella in 2018, but the overall effect is not ideal, the material of the umbrella surface is too hard, and the effect of color change is not perfect. With the continuous in-depth research and experimentation of our R&D department, in January 2019, we finally succeeded in developing the first truly perfect iridescent umbrella. The material of the umbrella surface is soft and flexible, and it is not easy to be scratched. In addition, the effect of color change is also very good, under different light and different angles, it will perfectly show different color change effects.

It is worth mentioning that this special transparent material can also be customized and printed like ordinary umbrella fabrics, including silk screen printing and thermal transfer, giving the iridescent umbrella more personalized characteristics and popular elements.

We believe that innovative products can bring hot sales and higher added value.

What Is The Working Principle Of An Auto Folding Umbrella?

There is a compression spring sheath outside the open umbrella compression spring, and the compression spring sheath is sheathed in the frame connecting sleeve. There are radial clamps on the frame connecting sleeve. The two ends of the clamp are wedge-shaped and can slide left and right. There are spring pins on the outside of the frame connecting sleeve. There are sliding multi-thread spiral inner and outer sleeves above the umbrella handle, and there are matching multi-threads between them. When the umbrella is closed, the sliding outer and inner sleeves can be extended to compress the open umbrella compression spring. When in place, the clamp on the frame connector can position the open umbrella compression spring. When the umbrella is opened, press the radial clamp, the open umbrella compression spring will open the automatic umbrella.

Structural characteristics of fully automatic folding umbrellas

The automatic umbrella is composed of umbrella surface, umbrella pole, umbrella handle, support rod, umbrella surface support rod, support rod connecting seat and other components. The umbrella top consisting of umbrella cloth, umbrella ribs, umbrella hoop, spring, top hat, string, etc., the umbrella shaft with a metal stick passing through the heart, and the umbrella handle with a switch are the three main components. The metal rod passing through the pole is connected to one end of the umbrella rib by a string, and the switch on the umbrella handle is connected below. The closing and opening of the switch drives the metal rod to move up and down. The string acts on one end of the umbrella rib to drive the other section of the umbrella rib covered with umbrella cloth to tilt or fall. The umbrella opens or closes. The spring in the umbrella top is to overcome the umbrella. The cloth tension is too large and increased, which plays a supporting role. The linkage mechanism of the fully automatic umbrella is composed of a mobile switch, steel wire rope, upper and lower bearings, gears and transmission chain, and is installed in the umbrella pole. Install a bearing on the top and the bottom of the umbrella pole, use a steel wire rope ring to wrap the two bearings, open a “Z”-shaped movable switch seat hole at the appropriate position under the umbrella pole, and connect the steel wire rope to the corresponding position to move up and down The switch; one side of the wire rope above the umbrella pole is connected to a transmission chain with the wire rope, and a gear is installed on each side of the umbrella pole at the corresponding position, and the gear is meshed with the transmission chain to rotate, and the gears are fixed with several bevel surfaces. Support rod.

How to use an DIY automatic folding umbrella with photo:

1. Hold the handle of the umbrella with your hand and fully shake the umbrella surface. This step prevents the umbrella surface and the umbrella ribs from getting tangled together and hurting the umbrella ribs or umbrella surface when opening;

2. Towards the place where there is no one or nothing, press the up arrow button to open. When retracting, press the down button, hold the umbrella head and tail with both hands, and press it back in.

3. Note that when you retract, you may need a little bit of effort. If you feel that you are not strong enough, you can retreat with more effort. Otherwise, you will bounce back when you let go in the middle, and you may hit yourself.

How to Pick Out a Sun Protection Umbrella?

Buying a genuine good sun protection umbrella has become a concern of many consumers. Mr.He, secretary-general of the Umbrella Professional Committee, said that the umbrella canopy is the key to measuring the effect of UV protection.

1. Cotton, silk and nylon fabrics are not as good as polyester.
2. Some umbrella fabrics are thin and sparse, it is best to choose a tight fabric.
3. Satin fabric is the best, then twill and plain weave.
4. The umbrella surface should be large rather than small.
5. The fabric of darker color will be the better. Experts suggest that when pick out an umbrella, you may wish to open the umbrella to see the shadow on the ground. The shadow of umbrella is darker, then this umbrella will be better.

There is also a parasol umbrella on the market, which is coated with a layer of silver glue. I often hear from merchants that most parasols nowadays can protect against ultraviolet radiation. The price is mainly due to different brands. Is this really the case? Experts revealed that a qualified anti-ultraviolet umbrella needs special coating treatment. Even if the most common fabric is used, the cost is about USD5.0. Many cheap umbrellas can only block part of the sun, let alone UV protection.

According to the international standards in “Assessment of Anti-UV Performance of Textiles”, when the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) value of the fabric is greater than 30 and the transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called “anti-ultraviolet product”. Experts remind that rainwater has a corrosive effect on the sunscreen coating. In order to maintain the sunscreen performance of the umbrella, it must be used separately from the umbrella. If the umbrella surface is dirty, you can gently scrub with a soft brush dipped in clean water, instead of scrubbing with your hands, and don’t wash it too frequently, otherwise it will affect the sun protection effect.

A qualified anti-ultraviolet umbrella needs special coating treatment. Umbrella surface is the key to measure the effect of UV protection. Although the protective effect of the silver glue surface is good, it is easy to turn black after being exposed to the sun. In fact, the silver glue coating on the inside or outside does not affect the sun protection effect. It is best to choose the silver coated inside, which is not easy to fall off.

How to choose a sun protection umbrella?

There is a selection criterion for sun protection umbrella called UPF, short for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which is usually marked on the umbrella. The higher the UPF value, the better the sun protection ability of the parasol.

Sun umbrellas with UPF40 and above are considered qualified, and a good umbrella should reach 50+.

Generally speaking, a canopy with the thicker umbrella surface and tighter fabric has better UV resistance.Thick material and double-layer sun umbrellas have good heat insulation effect, and they are more worth buying. In addition, satin weave fabrics are the best for UV protection, followed by twill weave and plain weave. The darker the better. The color of the sun umbrella is closely related to its efficacy. If the inside of the umbrella is shiny, light-colored, it is easy to collect the ultraviolet light reflected from the ground, so that people will be tanned even if they wear the umbrella. Therefore, when people who are afraid of tanning choose sun umbrellas, they should pay attention to choosing dark products such as black or cyan.

Sun umbrellas on the market are divided into two types: ultra-light frame and alloy frame. It is generally recommended to choose the ultra-light frame, because the ultra-light frame uses aluminum alloy or acrylic material, which is light in weight and long in life. The general life span can reach about 6 years. But the disadvantage is that the skeleton is thick. The alloy frame is slender, which is usually used for pencil umbrellas. But they are heavier than thick umbrellas, and they cannot be used in rainy days because iron is easy to rust. The size and curvature of the umbrella surface are also important criteria for selection. The larger the umbrella surface, the lower the arc, the largest shading area and the best protection effect. It is like an upside-down bowl, hiding the body in a cool place. If you choose a sun protection umbrella in a physical store, you can test it in the sun yourself. Standing under the umbrella, the larger the shade, the cooler you feel, which means that the effect of the umbrella is better.