How to customised umbrella online?

Septrainbow®, which specializing in the design, development and production of personalized umbrellas & fashion products, allows to customised umbrella online with photos, Even if there is only one piece, we can tailor it for the customers. Print your own pictures, photos, designs or logo on umbrella, This is the truly personalised umbrella that belongs to you, it’s feels fabulous !

How should to customised umbrella online?
1) Visit Our Online Custom Umbrella Store, and Choose Your Favourite Umbrellas.
2) Click “Choose Files”, Upload Your Picture, Design or Logo Online;
3) Choose Order Quantity;
4) Add Products to Your Shopping Cart and Submit The Order.

It’s so easy !

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What are the advantages of custom umbrellas as gifts?

What are the advantages of corporate customized umbrellas as gifts? In the face of increasingly fierce competition among modern social enterprises, the most effective way to expand the visibility of enterprises and give products a competitive advantage is advertising! As the most commonly used form of advertising carrier in modern times, umbrellas not only have great fluidity, bright colors and good visual effects, but also the pattern design can be unlimited, the structure can also be chosen arbitrarily, and it is beautiful and durable, with high quality and low price. Many other advantages have become an important form of corporate advertising. Custom Umbrellas have incomparable advantages over other forms of advertising:

1. Wide coverage
2. Improve corporate image
3. Good quality and low minimum
4. Personalized features

The Most Personalized Umbrellas

The rainy season is coming, so umbrellas come in handy. In fact, umbrellas can also be very poetic. If you look at the umbrellas as a painting, you will have a panoramic view. People of different constellations like different umbrellas, such as Personalized Umbrellas With Photo, Umbrellas With Art, Umbrellas With Dogs and so on.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius women love freedom and pursue novel and interesting experiences. She likes to have new things to look forward to. She also likes others, life itself and the challenges she gives herself. Unfettered, they should like this manual folding umbrella of ocean and seagulls. It can definitely let them release their inner world.

Aries: Aries women love freedom and are very arguing. A liberated woman with fighting spirit, outspoken, daring to attack, not afraid of setbacks. This automatic open 3 folding umbrella is simple but not exquisite, it is still very suitable for Aries.

Virgo: Virgo women will benefit a lot if they can have fun in love. It is better to understand the reasons for failure of interpersonal relationships than to focus on the psychological harm of entanglement. The most critical of them was their encounter with this ancient manual folding umbrella, and they turned around 100% on the street.

Aquarius: She tends to go to extremes, she may have the purest heart, the most ideal love, or she may become completely indifferent. Be sure not to disappoint her, otherwise you will lose her irretrievably. If they donnot play cards according to common sense, their dreams of facing the whole starry sky should be fascinated. The sky printing automatic folding umbrella is very amazing.

Libra: Libra women hate ugly things the most, and her sloppy appearance is the object her sensitive tentacles reject most. A hat-shaped umbrella is also very suitable for them. Cute!

Scorpio: Her romantic ideal for love is to find a soul to belong to. Because her heart has suffered from herself, it is especially true for a man who understands her secret lonely world. So a high-cold umbrella is the most suitable for Scorpio. Is this one very suitable for Scorpio?

The Difference Between Sun Parasol And Rain Umbrella

You will find that umbrellas have the difference between rain umbrellas and sun umbrellas. As the name suggests, rain umbrellas are used to block the rain, while sun umbrellas are used to block the sunshine or ultraviolet rays. However, most people are not very familiar with the specific differences between them and whether they can be replaced each other. You should choose a suitable product based on the two differences and your actual needs. Then, what are the differences between sun umbrellas and rain umbrellas?

Compared with rain umbrellas, the umbrella frame of the sun umbrella is lighter, and some umbrella ribs are made of non-metallic materials. In addition, their biggest difference is that the surface and material of the sun umbrella are special, and the sun protection function is particularly good. In addition, it blocks ultraviolet rays. The ability is also very strong. After all, sun umbrellas are mainly used to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat insulation, while rain umbrellas are mainly waterproof.

Therefore, if you buy a sun umbrella, you must pay attention to its anti-ultraviolet label: According to the national standard “Assessment of Anti-ultraviolet Performance of Textiles”, UPF (ultraviolet protection factor value) is greater than 30, and UVA (long wave ultraviolet) is transparent. When the overrate is less than 5%, it can be called a UV protection product, and the protection level standard is “UPF30+”; when the UPF is greater than 50, it indicates that the product has excellent UV protection performance, and the protection level is marked as “UPF50+”. Consumers should carefully check the protection level identification when purchasing.

In daily life, if the sun umbrella is used as an rain umbrella to protect from the rain, it will definitely destroy and affect the original UV protection function of the sun umbrella, because the sun umbrella is added with sun protection, generally silver inside, and this color is washed by rain It will disappear slowly. Therefore, when you choose a sun umbrella, you must Choose a sun umbrella with real sun protection function.

So, How to choose a sun umbrella with good sun protection effect?

Pay attention to the protection grade mark of the sun umbrella. Consumers should carefully check the protection grade signs when purchasing, and then choose the umbrella that suits them according to the local sun exposure. Standards at home and abroad generally use UPF value, which is the value of UV protection coefficient, to evaluate the UV protection performance of textiles. The UPF value is the ratio of the average amount of ultraviolet radiation to the unprotected skin. The larger the UPF value, the better the UV protection performance.

Choose a suitable coating: After using the silver glue anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella for a period of time, some of the silver glue will peel off due to wind and sun, especially the part in contact with the umbrella ribs. If the silver glue coating is on the outside, it will cause mottle and affect the appearance. It is better to choose the silver glue coating on the inside of the umbrella, which will neither peel off nor affect the appearance of the umbrella.

Pay attention to the service life of parasols: parasols receive the baptism of sunlight under the sun every day. Over time, the materials will wear out to a certain extent, resulting in a gradual decrease in the reflectivity of ultraviolet rays. No matter how careful you are when you store the umbrella, the life of the umbrella is only 2-3 years. If you want to make the umbrella perform its functions, don’t always use the old umbrella. Once the umbrella has reached its shelf life, Don’t hesitate, Get a new umbrella, such as Photo umbrella.

What Is The Best Custom Umbrella?

So it can feel understandably risky to buy a compact umbrella, where quality is often sacrificed to size. You don’t have to fight with an umbrella in the middle of a downpour, but you do have to.

When a storm or downpour hits, you really want a good pocket umbrella, which you have not only got from the bargain box at the corner store and which can withstand not only water but also wind. Of course, you want to find the best waterproof canopy with a strong frame that protects you from rain, but also withstands a little wind. The Travel Windproof folding Umbrella has a windproof frame that is so strong that it can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km / h.

The high quality materials used in this umbrella allow you to travel without knowing that your umbrella will keep you dry, whether you are walking the Great Ocean Walk, hiking, exploring Jamaica or just going to the grocery store.

This lightweight, windproof umbrella has a double canopy construction that automatically bleeds, opens and closes. With all the umbrellas listed here, you can expect them to fold up and fit easily into your backpack or carrier bag.

Why you should always look for a new travel umbrella: It can be folded into a backpack, a carrier bag or even into your bag for convenience.

The frame of the umbrella is made of strong metal and has fiberglass ribs to keep it in place in strong winds. It is also made of Pongee fabric, which has a special water-resistant coating, so that it is almost dry after shaking. This is a very strong travel umbrella, which is super windproof and made of super strong steel and polyester.

This is a great umbrella with a double function as it can protect you from rain and sun with high UV resistance and is also waterproof.

You can also open the umbrella with the push of a button and then close it again. Clicking on a button opens and closes it, and it opens and closes with a touch of one of the buttons on the back.

If that hasn’t impressed you enough, you can buy a windproof umbrella for years to come. The strong, reinforced fiber optic ribs of the umbrella make it light and adapt to virtually any time when worn in rain or sunshine. Although the umbrella was about 14 inches in size when folded, it fits in about 10 inches in the air.

Personalized Umbrella has a ventilated double roof that attaches it to the best windproof umbrellas. The wind can blow through the umbrella through the ventilation roof, turning it around and keeping you dry. Another big factor is its blunt edge, so you wouldn’t have to worry about poking someone in the eye with a pointed, edgy umbrella.

The 11-inch folding screens of the Compact Travel Rebrella fit perfectly in your pocket or wherever you need it.

You will want to buy this umbrella as a backup for the days when the weather becomes unpredictable. This is another compact umbrella that you will find on the shelves of many major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. It is a mini umbrella that fits into the palm of your hand and covers your head and body.

Unlike the usual 6 / 8 “aluminum ribs in most compact umbrellas, the Rain Mate umbrella has nine fiberglass ribs to support the awning. The umbrella frame is light and sturdy because its stainless steel ribs are in contrast to the six average competitors, who bend in the wind instead of breaking.

If you want to travel to a destination in changeable weather, you should consider paying a little more for the same umbrella that contains a UV-protected canopy. In addition, the double ventilation roof on top of the umbrella Rain Mate, with its double ventilated roof, allows the wind to blow directly through you instead of tilting you inside.

If you are looking for a good, portable umbrella against the wind, the Vumos umbrella is the best option you have. If you like the look of an umbrella with a double ventilated roof and a UV protected awning, this is a good option for you.

If you care about ratings while looking for a good umbrella, you should look at the rating of the Vumos umbrella and the other brands in this list.

When choosing an umbrella, one of the most important decisions is whether to buy a compact umbrella or a rod umbrella. After hundreds of umbrellas, we’ve included our top picks in this guide to help you make the buying decision easy. Consistent top ratings are a good sign for a high-quality umbrella, not a bad one.

9 DIY ideas to make your umbrella unique

Recently, my city is in the rainy season and it has been rainy. I must bring an umbrella when I go out. However, although it rains every day, I don’t want this rainy weather to affect my happy mood. Since we want to go out on a rainy day, let us find a way to make personalized umbrellas, an essential tool, the highlight of our travel. Add poetry and color to the rainy weather, and light up the eyes of yourself and the pedestrians on the road. Today I will teach you how to make your umbrella truly unique. Let’s take a look.

1. An umbrella with a personalized signature, it is very versatile wherever you go, customized version, this is the only one!

The tools you need include: a dark umbrella, a projector, a paintbrush, and waterproof paint.

The production method is very simple. Write the signature you want on the projection board, and after projecting it on the umbrella surface, copy it with waterproof paint.

2. Homemade striped umbrella, black and white matching is always a classic (I personally think matching skirt is very important).

Tools needed: a black umbrella, a paintbrush, waterproof paint, ruler.

Production method: Mark the same distance on the umbrella surface, and then use the brush to draw the stripes.

3. Personalized splash ink umbrella, very artistic temperament.
Tools needed: a light-colored umbrella, waterproof paint, paintbrush.

Production method: Use a paintbrush with different colors of waterproof paint to play at will, and see how your artistic talent is.

4. Color big spot umbrella
Tools needed: a dark umbrella, waterproof paint, round stamp.

Production method: This production method is super simple, just look at the picture.

5. Raindrop umbrella-since it is rainy, let us blend into the rain and become a part of it.
Tools needed: a light-colored umbrella, waterproof paint, paintbrush.
Production method: as shown below.

6. Print your favorite geometric shape, an ordinary umbrella will be different immediately.

Tools needed: a light-colored umbrella, waterproof paint, white paper, paint brush.

Production method: Cut out the shape you like on the white paper, then stick the white paper on the umbrella surface, use a paint brush to paint the color, then remove the white paper, and you’re done.

7. Cartoon umbrella, draw your favorite cartoon image.

Tools needed: a transparent umbrella, waterproof paint, cartoon image manuscript, paintbrush.

Production method: Put the manuscript under a transparent umbrella and copy it with a brush. Isn’t it easy?

8. Rose umbrella, with a retro feel.
Tools needed: a dark umbrella, waterproof paint, paper-cut flowers, brush.

Production method: paste paper-cut flowers on the umbrella surface and paint.

9. Put on beautiful stickers or letters.
Tools needed: umbrella, Velcro, universal glue.

Production method: use glue to fix the Velcro on the umbrella canopy.

In fact, there are far more ideas about umbrellas. What I teach you today is mainly to make an article on the umbrella surface. You can also make personalized DIY on the umbrella handle and the umbrella bone. The creativity is endless. As long as you use your heart, you will There are gains.

Necessary knowledge before buying an umbrella

Umbrellas are the daily necessities in our life. Whether it’s rain or shade in summer, or the snowing day in winter, we need a umbrella. The Different umbrellas have different functions, such as reverse umbrella with inverted open and close, folding umbrella with sun protection, umbrellas with photos, golf umbrella with automatic, and so on. So how can we choose an umbrella that suits us?

First, The Purpose
Before buying an umbrella, you must know the purpose of buying an umbrella. If your umbrella is for sun protection, then you must buy a parasol umbrella, that is, the kind of umbrella with UV coated. Such umbrella has a stronger ability to block ultraviolet rays. In addition, if you just want to buy a rain umbrella, then buying an ordinary umbrella is OK, there is no special requirement for the fabric of the umbrella.

Two, Appearance of Umbrella
The shape of the umbrella is very important, because to a certain extent, the umbrella is also a kind of decoration. We can see that many people use the umbrella as a prop when taking photos, so the beautifully-shaped umbrella can get more favor. You can choose the shape of the umbrella according to your age. If you are a young girl full of youth, then choose the kind of more lively umbrella, that is, the kind with brighter colors. If you are a middle-aged person, then choose a darker colored umbrella, which is more in line with your age status.

3. Weight of Umbrella
The weight of the umbrella can reflect the quality of the umbrella. If your umbrella is particularly light, the quality will not be too good, except mini umbrella, because the good frame material is relatively heavy, so the weight of the entire umbrella should not be too light . Of course, we can’t choose an umbrella that is too heavy, because it is inconvenient to carry and will increase our burden. In addition, when choosing an umbrella, you should also check the umbrella frame. Try to choose an umbrella with a good quality frame, so that the feature of windproof will be stronger.

In addition, when choosing an umbrella, you must also consider whether it can be folded. Some umbrellas cannot be folded, like golf umbrella or straight umbrella. These umbrellas will occupy a larger space, but the frames are relatively stable. Most umbrellas can be folded, like folding umbrellas, we can usually put them in a backpack or handbag. So, we will choose an suitable umbrella according to our needs.


DIY does not have the restriction of professional qualifications. If you want to do it, you can use DIY to make a privately-made “product” to express yourself.

When people are tired of the stereotypes of industrial products on the market, or the same market products can not meet the special needs of their own homes, the idea of “Do it yourself” may come to life. Doing what you need, doing what you want, doing your own unique work, which become the higher-level pursuit of DIY.

Many people have had DIY experiences, bracelets, scarves, pillows, cross stitches, etc. It is not a task, but a process of enjoyment. When you see a group of things with no shape turning into one thing through your own hands, no matter how it is used, the object itself is full of sense of accomplishment, and unconsciously gives it life and feeling.

Using the brain and creating with your hands, which is the highest level of DIY. You can do it as long as you think about it, which is the embodiment of the DIY spirit! DIY’s philosophy is: from nature, return to nature. Let you relax and feel all the beautiful things around us. Its purpose is to add some sugar to life!

DIY has the unique charm: beautiful flowers, good mood! And each DIY work has its own colorful side! Remember its slogan: Be my own!

DIY exists, because of people’s needs!

Trying new DIY customizable umbrella, send it to yourself, or to your family and friends. No matter rainy or cloudy, every day is beautiful !