Creative Umbrella Series One

Umbrella With Dog Print
Using advanced high-definition digital printing technology, the dog’s photo is printed on the umbrella, very cool! There are many styles of umbrellas, including inverted umbrellas, folding umbrellas and golf umbrellas; Septrainbow Corp’s online customized umbrellas store is the pioneer and pioneer of personalized printing umbrellas, specializing in providing personalized customization services for such umbrellas, which are enjoyed in the umbrella customization industry Very high reputation.

Translucent upside-down umbrella skirt
The weather is always rainy in spring, so you must bring a small umbrella when you go out. Girls prefer to bring umbrellas, which can shade and keep out the rain. Have you ever thought about putting an umbrella on your body? Everyone must be very curious, but in fact, this novel umbrella skirt introduced to you can help you realize this fantasy. I believe girls who want to be sexy will not miss it.

Anti-wind umbrella
As the main brain and mad scientist of the Anti-Strong Umbrella team, Gerwin Hoogendoom’s daily work is to generate infinite rich ideas to help product development. Smart and creative Gerwin is not only the soul of the team, he is also proficient in golf, basketball, surfing, etc., and is an excellent tailor. Senz’s asymmetric umbrella shaft shape can resist strong winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. This lightweight and windproof umbrella is designed in an asymmetrical windproof style. Gently press the push buckle to open the retractable umbrella support, rubber handle and wrist strap, with umbrella cover.

Password umbrella
Although the umbrella is not a valuable thing, it becomes precious when it rains. Therefore, we need to “protect” it under certain circumstances. The umbrella described below is from China. Designed by the designer of, added a retractable combination lock to the handle of the umbrella. When using it, pull the combination lock out, bypass the building and lock it at the connection at the other end of the handle to avoid loss. It’s very Convenience.

Hands Free Umbrella
This creative product is designed to save people who want to play with their mobile phones in rainy days. The umbrella called Hands Free is designed to let everyone relax with their umbrellas on rainy days. Hands Free is an umbrella with a C-shaped handle. When it rains, putting it on your wrist can not only block the wind and rain, but also free your flexible fingers to enjoy the wonderful “grip” life. However, I advise everyone when crossing the road We still have to see the road, so be it.

Newest parasol umbrella
This new type of parasol umbrella adopts a double-layer umbrella cloth structure that hides the ribs, which makes the umbrella surface stronger and more sun-proof. The inner umbrella cloth provides a sufficient and complete design display space, which can be cross-border with animation/film/fashion Cooperation makes the umbrella more beautiful and fashionable. The built-in openable rounded bead tail structure makes the umbrella surface sleek and stylish when opened, and it is also slender and fit when folded, and it will not fall off and hurt people as easily as the traditional sharp umbrella tail. The umbrella is made of 210T Fumao UVoutex® fabric, DuPont waterproof coating treatment, super water repellent. In addition to the double-layer umbrella fabric structure, UPF>50, UVA can be realized.

Magic umbrella
This interesting umbrella will have a magical effect when it is used on a rainy day. Generally, the umbrella after the rain is covered with water stains, which will affect the appearance of the umbrella print. However, this set of printed umbrellas only reveals the hidden cute prints or patterns after being washed by rain. Even if you accidentally get wet, I believe you will feel warm when you see such a warm effect.

How To Custom Umbrellas With Pictures?

In recent years, affected by the level of consumption and consumption habits, ordinary umbrellas have entered the fast-moving consumer goods industry in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Umbrellas with pictures and Umbrellas with designs have become part of the fashion under the influence of international fashion trends. Outdoor umbrellas that are widely used in outdoor dining, beaches, scenic spots, etc., are often used for one year, and will be continuously updated in the second year due to store renovation and aging of the umbrella surface.

So how do these umbrellas quickly print patterns on the fabric?

The most advanced printing technology at present is digital thermal transfer printing. Many customers think that the cost of heat transfer umbrellas is high, but next, I will calculate an account for you. I think you may change your previous ideas. If an umbrella factory receives an order for 100 umbrellas, the pattern is so complicated that it must be printed with digital heat transfer. At this time, there are only two options: open-plate printing and digital printing. For open-plate printing, if the colors are too mixed, then four-color printing is required. One color costs one printing fee, and four colors are the cost of four colors, moreover the printing fee is calculated separately. Let’s take a look at the digital printing. If it is a 21-inch umbrella, according to its printing area, it is about one square. Both the cost and the process are relatively simple and quick.

Some people think that digital printing is expensive. Of course, digital printing is expensive for fabrics that print several meters. But for small quantity customization, digital printing is the most suitable.

13 Styles Fun and Creative Umbrellas

Collect unusual and creatively designed umbrellas, This is an funny thing ! A good umbrella can protect you from bad weather, Whether it is in the stormy, or in the hot summer.

1. The inspiration for personalized umbrella comes from Septrainbow Umbrella, they believe that every person is unique and we are each in control of our own personalised style.

2. The inspiration for LED umbrella comes from the straight umbrella, which is illuminated by bright LED lights.

3. Vertical umbrella is an independent creative umbrella.

4. With its ingenious design, Windproof Umbrella effortlessly moves the umbrella piece through the wind, from the summer breeze to the heavy rain.

5. The shoulder umbrella is a flexible accessory that can wrap your body, help you support the umbrella, and free your hands to do other things.

6. A parasol designed for use as a stool when it is not raining.

7. Nubrella can protect you from rain, wind, sleet, snow and severe cold. It is an umbrella, suitable for all bad weather conditions, not just rain.

8. Golf cue umbrella is a mixture of golf cue and umbrella.

9. Pet umbrella can keep your pet dry and comfortable in the rain and sleet.

10. Handbag Umbrella, It can be folded into a small handbag when closed.

11. Watergun umbrella, the watergun installed on the umbrella handle can be automatically charged from the collected rainwater.

12. Cloud umbrella, the goal of this concept umbrella is to spread happiness in gloomy weather.

13. Samurai Sword Umbrella: The umbrella handle is the real samurai sword.

New Uses For Old Umbrella

Everyone has one or two broken folding umbrella or long umbrella in their homes. Some of them are not too bad, so people is not willing to throw it away. But it is inconvenient to use when it rains. In fact, the old umbrella is also very useful. As long as the design of the whimsy, the waste umbrella can also be turned into wealth. Stylish and beautiful !

The famous “Rain Lane” has a saying: “Holding a oil-paper umbrella, I wander alone in a long, long and lonely rain alley. I hope to meet a lilac-like girl with a grudge”. Just like the scene described in the article, in such a beautiful rainy season, a favorite umbrella is indispensable. But over time, it was either destroyed or used, or the enthusiasm for it gradually disappeared, and it was finally put on the corner that no one cares.

It is better to renovate the umbrella that has never left the hand, and let the old umbrella re-glow. Here are some ways to teach you how to turn old umbrellas into wealth.

1.  Flower Vase
The umbrella vases are very popular in all the streets. Its making steps are very simple, just to remove the ribs and keep the shaft and the canopy, put a few bunches of flowers or dried flowers inside, then tie a beautiful bow in the middle of the umbrella, a beautiful bouquet is made successfully !

2.  Hook
By removing the umbrella handle and hanging it on the wall, you can store all kinds of clothes and bags, saving money and saving the land. Comparing to the boring white wall, it not only adds a beautiful landscape to the wall, but also plays a good decorative effect. And the handles of each umbrella can be bound up, one-line arranged, it looks extra eye-catching.

3.  Drying Rack
It is also a very good idea to remove the canopy and keep the whole umbrella frame. They can be attached to clips to dry small items, such as towel, underwear or socks.

4.  Lamp-chimney
If you think that the fluorescent lamp at home is too lonely and dull, you can give it an umbrella. Compared to the chandeliers that are very expensive, after the decoration of the umbrella to the lamp, the home has been upgraded a lot of grades and styles.

5.  A dress that won’t get wet
The design of the umbrella can be described as a variety of styles, and the patterns of the umbrella canopy are also very novel and interesting. In this way, it is very nice to make the umbrella fabrics into a beautiful short skirt, with the stylish small floral pattern, to wear on the body is not only fashionable, but also will not get wet in the rain.

6.  Restaurant Decoration
Want to add the romantic atmosphere to your meal? The old umbrella can be described as a good tool to add emotion. The transparent umbrella with lace and crystal charms will immediately become the most eye-catching decoration in the restaurant. In addition, the white umbrella is very suitable for matching in the simple style. The air fishing notes make the umbrella have the different fun.