13 Styles Fun and Creative Umbrellas

Collect unusual and creatively designed umbrellas, This is an funny thing ! A good umbrella can protect you from bad weather, Whether it is in the stormy, or in the hot summer.

1. The inspiration for personalized umbrella comes from Septrainbow Umbrella, they believe that every person is unique and we are each in control of our own personalised style.

2. The inspiration for LED umbrella comes from the straight umbrella, which is illuminated by bright LED lights.

3. Vertical umbrella is an independent creative umbrella.

4. With its ingenious design, Windproof Umbrella effortlessly moves the umbrella piece through the wind, from the summer breeze to the heavy rain.

5. The shoulder umbrella is a flexible accessory that can wrap your body, help you support the umbrella, and free your hands to do other things.

6. A parasol designed for use as a stool when it is not raining.

7. Nubrella can protect you from rain, wind, sleet, snow and severe cold. It is an umbrella, suitable for all bad weather conditions, not just rain.

8. Golf cue umbrella is a mixture of golf cue and umbrella.

9. Pet umbrella can keep your pet dry and comfortable in the rain and sleet.

10. Handbag Umbrella, It can be folded into a small handbag when closed.

11. Watergun umbrella, the watergun installed on the umbrella handle can be automatically charged from the collected rainwater.

12. Cloud umbrella, the goal of this concept umbrella is to spread happiness in gloomy weather.

13. Samurai Sword Umbrella: The umbrella handle is the real samurai sword.

New Concept of Umbrella

With the continuous application of new materials, the improvement of product design and development process technology level, and the innovation of product design, new concepts have been given to umbrellas, and new uses and new fields of umbrellas have been continuously developed. Umbrella products have gradually diversified their functions as leisure consumer products, and their styles, colors, and materials have been continuously improved, and the products have become fashionable; And the extension to Gift umbrellas, Personalized umbrellas, Diy umbrella, UV blocking umbrella, Reverse umbrella, Outdoor leisure umbrellas, Mountaineering umbrellas, Wild fishing umbrellas, Pet umbrellas and other fields has driven the upgrade of the consumer structure of sunny umbrella products to meet people’s increasingly rich aesthetic needs and life Demand has created a demand for higher grades, diversified, personalized and higher consumer prices.

1. Personalization
Umbrellas are now more than just a daily necessity, but sometimes as a personalized item. Take a look at the umbrellas used by American, European and Japanese. On average, a Japanese person has several umbrellas. Many people match umbrellas according to the weather and clothing. At this time, the umbrella becomes a market item like a lady’s bag, hat and shoes. It’s hard to imagine a fashion beauty will holding an non-personalized umbrella.

2. Functionalization
Umbrellas have always been used as wind and rain protection and sun protection products. In the use of some materials for waterproofing and shading, after a long time of research, it is now almost saturated. It may take a long time to break through. No new materials will be born in a short time due to the widespread use of new materials subject to cost and technical bottlenecks; In the design of the umbrella structure, almost all shapes are available now, for exsample windproof design, triangles, Heart-shaped, Square-shaped, double-layer umbrellas, and even three-layer umbrella…, therefore, in terms of function, Workmanship and materials are the most important.

3. Gifting
Gift umbrella is a great option when many businesses choose gifts, Most gift umbrellas are beautifully designed and beautifully packed, which is indeed a gift for family, business partner, relatives and friends.

4. Promotion
Umbrellas are an ideal choice for promotional items because of their low price, strong practicality, large printing area and strong mobility. In US, it is called an promotional umbrella. Generally, this kind of everyday things are used by many people. Once they are used, advertising starts. As many companies pay more attention to marketing work , Demand in this area has been great and will continue to flourish.

How to Install Car Sun Shade?

Septrainbow Latest Car Windshield Sun Shade, Blocks UV Rays Sun Shades Protector, To Keep Your Vehicle Cool And Damage Free, Easy To Use; Top Quality And Durable, Fits Windshields of Various Sizes.

1.lightweight, difficult to deform and rust.

2.Double rods match to meet all car models, the two based on the left and the two based on the right staggered position to install.

3.Not block view, not occupy space, Storage does not block the driver’s view, not occupy space, not depression, safe and reliable during driving.

4.Design Cannily, Suit to most of the car types, can adjust the based into the perfect position.

Install Steps:
1).Tear off the double-sided adhesive paper.
2).Put the double-sided adhesive side on the base.
3).Put the base install in the right place of the front car.
4).Settled the 4based well the 2left near the front slightly, the 2 right near the back for malposition.
5).The pull rod of windshield sunshade insert to the 4 based.
6).The pothook pull the sun shield up.
7).Confirm the pothook position and settled.
8).Install completed.
9).If you don’t use the windshield sunshade can pull the pole out,keep the based and sheathe 4pcs of small decorative items on the bases.

Customize DIY Umbrella As Gift/Promotional Item From Factory

Does your company have plans to customize DIY umbrellas as gift for your clients or business partners ? Print your own photos or designs, Keep your gifts are different from the rest ! It’s the great option as gifts or high-end promotional items, and No MOQ Requirement.

Welcome to inquiry: shop@septrainbow.com

Our products and service are as below:
Reverse Umbrella Series:
1. Print your photo/design on the inside of umbrella canopy
2. Print your photo/design on the outside of umbrella canopy
3. Print your photo/design on the both side of umbrella canopy

Compact Umbrella Series:
1. Print your photo/design on the inside of umbrella canopy
2. Print your photo/design on the outside of umbrella canopy

MOQ: No Minimum Order Quantity Requirement.

Print method: Any of your photos or designs can be printed by our digital printing.

Print design: As your requested. If you have 100 different photos or designs, We can help you to print them on the 100 unit different umbrellas seperately.

Shipping: Free shipping to your office by express.

Shipping time: 3-7 days

Lead time: 5 – 7 days

Fujian Tulou King

This building, called Chengqi Building, was built after six generations of ancestors and grandchildren. It took a total of 81 years to build this Tulou King, which integrates human civilization and wisdom. Chengqi building has the functions of residential,defense and storage. It is still inhabited, and is said to have been inhabited by more than a thousand households in its heyday.

The family name of the residents in Chengqi building is Jiang.This building is larger than other ordinary Tulou buildings. The earth walls on the ground floor are 1.8 meters thick.The building has 400 rooms. The building is a ring within a ring structure, a total of four circles from the top.

Are you doing enough to protect your skin ?

From June to September, it is the summer holiday season. During this period of time, the weather is usually good. People like to go outside to take activity and go on holidays, enjoying the time with family and friends. While it is very hot and the sun is strong. The skin is easily hurt when outside for a long time. In order to have fun in the sun , an UPF50+ umbrella is essential. Even if you use the sun cream, you’d better take an UPF50+ umbrella, because the effect of sun cream will weaken after 1 or 2 hours. Under an UV protection umbrella, you will feel not that hot. It is cool in the shade. A study says that there are more and more skin cancer because people don’t have enough care about the skin. UV rays are so strong, causing DNA damage, wrinkles and age spots. This year, the highest temperature all over the world has been cut the history record. It is so terrible to walk outside without an UV protection umbrella. The skin is exposed to the strong sunlight directly. It is burning, like BBQ. Taking an UPF50+ umbrella, block out 98% of harmful UV rays. The only way to enjoy the Sun and cherish your Skin is to take our UPF50+ umbrella.

Trend in outdoor sporting goods

With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous increasing level of demand for sports consumption by mainstream consumer groups, the performance requirements for outdoor sporting goods are also increasing. “Outdoor sports + technology” is the future trend of outdoor sporting product development. The younger generation seeks to stimulate and feel fresh. The outdoor products industry should combine with science and technology to develop more intelligent outdoor sports products. With the power of technology, it will continue to strengthen the consumers’ experience.

In the era of mobile Internet, “big data” and “cloud computing” have gradually become an important barometer of industrial development. Through real-time monitoring and tracking of the massive behavior data generated by the research objects on the Internet, mining analysis, finding the rules of search and purchase of consumer groups, the enterprises could adjust the product structure in a targeted manner and grasp the market dynamics in a timely and rapid manner and responding quickly. Through the analysis of Internet data, it provides decision support for the development of more accurate and effective marketing strategies for the outdoor sporting goods industry, and helps enterprises to provide consumers with more timely and personalized services.


DIY does not have the restriction of professional qualifications. If you want to do it, you can use DIY to make a privately-made “product” to express yourself.

When people are tired of the stereotypes of industrial products on the market, or the same market products can not meet the special needs of their own homes, the idea of “Do it yourself” may come to life. Doing what you need, doing what you want, doing your own unique work, which become the higher-level pursuit of DIY.

Many people have had DIY experiences, bracelets, scarves, pillows, cross stitches, etc. It is not a task, but a process of enjoyment. When you see a group of things with no shape turning into one thing through your own hands, no matter how it is used, the object itself is full of sense of accomplishment, and unconsciously gives it life and feeling.

Using the brain and creating with your hands, which is the highest level of DIY. You can do it as long as you think about it, which is the embodiment of the DIY spirit! DIY’s philosophy is: from nature, return to nature. Let you relax and feel all the beautiful things around us. Its purpose is to add some sugar to life!

DIY has the unique charm: beautiful flowers, good mood! And each DIY work has its own colorful side! Remember its slogan: Be my own!

DIY exists, because of people’s needs!

Trying new DIY to customize the umbrella, send it to yourself, or to your family and friends. No matter rainy or cloudy, every day is beautiful !