How To Choose A Fishing Sun Umbrella?

With the development of global’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more fishing enthusiasts across the worldwide, and the equipment used is more and more diverse and high-end, and fishing sun umbrellas are gradually appearing in people’s vision. The fishing sun umbrella is mainly used for shading, rain and wind when fishing. It is modified from beach umbrellas and British tents, and can be used in various fishing environments. Fishing sun umbrellas generally use aluminum alloy and fiber materials to reduce the weight of the umbrella. In order to prevent wind, it will also be equipped with windproof inserts, air vents and other components, which is very practical. How to choose?

1. Fabric material
One of the considerations when buying a fishing tool parasol is the anti-ultraviolet properties of the fabric fiber itself. Among the untreated fibers, the fishing parasol made of polyester fiber has relatively better anti-ultraviolet effect. So when you buy a fishing parasol, you should pay attention to the material on the label, and try to use polyester fiber to make a fishing parasol.

2. The knitting density of the fabric
The tightness and thickness of the fabric will affect its UV resistance. The thicker the fabric, the better the anti-ultraviolet performance, and the tighter the fabric, the stronger the light-blocking ability and the smaller the ultraviolet transmission. Knitted fabrics are usually looser than woven fabrics, so the protective effect is not as good as woven fabrics. The gaps of plain weave fabrics in woven fabrics are larger than twill weaves, and the twill weaves are larger than satin weaves, so the protective effect of plain weaves is poorest. Another thing to pay attention to is the color of the fabric. The darker the color of the fabric, the lower the UV transmittance and the better the UV resistance. Therefore, when choosing a parasol, we must fully consider the thickness, tightness and color of the fabric.

Production Processes Of Oil-paper Umbrella

The production process of oil-paper umbrella is complicated and all manual. The foundation of a good umbrella is a strong rib. “cutting the rib” includes dozens of processes. When we came to the umbrella bone supporting workshop, we saw that Master Zhang was devoting himself to making umbrella stands. He said: “Our oil-paper umbrella is made of local bamboo that has grown in the sunny place for more than 3 years. It is flexible and not easy to break.” With Master Zhang’s fingertip dance, the umbrella’s skeleton was immediately formed. For a small umbrella, all materials used are from nature. There are more than 20 pre-processes, and the production process is all done by hand.

For an umbrella, the umbrella key is the key part to control the opening and closing. Should metal fittings such as springs be used? Master Zhang smiled and said: “Umbrellas have to withstand rain and water for many years. Metal materials are very easy to rust and are not durable. Bamboo is tough, corrosion-resistant and extremely elastic. Therefore, the umbrella stand of the oil-paper umbrella is made of bamboo. “The umbrella key is equivalent to the switch of the oil-paper umbrella, and it is also used to support the weight of the entire umbrella rib and umbrella surface. It is necessary to ensure that it is not damaged after repeated use. Therefore, the production of the umbrella key is the most exquisite key component of the oil-paper umbrella.

Oiling is an important process. Only when the paper surface is coated with specially formulated tung oil, the strength of the paper can be enhanced, and the paper will become thicker, flexible, wear-resistant, and waterproof, otherwise, all previous efforts will be lost in the end even if there is no error in every previous process . “This is tung oil cooked in advance.” a master craftsman dipped the tung oil with a cloth ball and rolled it on the front and back of the umbrella to make it fully penetrate the umbrella paper. The master said: “It matters to brush more or less, and the intensity of brushing oil need to be paid attention to. It must be moderate. The process is 72 and a half, and moving in and out does not count.”

From the initial selection of materials, through cutting the umbrella stand, raised the umbrella pole, drilled the small hole, installed the umbrella key, mounted the umbrella ring, pasted the umbrella paper, painted the umbrella, brushed the tung oil……, finally become the umbrella product. There are nearly a hundred large and small processes, which is really slow work. Only in this way, the made tung oil umbrella can be repeatedly used by thousands of times, and withstand the wind of level 5. Regardless of the sun or rain, it will not break, fade, deform, or leak. The mystery that has been passed down for thousands of years is here.

The Development Of Printing And Dyeing

Printing and dyeing is an essential part in the process of making umbrellas, especially custom printed umbrellas. Many parts of the umbrella need printing or dyeing, such as umbrella cover, umbrella bag, umbrella strap and so on. Today, let us understand the history of the development of printing and dyeing.

Printing and dyeing is also called dyeing and finishing. It is a kind of processing method, and it is also a general term for pre-processing, dyeing, printing, finishing, washing, etc.; As early as six or seven thousand years ago in the Neolithic Age, Chinese ancestors were able to dye linen cloth with hematite powder Into red. The primitive tribes living in the Nuomuhong area of the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai can dye their wool into yellow, red, brown, blue and other colors and weave woolen cloth with colorful stripes. During the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, dyeing technology continued to improve. In the palace handicraft workshop, a full-time official “dyeing people” came to “hand dye the grass” to manage the dyeing production. The color dyed is also increasing. By the Han Dynasty, dyeing technology reached a very high level.

With the continuous improvement and development of dyeing technology, the colors of textiles dyed in ancient of China have also been continuously enriched. Someone once did a chromatographic analysis on the Tang Dynasty silk fabrics unearthed in Turfan. There are 24 colors in total, among which red are silver, water red, scarlet, magenta, and purple; yellow are goose yellow, chrysanthemum yellow, apricot yellow, golden, earth yellow and tea brown; Cyan and blue include egg blue, azure, emerald blue, sapphire blue, red blue, and navy blue; green includes hu green, bean green, leaf green, fruit green, dark green and so on.

In recent years, energy conservation and emission reduction have become a trend in Chinese’s industrial development. The printing and dyeing industry, which is polluting, is facing a series of national policy restrictions. In 2010, the state issued a policy to eliminate the backward production capacity of the industry, and some small workshop-style enterprises are bound to face integration. On the other hand, the rising prices of raw materials such as cotton and wool have also put pressure on the industry. More challenges will promote the upgrading of the industry and the concentration will increase.

The development of Chinese’s printing and dyeing industry has received great attention from the government and textile industry. In recent years, the state has included the technical transformation of the printing and dyeing industry as one of the key industries supported by the textile industry. At the same time, it has also given corresponding policy support in terms of technology development and scientific and technological research, so that the printing and dyeing industry in China has gained a lot in terms of quality, variety and efficiency. Great improvement, and overall competitiveness has increased.

The current development trend of the printing and dyeing industry at home and abroad is high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. These three aspects complement each other and are indispensable. To develop productivity, improving production efficiency is the most direct means; energy conservation has reached the stage where measures must be taken; while energy conservation measures are taken to develop productivity, environmental protection awareness and pollution treatment methods must also be taken.

Who Is The Best Folding Umbrella

So it can feel understandably risky to buy a compact umbrella, where quality is often sacrificed to size. You don’t have to fight with an umbrella in the middle of a downpour, but you do have to.

When a storm or downpour hits, you really want a good pocket umbrella, which you have not only got from the bargain box at the corner store and which can withstand not only water but also wind. Of course, you want to find the best waterproof canopy with a strong frame that protects you from rain, but also withstands a little wind. The Travel Windproof folding Umbrella has a windproof frame that is so strong that it can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km / h.

The high quality materials used in this umbrella allow you to travel without knowing that your umbrella will keep you dry, whether you are walking the Great Ocean Walk, hiking, exploring Jamaica or just going to the grocery store.

This lightweight, windproof umbrella has a double canopy construction that automatically bleeds, opens and closes. With all the umbrellas listed here, you can expect them to fold up and fit easily into your backpack or carrier bag.

Why you should always look for a new travel umbrella: It can be folded into a backpack, a carrier bag or even into your bag for convenience.

The frame of the umbrella is made of strong metal and has fiberglass ribs to keep it in place in strong winds. It is also made of Pongee fabric, which has a special water-resistant coating, so that it is almost dry after shaking. This is a very strong travel umbrella, which is super windproof and made of super strong steel and polyester.

This is a great umbrella with a double function as it can protect you from rain and sun with high UV resistance and is also waterproof.

You can also open the umbrella with the push of a button and then close it again. Clicking on a button opens and closes it, and it opens and closes with a touch of one of the buttons on the back.

If that hasn’t impressed you enough, you can buy a windproof umbrella for years to come. The strong, reinforced fiber optic ribs of the umbrella make it light and adapt to virtually any time when worn in rain or sunshine. Although the umbrella was about 14 inches in size when folded, it fits in about 10 inches in the air.

The Compact Travel Rebrella has a ventilated double roof that attaches it to the best windproof umbrellas. The wind can blow through the umbrella through the ventilation roof, turning it around and keeping you dry. Another big factor is its blunt edge, so you wouldn’t have to worry about poking someone in the eye with a pointed, edgy umbrella.

The 11-inch folding screens of the Compact Travel Rebrella fit perfectly in your pocket or wherever you need it.

You will want to buy this umbrella as a backup for the days when the weather becomes unpredictable. This is another compact umbrella that you will find on the shelves of many major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. It is a mini umbrella that fits into the palm of your hand and covers your head and body.

Unlike the usual 6 / 8 “aluminum ribs in most compact umbrellas, the Rain Mate umbrella has nine fiberglass ribs to support the awning. The umbrella frame is light and sturdy because its stainless steel ribs are in contrast to the six average competitors, who bend in the wind instead of breaking.

If you want to travel to a destination in changeable weather, you should consider paying a little more for the same umbrella that contains a UV-protected canopy. In addition, the double ventilation roof on top of the umbrella Rain Mate, with its double ventilated roof, allows the wind to blow directly through you instead of tilting you inside.

If you are looking for a good, portable umbrella against the wind, the Vumos umbrella is the best option you have. If you like the look of an umbrella with a double ventilated roof and a UV protected awning, this is a good option for you.

If you care about ratings while looking for a good umbrella, you should look at the rating of the Vumos umbrella and the other brands in this list.

When choosing an umbrella, one of the most important decisions is whether to buy a compact umbrella or a rod umbrella. After hundreds of umbrellas, we’ve included our top picks in this guide to help you make the buying decision easy. Consistent top ratings are a good sign for a high-quality umbrella, not a bad one.

How To Choose A Rain Umbrella?

There are always a few days in each season that it will rain. Rain umbrellas have become an indispensable tool for us on rainy days, but how to choose a good quality rain umbrella is particularly important.

1. Brand: There are many brands of all kinds of umbrellas. Generally, we first look at its brand. Brands generally have quality assurance. We can use them with confidence. Well-known brands include Septrainbow, Shedrain, Totes, etc.

2. Fabric: Fabric is an indispensable and important part of an umbrella. A good fabric can withstand rain and wind, and the thick fabric will be more durable if it is selected by touching.

3. Umbrella Shape: Keep the umbrella open on the ground to see if the umbrella shape is round and looks harmonious and beautiful. At the same time, it is necessary to observe whether the thread end of the umbrella is cut perfectly.

4. Shake: Open the umbrella and shake it lightly to see if its support is firm. If it does not shake, it means that the umbrella frame is the better and can withstand wind and rain better than ordinary umbrellas.

5. Weight: Put the umbrella in your hand and measure the weight of the umbrella. Generally speaking, the heavier the umbrella, the thicker and more reliable the material will be, and the more assured it will be in use.

6. Price: Ask about the price of their umbrellas. Cheaper umbrellas will have worse quality. Relatively speaking, the quality of high-priced umbrellas can be assured. After all, you get what you pay for.

What Is A Kids Umbrella?

Kids umbrella is the umbrella specially designed for children by umbrella manufacturers. Kids umbrellas are divided into three types according to the applicable age: big children umbrella, middle-child umbrellas, and small kids umbrellas; according to the opening method, they are divided into two types: hand-opened children’s umbrellas and automatic children’s umbrellas; according to the shape, they can be divided into: ordinary type and ear type Two kinds.

Classification By Age
1. Big children’s umbrella: this umbrella is suitable for children from 6 to 9 years old. Generally, the umbrella canopy is larger, slightly smaller than adult umbrellas, and light. Umbrella handles and umbrella bodies are specially designed.

2. Middle children’s umbrella: this kind of umbrella is suitable for children from 5 to 7 years old. The canopy of the umbrella is smaller than that of the big children’s umbrella. The material is made of softer materials to protect the skin of small hands.

3. Small children’s umbrella: this kind of umbrella is small and exquisite, and its purpose is not only for adults to use for sunshade and shelter from the rain, but the most important thing is for playing, and there is not much practical use.

Sort By Opening Method
1. Open the umbrella by hand: there is no automatic button, it needs to be opened manually.

2. Automatic children’s umbrella: there is an open button, you can open it with force on the button, and the contraction needs to be done manually.

Classified By Shape
1. Ordinary type: similar to an adult umbrella, no special shape.

2. Ear type: some have triangular ears, some have round ears and some have a duck tongue shape.

Generally there are maple umbrellas, cartoon umbrellas, etc. on the market. Equipped with various patterns. The lovely patterns attracts the curiosity of children in a big way. Thus occupying this part of the umbrella market.

Manufacturing Material
1. Umbrella frame: Generally used is by metal material, galvanized and chrome – plated. Another new type of environmentally friendly material is the fiberglass material.

2. The handle: Plastic or ABS.

3. The fabric: Polyester material, environmental EVA and pongee.

Features Of Golf Umbrellas

We believe that everyone should have heard of it even if they have not seen golf. This is a relatively high-end sport, usually favored by business people, so the price is relatively expensive, the general public will not choose this sport. So have you heard of golf umbrellas? What kind of umbrella is this? What is the difference between golf umbrella and ordinary umbrella? Let’s take a look together.

As the name suggests, it is an umbrella specially used on golf courses. Generally, golf umbrellas can be divided into long pole with manual, straight ploe with automatic, and 2 fold with auto open etc. Golf umbrellas are usually relatively large, and it is difficult to hold the umbrella when strong wind blows over it, and it is easy to fly away. In response to this problem, the golf umbrellas made today have their own concepts. The umbrella caopy is double-layered, and the top of the umbrella cover with a wind vent. However, the upper layer of canopy can completely cover the lower canopy. The double layers of canopy are stitched with a few needle and thread. During normal use, the rains will not enter the inside of the umbrella, and winds will come out through the wind vents, the design is very clever.

1. Fabrics of Golf Umbrella
Usually the canopy fabric of golf umbrellas is high-end materials, such as 190 nylon silver coated or 190 pongee. The materials is very flat, and the rains will fall down quickly when get wet. 190 nylon silver tape features very good UV protection function, and it can also play a role in sun protection in summer. So we can often see such umbrellas on the beach.

2. Handle of Golf Umbrella
The handles of golf umbrellas are more diverse, including wooden handles, plastic-clad iron, pure plastic, titanium-plated iron, and so on. You can choose different styles according to your needs. The shapes have straight, curved, animal and so on.

3. Common Specifications of Golf Umbrellas
The more common specifications of golf umbrellas are 27 inches * 8K, 30 inches * 8k, 34 inches * 8k, as well as * 16K and * 24K. “K” represents the number of ribs in the umbrella frame. The more ribs, the ribs will be stronger. For example, 16K means that there are 16 ribs.

4. Ribs of Golf umbrella
The ribs of golf umbrellas are usually in fibreglass material, which are very light and not easy to break. The iron ribs in the past were too cumbersome, so they are rarely seen now, and will gradually be eliminated.

Therefore, the golf umbrella is also a universal umbrella, it is just a better quality windproof and sunscreen umbrella, the price is a bit more expensive than ordinary umbrellas.

Reverse Folding Umbrella Technology

The reverse open and close umbrella originated in 2016. In order to improve the disadvantage of traditional umbrellas, Some people who like to innovate made a bold reversal design. It’s different from all other umbrellas, it can be opened and closed inverted, So it is called reverse umbrella. Initially, the reverse umbrella was straight like golf umbrella, The length is about from 82cm to 95cm. Most people like folding umbrellas, especially ladies, because they are easy to carry around, and easy to store in handbag, purse or pockets.

How to apply the technology of reverse open to folding umbrella? This is a concern of many umbrella manufacturers. In 2017, The clever china umbrella manufacturer changed the ribs of the folding umbrella to reverse closing, the problem is solved perfectly. This is the prototype of reverse folding umbrella !

Let us analyze the structure and function of the reverse folding umbrella:

1. Features the unique inside out reverse and foldable ribs, keep the wet side of canopy insided, and keep the people away from the rainwater.

2. Compact folding style allows people to easily enter and exit cars or doors without getting wet. This umbrella collapses inwards with its inverted frame system to trap any water droplets inside the canopy to prevent leakage.

3.This folding reverse umbrella also can support different open ways, include automatic open, auto open and auto close, manual open.

The latest double-layer folding reverse umbrella has also been on the market. It is worth mentioning that the ribs are hidden between the double-layer canopy, which look very neat and beautiful.

We believe that innovative design can bring people more convenient and good products.

A Must-have Umbrella For Night Walking

A must-have umbrella for night walking, with lighting and reflective design !

As a necessity in life, umbrellas have undergone many transformations and upgrades. From the first manual umbrella to the current automatic umbrella, people’s requirements are getting higher and higher, so the development of umbrellas is getting faster and faster. There are umbrellas for rain protection and for sun protection. But there are very few umbrellas that combine the two functions in life. Most of the umbrellas on the market are not waterproof enough. After using the umbrella, the water on umbrella become a distressing problem. Whether at home or in the car, as long as the used umbrella is not paid attention, the rain water will drip all over the ground, so the current public is still not satisfied with the design of the umbrella.

Reverse umbrellas are now on the market. This new generation of in-vehicle reverse umbrellas is also specially designed for vehicles. The design of reverse non-wet vehicles can save you from the worries of rain and wet vehicles. The highlights of this umbrella are very prominent. It adopts a reverse umbrella design, a fully automatic umbrella function, an enlarged umbrella surface, a vehicle-specific, wind-resistant frame, waterproof umbrella cloth, and waterproof technology, so the umbrella solves the needs of users, as long as the problems that users worry about are solved together.

At the same time, the umbrella also supports LED lighting, which is completely a flashlight, which can be used even in the dark night. The combination of a flashlight and an umbrella is also an effective use of space, making the umbrella more and more complete. In addition, this umbrella uses a wind-resistant alloy frame, which is more durable, rust-proof, anti-crack, and anti-deformation. It also adds points to the quality of the umbrella. It is not only a must-have product for cars, but also indispensable for home life.

Umbrellas are not only for beauty, but practicality is the last word. The reverse umbrella has achieved the most functions in the smallest space. It has been upgraded and modified based on the traditional umbrella, which is more in line with the taste of the public. The umbrella is not only pratical, but also very simple, suitable for different groups of people. You can use this umbrella on both sunny days and rainy days. It is an indispensable product in life.