Types of Scarves

The season of wearing scarves is here, so how can we miss the topic of scarves? Today I will talk about the topic of scarves.

Classification of scarves

From the selection of materials, our common scarf materials are generally knitted, cotton and linen, silk and more luxurious fur; if you want to divide the shape of the scarf, the common type is mainly rectangular , Large squares, small squares, triangles, and other irregular shapes; but if we divide it from the patterns displayed by the scarf, the common ones are monochrome, lattice, stripes, color matching, printing, broken flowers, etc., so this The classification of scarves can be divided according to personal hobbies, and when you buy them, you only need to choose the right skin color and clothing. It doesn’t have to be as troublesome as buying clothes and shoes.

Scarves of different materials have different characteristics

1. Features of silk scarves and sun protection scarves

The classic, high-brightness polyester and ammonia anti uv scarf and silk scarves have always been at the forefront of fashion and can be worn all year round. The silk scarf can not only highlight the gloss of the skin, but also show the elegance and intellectual taste of women vividly. But the silk scarf has the characteristic that it is more picky, because it is more textured, so you should choose carefully if the skin is not good or the skin is yellowish and dull, otherwise it will not only reflect your temperament, but will contrast it. Deficiency of the skin.

2. Features of knitted scarves

Knitted scarves generally give people a very warm, delicate, and romantic feeling; matching a brightly colored knitted scarf in the cold winter will not only give people a bright feeling, but also make people feel more Feeling warm and warm. In terms of matching, knitted scarves are more suitable for matching unobtrusive clothes such as overcoats and down jackets. Generally speaking, a long coat is the first choice. It is easier to highlight the feminine temperament, and it also makes people look very tall.

3. The characteristics of cotton and linen scarf

Cotton and linen texture scarves are visually not as good as silk and knitted scarves, and there is no silky luster in gloss; but it can show a strong affinity, and its texture is very close. The skin feels very comfortable around the neck. In terms of clothes matching, scarves with cotton and linen textures reveal a simple and unpretentious style in terms of materials. This style is a good match for clothing; therefore, scarves with cotton and linen texture are more versatile and hardly choose. The clothes do not pick the skin color. For those who don’t know how to match a scarf, a cotton and linen scarf is the first choice.

4. Features of fur scarves

Fur scarves are usually fixed with leather jackets, and different women wear fur scarves will have different flavors. In the choice of fur scarves, if you want to highlight your personal style, you can choose some natural ones, such as very natural mottled colors, which are more luxurious and public if you want to keep warm but don’t want to be particularly prominent. If you want to take the affinity route, you can choose a simpler color in the selection of fur scarves, which will highlight the cute and fresh side without being particularly public. In addition, fur scarves are also very picky for skin color and clothes. Generally, if the skin color is not good or the temperament is not very good, you should not try it lightly, otherwise it will only look weird.

About Scarf Fabrics

Scarves fabric refers to the fabric used to make a scarf.

What is a scarf fabric?
Scarf is the king of accessories and is loved by more and more fashion people. The fabrics used in scarves are also diverse. In general, they can be divided into four categories.

Scarf fabrics are divided into the following categories: one is plant fiber fabric; the other is animal fiber fabric; the third is chemical fiber fabric; the fourth is blended fabric;

1. Plant fiber fabrics are made of cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo fiber, etc.;
2. Animal fiber fabrics include wool fabrics, cashmere fabrics, and silk fabrics;
3. Chemical fiber fabrics include polyester, acrylic fabric, chiffon fabric, etc.;
4. Blended fabrics include silk cotton, cotton linen, wool and nitrile fabrics, and fibers of different materials are blended in a certain proportion;

Scarves are no longer warm items in winter, but more decorative items. Scarves of different materials are worn in different seasons.

Spring and autumn: mostly light and thin materials such as cotton, modal, polyester and ammonia;

Winter: mainly use wool, wool, cashmere and other warm materials;

Summer: mainly silk and linen scarves.

Sun Protection Scarf, Practical and Fashionable

I also said on Weibo last week that I never dared to short-play on weekends. I was really afraid of the power of ultraviolet rays. The small freckles on my cheeks increased and deepened, and I couldn’t help feeling sad.

So when you go out, be very careful. Sunglasses, parasols, and hats are not dared to fall, and you have to apply those sticky sunscreens. Even so, the shoulders are still easy to tan, and sunburn may occur after long exposure to the sun.

Thinking of something fun, I found out the fall leopard print sun protection scarf.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to sunscreen like this?

[Demonstration 1] Virgin Mary style

I remember that the supermodel Gu Chen also demonstrated this way when he participated in the Oupre Garden Party last time. It is a classic Virgin Mary-style sunscreen method, which is suitable for women with better temperament to avoid looking like a wolf grandma.

I like this kind of mysterious feeling.

When leaving the subway station, you always have to go through a long air-vent corridor. Every winter, you use a thick scarf to cover your head and mouth like this. I always feel that in addition to the cold, it will also be due to insecurity. I don’t know if anyone has it. Feel the same.

One sentence off the topic.

[Demonstration 2] Buckle on chest

It’s so simple, just tie the scarf on the chest with a button, which looks natural.

The entire shoulders and arms will be wrapped safely, and I am too afraid of the air-conditioning, which can keep warm.

[Demonstration 3] Lady Shawl Style

It’s easy to understand.

It is to treat the scarf as a shawl, and put it on your shoulders naturally, cross your chest and drape it towards the back, forming a very elegant shape without losing the sense of hierarchy.

If the color of the scarf makes you proud, you don’t need to take out the long hair, it’s okay to wrap it in it.

You can also pull up the scarf to protect your mouth and nose in the dusty area. I like this to do multiple things.

Any beauty must be based on practical health. This seems to be the thinking of the older generation, but I have been practicing it.

Have fun.

Pure spoof, for fun.

But just like that, I still like to mess around with it casually. It’s really happy to go back to basics.

I remembered the few movements he had seen when he was on a business trip in Taiyuan in a certain year. It was extremely delicate.

This is probably a kind of talent.

Inadvertently, achieve good.

I haven’t slept early these days, watching the Olympics.

Always various sighs.

The cruelty of competitive sports is really not something ordinary people can bear. The audience can still suffocate over and over again, but the athletes have to be calm and steady. Too much admiration.

I put this one last because I like it very much.

It is not easy to be able to take such a photo. The slightest difference will change the way. Only the people before and after the camera understand the difficulties and contradictions.

Fortunately, none of us gets bored.

The Most Personalized Umbrellas

The rainy season is coming, so umbrellas come in handy. In fact, umbrellas can also be very poetic. If you look at the umbrellas as a painting, you will have a panoramic view. People of different constellations like different umbrellas, such as Personalized Umbrellas With Photo, Umbrellas With Art, Umbrellas With Dogs and so on.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius women love freedom and pursue novel and interesting experiences. She likes to have new things to look forward to. She also likes others, life itself and the challenges she gives herself. Unfettered, they should like this manual folding umbrella of ocean and seagulls. It can definitely let them release their inner world.

Aries: Aries women love freedom and are very arguing. A liberated woman with fighting spirit, outspoken, daring to attack, not afraid of setbacks. This automatic open 3 folding umbrella is simple but not exquisite, it is still very suitable for Aries.

Virgo: Virgo women will benefit a lot if they can have fun in love. It is better to understand the reasons for failure of interpersonal relationships than to focus on the psychological harm of entanglement. The most critical of them was their encounter with this ancient manual folding umbrella, and they turned around 100% on the street.

Aquarius: She tends to go to extremes, she may have the purest heart, the most ideal love, or she may become completely indifferent. Be sure not to disappoint her, otherwise you will lose her irretrievably. If they donnot play cards according to common sense, their dreams of facing the whole starry sky should be fascinated. The sky printing automatic folding umbrella is very amazing.

Libra: Libra women hate ugly things the most, and her sloppy appearance is the object her sensitive tentacles reject most. A hat-shaped umbrella is also very suitable for them. Cute!

Scorpio: Her romantic ideal for love is to find a soul to belong to. Because her heart has suffered from herself, it is especially true for a man who understands her secret lonely world. So a high-cold umbrella is the most suitable for Scorpio. Is this one very suitable for Scorpio?

How To Custom Umbrellas With Pictures?

In recent years, affected by the level of consumption and consumption habits, ordinary umbrellas have entered the fast-moving consumer goods industry in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Umbrellas with pictures and Umbrellas with designs have become part of the fashion under the influence of international fashion trends. Outdoor umbrellas that are widely used in outdoor dining, beaches, scenic spots, etc., are often used for one year, and will be continuously updated in the second year due to store renovation and aging of the umbrella surface.

So how do these umbrellas quickly print patterns on the fabric?

The most advanced printing technology at present is digital thermal transfer printing. Many customers think that the cost of heat transfer umbrellas is high, but next, I will calculate an account for you. I think you may change your previous ideas. If an umbrella factory receives an order for 100 umbrellas, the pattern is so complicated that it must be printed with digital heat transfer. At this time, there are only two options: open-plate printing and digital printing. For open-plate printing, if the colors are too mixed, then four-color printing is required. One color costs one printing fee, and four colors are the cost of four colors, moreover the printing fee is calculated separately. Let’s take a look at the digital printing. If it is a 21-inch umbrella, according to its printing area, it is about one square. Both the cost and the process are relatively simple and quick.

Some people think that digital printing is expensive. Of course, digital printing is expensive for fabrics that print several meters. But for small quantity customization, digital printing is the most suitable.

Scarves Type and Color Matching

Scarves, usually the styles have long strips, triangles, squares, etc. The fabrics are generally made of wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester and other materials. They are usually used to keep warm, and can also be worn for beauty, cleanliness or fashion. In 2020, a new type of scarf appeared on the market- Mask Scarf Combination, which can be used as a scarf or as a mask.

Mask Scarf Combination

Scarves bring many memories in autumn, woolen yarns woven warm brand nostalgia, and of course, there are beautiful silks flying in the streets of a certain autumn. The hallmark of the scarf family is the extraordinary elegance, whether silk scarves or long scarves can be taken care of extremely delicately. Twisted, so tender; close to the neck, so charming. In autumn, we can embrace scarves to our heart’s content. In the not cold autumn, facing the autumn wind, the scarf is just a symbolic resistance and pretending to wrap around. Some people say that people who like scarves are a bit narcissistic. It is precisely because the faces of wearing scarves appear clearer, can better adjust the perfect complexion, or set off makeup, so only those who love themselves can wear the beauty of scarves . Even in the chilly autumn, you must wear sleeveless and collarless shirts, and wear a scarf with a clear outfit. This is a popular outfit among people in fashion this fall. As long as you wear a colorful, soft and warm scarf, you can not only drive away the coolness, but also write expressions on different styles of the scarf. Either being cool, or gentle, the magic of a scarf is so magical.

Scarf tying method
Hang a scarf folded to an appropriate width from the front to the neck, and then cross the ends of the scarf at the back of the neck and then wrap it around the chest. In this way, ordinary scarves can be shaped, and the overall matching effect will give people a refreshing feeling. This kind of scarf will make the neck slightly fluffy, so when matching a coat, you should stand up the collar and tie the scarf outside so that it does not look bloated.

Scarves can make the cold winter no longer cold. A long scarf around the neck can not only show the static elegance, but also reflect the dynamic gentleness of flowing water. The long scarf around the long scarf allows women to express all kinds of amorous feelings.

Scarf Color Matching
Purple is a very mysterious color and one of the colors that many big-name designers love very much. Appropriate use and matching can help you improve your taste in dressing.

1. Violet and purple are the best to avoid having the same kind of purple all over the body. You can use the method of matching shades, such as purple with purple and pink purple with light purple. such as:
1) Purple striped scarf + purple trousers + purple handbag
2) Pink and purple sweater + light purple vest.
3) Pure purple boat neck sweater + purple red trim strip knee-length skirt + high boots.

2. The matching scheme-purple + brown purple
When matching with brown, it is best to adopt a layered matching method: only expose a small area of ​​the purple clothing, or only appear as an accessory. It must be matched with fashionable accessories in colors or styles, otherwise it will appear rustic. such as:

1) Purple sleeveless shirt + fur collar scarf + brown trousers
2) Brown plaid sweater + brown shirt + purple handbag
3) Purple sweater + brown jacket + brown plaid skirt + golden handbag

3, Matching plan-purple + black purple
When matching with black, a 1:1 matching principle should be adopted, that is, the purple area and the black area each account for about half. Darker purples and blacks are easier to shine. such as:

1) Light purple sleeveless shirt + black knee-length skirt + black boots
2) Purple dress + black small scarf + black mesh socks + black high heels
3) Purple three-quarter sleeve sweater + black side slit knee-length skirt + black mesh socks + black high heels. Typical 1:1 matching method.

4, The matching scheme-purple + light brown
When matching purple and light brown, it is contrary to brown matching. Purple should be used in a whole area, such as tops, skirts, pants, etc. It is best not to match with two-piece suits of different colors, which will look quiet and beautiful. such as:

1) Dark purple leather jacket + light brown skirt + black leather boots
2) Purple trousers + light brown knitted suit + brown leather shoes (right) purple sweetheart neck sweater + light brown plaid skirt + light brown leather shoes
3) Light brown sweater + purple skirt + black stockings + black high heels

Attached various reference popular purple:
1) There are many kinds of purple. You might as well observe your skin color to see which shade of purple suits you. Generally speaking, blue-toned purple is more suitable for people with yellowish skin, because blue and yellow have complementary effects. . In addition, blue and purple clothes are relatively easy to match with other items. For example, putting them together with gray tones, blue tones, and the same purple will brighten your eyes.

2) The reddish purple looks feminine, but it is more limited when paired with other color items. Fuchsia clothing is suitable for matching with the same fuchsia, or neutral black or white.
3) In addition, there is also a kind of purple with gray tone. If you match with gray directly, it can achieve an elegant effect. The darker lotus root purple is more coordinated with blue and black. As for the light lotus color, if it is juxtaposed with various pastel tones. Can wear soft effect.

The Difference Between Sun Parasol And Rain Umbrella

You will find that umbrellas have the difference between rain umbrellas and sun umbrellas. As the name suggests, rain umbrellas are used to block the rain, while sun umbrellas are used to block the sunshine or ultraviolet rays. However, most people are not very familiar with the specific differences between them and whether they can be replaced each other. You should choose a suitable product based on the two differences and your actual needs. Then, what are the differences between sun umbrellas and rain umbrellas?

Compared with rain umbrellas, the umbrella frame of the sun umbrella is lighter, and some umbrella ribs are made of non-metallic materials. In addition, their biggest difference is that the surface and material of the sun umbrella are special, and the sun protection function is particularly good. In addition, it blocks ultraviolet rays. The ability is also very strong. After all, sun umbrellas are mainly used to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat insulation, while rain umbrellas are mainly waterproof.

Therefore, if you buy a sun umbrella, you must pay attention to its anti-ultraviolet label: According to the national standard “Assessment of Anti-ultraviolet Performance of Textiles”, UPF (ultraviolet protection factor value) is greater than 30, and UVA (long wave ultraviolet) is transparent. When the overrate is less than 5%, it can be called a UV protection product, and the protection level standard is “UPF30+”; when the UPF is greater than 50, it indicates that the product has excellent UV protection performance, and the protection level is marked as “UPF50+”. Consumers should carefully check the protection level identification when purchasing.

In daily life, if the sun umbrella is used as an rain umbrella to protect from the rain, it will definitely destroy and affect the original UV protection function of the sun umbrella, because the sun umbrella is added with sun protection, generally silver inside, and this color is washed by rain It will disappear slowly. Therefore, when you choose a sun umbrella, you must Choose a sun umbrella with real sun protection function.

So, How to choose a sun umbrella with good sun protection effect?

Pay attention to the protection grade mark of the sun umbrella. Consumers should carefully check the protection grade signs when purchasing, and then choose the umbrella that suits them according to the local sun exposure. Standards at home and abroad generally use UPF value, which is the value of UV protection coefficient, to evaluate the UV protection performance of textiles. The UPF value is the ratio of the average amount of ultraviolet radiation to the unprotected skin. The larger the UPF value, the better the UV protection performance.

Choose a suitable coating: After using the silver glue anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella for a period of time, some of the silver glue will peel off due to wind and sun, especially the part in contact with the umbrella ribs. If the silver glue coating is on the outside, it will cause mottle and affect the appearance. It is better to choose the silver glue coating on the inside of the umbrella, which will neither peel off nor affect the appearance of the umbrella.

Pay attention to the service life of parasols: parasols receive the baptism of sunlight under the sun every day. Over time, the materials will wear out to a certain extent, resulting in a gradual decrease in the reflectivity of ultraviolet rays. No matter how careful you are when you store the umbrella, the life of the umbrella is only 2-3 years. If you want to make the umbrella perform its functions, don’t always use the old umbrella. Once the umbrella has reached its shelf life, Don’t hesitate, Get a new umbrella, such as Photo umbrella.

What Is The Best Custom Umbrella?

So it can feel understandably risky to buy a compact umbrella, where quality is often sacrificed to size. You don’t have to fight with an umbrella in the middle of a downpour, but you do have to.

When a storm or downpour hits, you really want a good pocket umbrella, which you have not only got from the bargain box at the corner store and which can withstand not only water but also wind. Of course, you want to find the best waterproof canopy with a strong frame that protects you from rain, but also withstands a little wind. The Travel Windproof folding Umbrella has a windproof frame that is so strong that it can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km / h.

The high quality materials used in this umbrella allow you to travel without knowing that your umbrella will keep you dry, whether you are walking the Great Ocean Walk, hiking, exploring Jamaica or just going to the grocery store.

This lightweight, windproof umbrella has a double canopy construction that automatically bleeds, opens and closes. With all the umbrellas listed here, you can expect them to fold up and fit easily into your backpack or carrier bag.

Why you should always look for a new travel umbrella: It can be folded into a backpack, a carrier bag or even into your bag for convenience.

The frame of the umbrella is made of strong metal and has fiberglass ribs to keep it in place in strong winds. It is also made of Pongee fabric, which has a special water-resistant coating, so that it is almost dry after shaking. This is a very strong travel umbrella, which is super windproof and made of super strong steel and polyester.

This is a great umbrella with a double function as it can protect you from rain and sun with high UV resistance and is also waterproof.

You can also open the umbrella with the push of a button and then close it again. Clicking on a button opens and closes it, and it opens and closes with a touch of one of the buttons on the back.

If that hasn’t impressed you enough, you can buy a windproof umbrella for years to come. The strong, reinforced fiber optic ribs of the umbrella make it light and adapt to virtually any time when worn in rain or sunshine. Although the umbrella was about 14 inches in size when folded, it fits in about 10 inches in the air.

Personalized Umbrella has a ventilated double roof that attaches it to the best windproof umbrellas. The wind can blow through the umbrella through the ventilation roof, turning it around and keeping you dry. Another big factor is its blunt edge, so you wouldn’t have to worry about poking someone in the eye with a pointed, edgy umbrella.

The 11-inch folding screens of the Compact Travel Rebrella fit perfectly in your pocket or wherever you need it.

You will want to buy this umbrella as a backup for the days when the weather becomes unpredictable. This is another compact umbrella that you will find on the shelves of many major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. It is a mini umbrella that fits into the palm of your hand and covers your head and body.

Unlike the usual 6 / 8 “aluminum ribs in most compact umbrellas, the Rain Mate umbrella has nine fiberglass ribs to support the awning. The umbrella frame is light and sturdy because its stainless steel ribs are in contrast to the six average competitors, who bend in the wind instead of breaking.

If you want to travel to a destination in changeable weather, you should consider paying a little more for the same umbrella that contains a UV-protected canopy. In addition, the double ventilation roof on top of the umbrella Rain Mate, with its double ventilated roof, allows the wind to blow directly through you instead of tilting you inside.

If you are looking for a good, portable umbrella against the wind, the Vumos umbrella is the best option you have. If you like the look of an umbrella with a double ventilated roof and a UV protected awning, this is a good option for you.

If you care about ratings while looking for a good umbrella, you should look at the rating of the Vumos umbrella and the other brands in this list.

When choosing an umbrella, one of the most important decisions is whether to buy a compact umbrella or a rod umbrella. After hundreds of umbrellas, we’ve included our top picks in this guide to help you make the buying decision easy. Consistent top ratings are a good sign for a high-quality umbrella, not a bad one.

Where To Custom Umbrellas No Minimum?

There are many innovative umbrellas, such as: Personalized Umbrellas, customizable umbrella, etc. The iridescent umbrella is also one of transparent umbrellas. This is an innovative transparent umbrella. The umbrella surface is made of special materials. Its biggest feature is that the color of the umbrella surface changes with the change of light. Under the shine it will show rainbow-like color changes.

The material component of the ordinary transparent umbrella is PE. The iridescent transparent umbrella is made by mixing three materials through a special process, the main materials are PE and TPT. When processing the material, a special powder with fluorescent effect is added to achieve the effect of color change.

SEPTRAINBOW developed the first clear iridescent umbrella in 2018, but the overall effect is not ideal, the material of the umbrella surface is too hard, and the effect of color change is not perfect. With the continuous in-depth research and experimentation of our R&D department, in January 2019, we finally succeeded in developing the first truly perfect iridescent umbrella. The material of the umbrella surface is soft and flexible, and it is not easy to be scratched. In addition, the effect of color change is also very good, under different light and different angles, it will perfectly show different color change effects.

It is worth mentioning that this special transparent material can also be customized and printed like ordinary umbrella fabrics, including silk screen printing and thermal transfer, giving the iridescent umbrella more personalized characteristics and popular elements.

We believe that innovative products can bring hot sales and higher added value.