How to Pick Out a Sun Protection Umbrella?

Buying a genuine good sun protection umbrella has become a concern of many consumers. Mr.He, secretary-general of the Umbrella Professional Committee, said that the umbrella canopy is the key to measuring the effect of UV protection.

1. Cotton, silk and nylon fabrics are not as good as polyester.
2. Some umbrella fabrics are thin and sparse, it is best to choose a tight fabric.
3. Satin fabric is the best, then twill and plain weave.
4. The umbrella surface should be large rather than small.
5. The fabric of darker color will be the better. Experts suggest that when pick out an umbrella, you may wish to open the umbrella to see the shadow on the ground. The shadow of umbrella is darker, then this umbrella will be better.

There is also a parasol umbrella on the market, which is coated with a layer of silver glue. I often hear from merchants that most parasols nowadays can protect against ultraviolet radiation. The price is mainly due to different brands. Is this really the case? Experts revealed that a qualified anti-ultraviolet umbrella needs special coating treatment. Even if the most common fabric is used, the cost is about USD5.0. Many cheap umbrellas can only block part of the sun, let alone UV protection.

According to the international standards in “Assessment of Anti-UV Performance of Textiles”, when the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) value of the fabric is greater than 30 and the transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called “anti-ultraviolet product”. Experts remind that rainwater has a corrosive effect on the sunscreen coating. In order to maintain the sunscreen performance of the umbrella, it must be used separately from the umbrella. If the umbrella surface is dirty, you can gently scrub with a soft brush dipped in clean water, instead of scrubbing with your hands, and don’t wash it too frequently, otherwise it will affect the sun protection effect.

A qualified anti-ultraviolet umbrella needs special coating treatment. Umbrella surface is the key to measure the effect of UV protection. Although the protective effect of the silver glue surface is good, it is easy to turn black after being exposed to the sun. In fact, the silver glue coating on the inside or outside does not affect the sun protection effect. It is best to choose the silver coated inside, which is not easy to fall off.

Necessary knowledge before buying an umbrella

Umbrellas are the daily necessities in our life. Whether it’s rain or shade in summer, or the snowing day in winter, we need a umbrella. The Different umbrellas have different functions, such as reverse umbrella with inverted open and close, folding umbrella with sun protection, umbrellas with photos, golf umbrella with automatic, and so on. So how can we choose an umbrella that suits us?

First, The Purpose
Before buying an umbrella, you must know the purpose of buying an umbrella. If your umbrella is for sun protection, then you must buy a parasol umbrella, that is, the kind of umbrella with UV coated. Such umbrella has a stronger ability to block ultraviolet rays. In addition, if you just want to buy a rain umbrella, then buying an ordinary umbrella is OK, there is no special requirement for the fabric of the umbrella.

Two, Appearance of Umbrella
The shape of the umbrella is very important, because to a certain extent, the umbrella is also a kind of decoration. We can see that many people use the umbrella as a prop when taking photos, so the beautifully-shaped umbrella can get more favor. You can choose the shape of the umbrella according to your age. If you are a young girl full of youth, then choose the kind of more lively umbrella, that is, the kind with brighter colors. If you are a middle-aged person, then choose a darker colored umbrella, which is more in line with your age status.

3. Weight of Umbrella
The weight of the umbrella can reflect the quality of the umbrella. If your umbrella is particularly light, the quality will not be too good, except mini umbrella, because the good frame material is relatively heavy, so the weight of the entire umbrella should not be too light . Of course, we can’t choose an umbrella that is too heavy, because it is inconvenient to carry and will increase our burden. In addition, when choosing an umbrella, you should also check the umbrella frame. Try to choose an umbrella with a good quality frame, so that the feature of windproof will be stronger.

In addition, when choosing an umbrella, you must also consider whether it can be folded. Some umbrellas cannot be folded, like golf umbrella or straight umbrella. These umbrellas will occupy a larger space, but the frames are relatively stable. Most umbrellas can be folded, like folding umbrellas, we can usually put them in a backpack or handbag. So, we will choose an suitable umbrella according to our needs.

How to choose a sun protection umbrella?

There is a selection criterion for sun protection umbrella called UPF, short for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which is usually marked on the umbrella. The higher the UPF value, the better the sun protection ability of the parasol.

Sun umbrellas with UPF40 and above are considered qualified, and a good umbrella should reach 50+.

Generally speaking, a canopy with the thicker umbrella surface and tighter fabric has better UV resistance.Thick material and double-layer sun umbrellas have good heat insulation effect, and they are more worth buying. In addition, satin weave fabrics are the best for UV protection, followed by twill weave and plain weave. The darker the better. The color of the sun umbrella is closely related to its efficacy. If the inside of the umbrella is shiny, light-colored, it is easy to collect the ultraviolet light reflected from the ground, so that people will be tanned even if they wear the umbrella. Therefore, when people who are afraid of tanning choose sun umbrellas, they should pay attention to choosing dark products such as black or cyan.

Sun umbrellas on the market are divided into two types: ultra-light frame and alloy frame. It is generally recommended to choose the ultra-light frame, because the ultra-light frame uses aluminum alloy or acrylic material, which is light in weight and long in life. The general life span can reach about 6 years. But the disadvantage is that the skeleton is thick. The alloy frame is slender, which is usually used for pencil umbrellas. But they are heavier than thick umbrellas, and they cannot be used in rainy days because iron is easy to rust. The size and curvature of the umbrella surface are also important criteria for selection. The larger the umbrella surface, the lower the arc, the largest shading area and the best protection effect. It is like an upside-down bowl, hiding the body in a cool place. If you choose a sun protection umbrella in a physical store, you can test it in the sun yourself. Standing under the umbrella, the larger the shade, the cooler you feel, which means that the effect of the umbrella is better.


Features Of Inverted Umbrella

Reverse Umbrella is also called Inverted Umbrella, Believe that most of people should have heard of it even if they have not used them. This is a creative umbrella, usually favored by many people, and the price is not expensive. What type of umbrella is a inverted umbrella?? What is the difference between inverted umbrella and ordinary umbrellas?

As the name suggests, it is an umbrella with inverted open and close design. It also belongs to the type of straight umbrella. Generally, inverted umbrella can be divided into manual open, auto open and manual close, manual open and auto close. The type of handle have C-shaped handle, straight handle and curved handle. The biggest features is invert design with double layer canopy, provides the inverted umbrella featuring waterproof and wet side always away from the users. In addition, Since it’s double ribs frame, so it also feature strong windproof. The concept of design is so creative and clever.

1. Fabrics of Inverted Umbrella
Generally the canopy fabric of inverted is high grade materials, such as 190 pongee or nylon. These materials are very flat and slipping, and the rainwater will fall down quickly when get wet.

2.Handle of Inverted Umbrella
The handles of Inverted umbrellas are more diverse, including manual open, auto open and manual close, manual open and auto close. The type of handle have C-shaped handle, straight handle, curved handle and special customized handle. In general, high quality handle is with solid material, and don’t easy to break. Some cheap handle always useing hollow handle and very easily broken. In general, high quality handle is with solid material, and it’s very hard to break.

3. Physical Properties of Inverted Umbrellas
The more common specifications of inverted umbrellas are 23 inches * 8K. Large inverted umbrella will be 27inches * 8K. Super large is 30inch * 8K. Generally the ribs and frames are pure fibreglass materials. Fibreglass material can provide the greater toughness, to maintain the durability and stability of the umbrella.

4. Frame of Inverted Umbrella
The frame of inverted umbrella is usually in fibreglass material, which are very light and not easy to break. The ordinary iron frame were too cumbersome and easily broken.

5. Personalized Printing
With double layer canopy the logo, designs, pictures or photos can be printed on the exterior or interior. Also support printed by digital or heat transfer.

Therefore, the inverted umbrella is also a universal straight umbrella, but with creative design concept, it is features Wind resistance, Easy to use, Waterproof and Sun protection. So, the reverse umbrella is indeed a very practical umbrella.