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Calidris Alpina Gathered in Xiamen

In recent days, many birdwatching enthusiasts in Xiamen city are keeping watch at the eastern waters of Xiang’an, and the annual winter migratory bird migration drama is staged here. At present, the main characters are Calidris alpina. They are stand densely on the tidal-flat area. When they take off, almost cover the sky. “It’s too spectacular. It makes me feel a little dizzy.” A bird watching enthusiast.

This kind of shocking scene will continue to appear next. At present, most of the winter migratory birds “spearhead” have already arrived in Xiamen, and will reach the peak in early December. In recent years, the ecological environment of the eastern seas and surrounding areas of Xiang’an has been stable overall, and the types and numbers of winter migratory birds that have come to winter each year have remained basically stable.

Foraging Habitat
Birds are densely packed on the tidal-flat area
A group of about 10,000 pieces

At 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, bird-watching enthusiasts came to the eastern waters of Xiang’an and kept their presence in the place where they did not disturb the birds, waiting for the appearance of migratory birds. Soon, the sea began to recede and the tidal flats slowly emerged. Soon, a group of Calidris alpinas appeared on the surface of the sea. After flying a few laps, they landed neatly on the tidal flat. In just five minutes, there were five groups of Calidris alpinas flying from a distance. The number of groups are vary, some were forty or fifty, and some were more than one hundred. Birdwatching enthusiasts say that this is only their “first troop”, and the big troops are yet to come.

As the seawater continues to recede, the area exposed by the tidal flat is growing. About ten minutes later, there were a group of Calidris alpinas flying from far into the sky, the quantity are several times more than the previous ones. Soon after, the beach was covered with dense Calidris alpinas. A bird-watching enthusiast couldn’t help but sigh: “Too much, I feel a little dizzy.”

Birdwatching enthusiasts told us that the five groups of Calidris alpinas belonged to the “scouts”. They first came to understand the safety of the feeding place. Once the safety was confirmed, all the birds of the ethnic group would be notified to come for foods. If there is danger, you will be notified that you will not come over temporarily.

According to rough estimates, there should be nearly 10,000 waterbirds at this time, of which 80% are Calidris alpinas.

Freedom without being disturbed

Everyone maybe very curious. When the tide is low, the Calidris alpina will go to the tidal flats for foods. So where are they standing after the tidal flats are flooded ?

The senior member of the Xiamen Bird Watching Association has found one of the habitats of Calidris alpina. This is a pond located at the seaside of Cai’an in Xiang’an district. The pond looks very big, the area is at least a few dozen hectares, close to at the seaside, the water level in the pond remains basically unchanged. There is a embankment in the middle of the pond, which is made up of silt in the pond. Apart from the owner of the pond, few peoples go up.

At first glance, the embankment is unremarkable, and there is no difference between other ponds on the beach. If you look through a telescope, you will find the difference. Under the telescope, those dense gray spots are actually Calidris alpinas, dense as an ant colony, they jump up and down, and the sound of the cymbals floats in the wind. They are free to behave without being disturbed.

For winter migratory birds, foraging is important, and the most important thing is habitat, which is that where to stays after rising tide. These habitats must conform to such standards: It should not be too far from the feeding ground, the surrounding environment is safe and concealed, and the space should be large enough. This pond of Cai Cuo meets these requirement.

Migration path
Some will stays in Xiamen, and some will keep flying goes to south.
Farthest to fly to Australia

Through the telescope, it can be seen that the upper body feathers of Calidris alpina aconite are gray and the abdomen is white (the abdomen is black during non-breeding). They ran and stopped on the tidal flats, moving quickly and agilely. They hunted for food while they were running. From time to time, the black curved mouth was inserted into the tidal flat to explore the food. It was like a bird that “Catch up with the tide”. Where the seawater retreated, they went to find out foods. Some of the birds after eating even played with water, like taking a shower.

The Calidris alpina were moved from Siberia all the way south, and some of them stayed in Xiamen for a short time. It is expected to stay for about a week. After replenishing physical fitness, they will continue to migrate southward and fly to Australia as far as possible. Some of them will stay in Xiamen for the winter. Last Thursday, the “big forces” of Calidris alpina arrived in Xiamen. They may be grouped this week, some of them will stay, and some will continue to fly to south.

Various waterfowls will be together here
More big troops are already on the way

In the groups of Calidris alpina, we also saw a small number of winter migratory birds such as Calidris tenuirostris, Tringa nebularia, Tringa totanus, Charadrius leschenaultii, and Pluvialis squatarola. Waterfowls like to gather in groups, and once they are in danger, they can “Delivery information” each other. And they fly intensively, and they also create visual interference to natural enemies such as the eagle.

In addition, we also observed other winter migratory birds such as Larus saundersi, Red-headed Gull, Black-tailed gull, the white-shouldered pheasant, Common Buzzard, Eurasian Kestrel, Grey Plover, and Far Eastern Curlew in the eastern waters of Xiang’an. Among them, Far Eastern Curlew and Numenius arquata were listed as endangered species and near-risk species by the 2017 edition of the Chinese Birds List.

“The vast majority of winter bird’s ‘first troops’ have arrived in Xiamen. If want to observe the ‘big army’ of other winter migratory birds, we have to wait for the temperature to drop again. According to the records of previous years, it is expected that the “big troops” of migratory birds will arrive in early December and wintered in Xiamen.


Wang Yi: China-Australia Relations Should Be Calibrated and Set Sail Again

On November 8, 2018, State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Marise Payne of Australia jointly met the press after the fifth round of China-Australia Diplomatic and Strategic Dialogue in Beijing.

Wang Yi expressed that this dialogue is the first strategic dialogue between the two sides since the establishment of Australia’s new government. It is an important contact after the ups and downs in China-Australia relations and also a strategic communication between the two sides to jointly face the current global challenges. The most important outcome of this dialogue is that it charts the course for China-Australia relations. China-Australia relations should be calibrated and set sail again. Foreign Minister Marise Payne and I agreed that:

Both sides should unswervingly promote the improvement and development of China-Australia relations. The healthy, stable and sustainable China-Australia relations not only conform to the fundamental interests of the two peoples, but also are conducive to peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese side appreciates that leaders of the new Australian government have publicly stated that the Australian side regards China’s development as an opportunity rather than a threat, and is committed to developing a long-term and constructive partnership with the Chinese side.

China and Australia do not necessarily see eye to eye on every issue, but we should always match our words with deeds. It is believed that the Australian side will further translate the positive will to develop relations with China into practical actions and make it a common consensus among all circles of the Australian society, so as to earnestly reflect the true value of bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership.

Both sides should unswervingly safeguard free trade and opening up of the market. Both China and Australia are advocates and beneficiaries of free trade. In the past three years since the implementation of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, the two sides have always been cutting taxes again and again to each other. The final tax cut will be carried out on New Year’s Day in 2019, and by that time almost all goods will be subject to zero tariffs. Although the Chinese side runs a deficit in bilateral trade, China has never adopted unilateral and protectionist measures. Instead, China welcomes more high-quality Australian products to enter the Chinese market. At the same time, we also hope that the Australian side will provide a more open and fairer environment for China’s investment. We are willing to make joint efforts with the Australian side to make the cake of mutually beneficial cooperation bigger, safeguard the rules-based multilateral trading system, and jointly build an open world economy.

Both sides should unswervingly promote regional stability and prosperity. As China and Australia are in the same region, we are most aware of and care about the current situation in the region. Being committed to promoting the peaceful settlement of regional hotspot issues, both China and Australia are willing to strengthen communication and coordination in such regional mechanisms as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and East Asia Summit, focus on development and cooperation, and actively promote the process of regional economic integration. Both countries can fully cooperate on the issue of Pacific Island countries, and there is no zero-sum game between both countries. We are also willing to work with various countries in the region to promote the building of a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation, and enhance mutual trust and cooperation among various countries, in a bid to jointly build a more peaceful, safe, prosperous and beautiful homeland.

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The data refreshing record of “double 11” shows a consumption upgrade in China

On November 11th, 2018 Shopping Carnival, the e-commerce platform gave a consumption list that set up a new record.

Under the seemingly simple data, it has been a huge historical change in Chinese society since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, and the accompanying consumption upgrade.

First of all, this change stems from the continuous growth of the Chinese economy and the continuous income increase of Chinese people. In 2009, China’s e-commerce transaction volume was close to RMB4 trillion. By 2017, this figure reached RMB29 trillion, an increase of more than 6 times. The bigger background is that China’s GDP in China was RMB35 trillion in 2009, and in 2017, China’s GDP exceeded RMB80 trillion for the first time.

Reverse Umbrella, November 11th, 2018 Shopping Carnival

In this “double 11” activity, the number of middle and high-level consumers who consumed more than RMB1,000 was significantly higher than the population below RMB1,000. The heavy consumer groups who consume more than RMB5,000 have continued to increase their growth rate for two consecutive years, and the growth rate is 3.4 times that of the RMB500-RMB1000. This not only means that the consumption power of the mainstream consumer groups of the Internet post-80s and 90s will increase with economic growth, also means that with the development of smart phones, Internet consumption of middle-aged and older people over 50 years old is released. The older people naturally have stronger spending power.

The total turnover reflects the changes in Chinese economy and reflects the escalation of consumption, which is already a commonplace. More interestingly, the structural changes in the transaction dataactually reflect deeper structural changes behind China’s consumption upgrades.

Ten years of “double 11” data shows that apparel, shoes and bags have always been the most expensive category in online consumption. However, in the five years from 2013 to 2017, the proportion of this category showed a downward trend, and more transactions were distributed to 3C digital, home improvement furniture, beauty care and other sub-categories.

This change first came from the intergenerational changes of the Internet population. The Internet population in China started from post-80s. Today, they are all in middle age. Compared to post-90s with the more obvious personal preferences, the post-80s consumption structure and consumer goods category will naturally change.

From the consumption data of this “double 11” activity, it reflects more family meaning. Among the 3C digital categories such as maternal and child consumption, home improvement furnishings, and home appliances, the post-80s group has higher consumer preferences than other age groups. The prices are more expensive for the products of maternal and child, home improvement, 3C digital. Naturally it also drive the upgrade of the entire consumption.

Urbanization process drives China’s consumption structure upgrade

A more profound change than the intergenerational change is that China’s urbanization process has already shown a structural impact on Chinese consumption.

In 2013 in China, for most people, eating and wearing are no longer a problem. Apparel, shoes and bags are more of a manifestation of their own consumer needs. Then,does the decline in the proportion of clothing and shoes in the total turnover reflect the decline in the demand of Chinese people to show their own? No. The real reason is that with the intergenerational changes and the development of China’s urbanization, the Chinese people’s view of consumption has turned and upgraded.

A person’s hobby for football, travel, and electronic products was actually developed during adolescence. This requires not only money, but also the support of external environment, education quality and other resources. Urbanization, because of its scale effect, provides multiple factors.

When a generation that grew up in urbanization became the main force of consumption, the psychological satisfaction and spiritual enjoyment that they pursued have surpassed the stage of using clothing and shoes to show their own. They turn to tourism, sports, electronic products, hand-made and other categories. Therefore, the leisure service consumption has been a hot spot in recent years.

The popularity of tourism products is a typical example of the rise of this type of consumer power. For example, a person in charge of an Internet travel platform said that the outbound travels dominated by young groups, such as the reservations for tickets for the World Cup, La Liga, Premier League and NBA, have increased significantly. A very simple truth is that the love for La Liga, the Premier League, and the NBA, is generally derived from adolescence and requires a holistic atmosphere.

It is not difficult to imagine that their consumption will be more diversified with the growth of post-00s. The cultivation of adolescence will lead to a wider range of consumer interests in adulthood, such as the collection of LEGO, collection of musical instruments, art and so on.

From this perspective, the current phenomenon of China needs to find the answer from 30 years ago. The current “double 11” data not only reflects the overall growth of the Chinese economy, but also reflects China’s urbanization process and the structural changes of the population.

What’s your dream in the childhood ?

Everyone has their own dreams, someone wants to be a sportsman, someone wants to be a scientist and someone wants to be a teacher, or a boss or president or train driver… My younger sister’s dream is become a boss of candy store, because she likes to eat candy, Haha ha ! But, my dream is to be a good doctor.

When I was sick in my childhood, it was raining heavily at that day, my mother hold an worn folding umbrella in the rain and took me to the hospital. The doctor was a beautiful aunt. She asked me carefully the condition and carefully gave the prescription for me. The warm smile and the kind words let me often thought of her. The doctors relieve the pain for patients. On the operating table, they are concentrated and meticulous, standing there for several hours, or even a dozen hours. When the patient is dying, they keep the day and night in front of the bed for patients and relatives to give them the hope.

I also want to be a life-saving doctor. I know to achieve this dream, I have to pay a lot of effort. How many people are paying hard work and sweat in order to realize their dreams, . Fu Lijuan, in order to achieve her dream of skydiving, trains very hard for a few years. For the brain disabled son, a mother spares her time to know the stave and then teaches her son to play the piano. Her dream is to let her son get better. Under her patient guidance, her son improves day by day. In order to achieve my dream, from now on, I have to study hard to overcome all difficulties. I have to learn when others are playing games and I should have the knowledge to remember firmly now, so as to lay the solid foundation for my dreams. In the road leading to the dream, just believe that there is a reward for a hard work. As long as I work, my dream will be able to achieve.

If my dream is really fulfilled to become a doctor, I must be responsible to relieve the pain for the patients. Healing the wounded and rescuing the dying are my target. To treat each patient wholeheartedly.

This is my long-standing “doctor dream”, which encourages me to study hard and is my spiritual motivation.

What’s your dreams in the childhood ? That is a good memory in the childhood. Welcome to share and discuss….

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